Glass Recycling Event Recap-.  
Thank you to Natalie Williams for coordinating this event.   The Rotary clubs of the Wenatchee Valley partnered with ZeWA (short for Go-Zero-Washington, website: for glass drop-off at the Grace Lutheran Church.  Many, MANY thanks to the Grace Lutheran Church for allowing us to use their awesome (partially shaded) parking lot.  Perhaps a half-dozen folks walked down the driveway to ask questions about Rotary, specifically the Environmental Area of Focus.
While the event filled 1/2 of a 20-foot U-haul truck, most of the glass contributed is not resale brand/quality.  The bulk of the haul will be transferred to Pacific and shipped to the O-I bottle factory in Kalama to be crushed, melted, and made into new bottles.  Still a win for re-use, but not transit-free.  About 6 cases of resale quality bottles were collected, and two new winery participants were introduced. Multiple networking "AHA" moments happened between Rotary volunteers and donors, including with Paula, the owner/manager of the Jet Plaza Grocery, and Joan, the WVC Enviro Chair.  Many people thanked the volunteers and Rotary for taking action for the environment.