REFUGEE UPDATE.  July 21, 2022   Wenatchee Valley Afghan Support Circle (WVASC) -  Kelli Scott spoke about. this opportunity and has written about it.   This community has shown incredible generosity and hospitality as it has welcomed refugees from war-torn Ukraine in recent months. Now, a family that fled the Taliban in Afghanistan is making their home here and could use our help.  

The Wenatchee Valley Afghan Support Circle is a group of locals that formed early this year to welcome a family of Afghan refugees. This work is in coordination with an emergency program launched by the State Department that allows ordinary Americans (a "Sponsor Circle") to help Afghan evacuees resettle in their community.

The Noori family -- a husband, wife, and three young daughters -- were among the crush of people we all saw and read about at the Kabul airport in August 2021, fleeing the country for their lives. (Rashad Noori had supported the NATO effort, working for the U.S. armed forces and other NATO member countries. This work made the family a target for the Taliban.) After months in a refugee camp, the Nooris arrived in Wenatchee this month.

The Nooris are looking forward to making a new life in Wenatchee. Mr. Noori is eager to find employment so that he and his family can be self-sufficient. But they need our help to get there. We are asking for your financial support primarily to help the family pay rent, and also to help with other necessities such as household furnishings and clothing. Any amount will help! There are two ways to donate:
1) Donate online through our GoFundMe page:
2) Mail checks payable to Wenatchee Valley Afghan Support Circle:  Wenatchee Valley Afghan Support Circle, ℅ Ann McIntosh, Box 4523, Wenatchee, WA 98807