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August 13, 2020  - 6 PM
Volume LXX - No 07
August is Rotary's Membership and
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THIS WEEK :  "The 19th Amendment" with Bonnie Wallace
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    WEEK IN REVIEW -  August 06 (ZOOM #20)      
   Part 1 - Program: Police Chiefs Crown & Johnson
See ZOOM video edited recording HERE[password #6august06police ]
Get audio only HERE.   Previous APPLESEED.
Our speakers were introduced by Russ Speidel who had arranged the program weeks ago, and helped to work out the agenda.
For more info on these police departments :  Wenatchee       East Wenatchee  
Demographics.  Chief Crown first expressed praise for Chief Johnson, and how they have enjoyed great cooperation since Johnson's recent appointment in June.  He explained that Wenatchee has about 35,000 residents over 9.5 sq miles, about 62 % white, 31% hispanic mix, 51% male.  He has 43 officers (number fluctuates with 45 maximum), and 11 admin staff; only 4 female, and 9% Hispanic mix.  They try to match community makeup, and offer incentives for bi-lingual incentive and for extra education.   They mainly recruit locally.   
Johnson's jurisdiction has about 13,300 residents spread over  3.5 sq miles, with 65% white. 
He has 22 officers + 3 staff (2 Hispanic, all male); he hopes to create a more representative mix. 
He also offers bi-lingual incentives.  
Work schedules. Crown's officers work 12 hr shifts, 7-7 with some overlap.  They get many types of calls, depending on the season, mostly related to suspicious action, welfare evaluations,  trespassing,  quality-of-life issues, homelessness, traffic, possible DUI; they participate in agency assistance using radios & computers;  all calls come thru RiverCom.
Johnson's officers also work 12-hour shifts, 5-5 w/overlap, but get 1/3 as many calls as Wenatchee (about 6500 annual calls).    Many are connected to the same individuals.   
Schools.  Chief Crown had one School Resource Officer (SRO) in 2016...since then cooperation has improved (the previous ratio 1-7800 not good.   They now have 2, schools pay half.  It is helpful to expose kids to the law enforcement brand before they get violent.  Latest issue is vaping with high potency weed, at school.  Police presence is a deterrent.  Special Services works with SRO for more focus on schools and youth intervention.
Johnson works with Eastmont schools to establish SRO;  none now but he is optimistic.  He came from sheriff dept.  which had better SRO capability.   Money is an issue for schools with enrollment down (they have $2M income hit.
Finances/budgets.  Crown has a budget of $8.4 M, most salary, benefits, equipment, uniforms, plus incidentals.  There is no income from citations, so no quota.  His only interest is public safety.  He is blessed with good city council support.  
Johnson has a budget of $3.5 M.  Police produce nothing, their only service is people.   The budget is tight, especially for training, which is about $85K, mostly in-house.
Special events.   Approach is public safety and emergency mgmt.  They charge OT rate for big events and work with planners in advance.  A regional approach is necessary, working with other agencies.  Washington state has lowest national ratio of cops to residents at  1.2 cops per 1000.
Use of Force.  WA state has the best reputation in the nation (lowest shooting rate for first 5 years).  Leadership is excellent with heavy vetting for officers.   Quarterly training on de-escalation is done on a standard schedule.  There is strong commitment to have the best cops for lowest cost. Rookies are trained 1160 minimum hours before working street, and then with experienced partner (west coast model).  There is a state-run academy. Bringing regional training here results in big savings. 
Questions - to see the excellent answers, watch the video.
Raz - what is being done about speeding drivers?
Carin - Why was there a lack of police presence at recent demonstrations; armed observers disconcerting.
Rachel - In the era of de-funding police, what is future of law enforcement vs public/mental health?
Mark K.  - What are protocols for dealing with COVID and protecting personnel?



See previous editions of the Appleseed for other important notes
  • President Kory Kalahar opened the ZOOM meeting to about 26 members and a few guests with Jill Leonard as ZOOM host.  As usual, Raz provided a flag for the pledge.
  • Service projects.  We are looking for projects that will impact our community.  Jay Smith suggests Serve Wenatchee Valley's Clothes for the (Eventual) Classroom.
  • Meeting schedule.  Please complete the on-line survey to express your preference for our ZOOM meeting schedule.    The choices are 1) continue as is; 2) revert back to noon;  3) a mix of both.
  • TRF.  We have two primary ways to support The Rotary Foundation (Rotary's charity arm) :  The Annual Fund, and Polio Plus.   PPPPPete encouraged continued our Polio-Plus donations.  Our goal is again $7500.  The two best ways to give are:  1) mail a check to Allan at our P.O. Box;  2) By credit card at RI donation page HERE.  There you may choose a fund, and sign in on the same page so that you and the club get credit.  Two members have offered $100 matching gifts:  Tom Everly and Sue Rose!!
  • Challenge Scholarship Program. If you signed up for the Wenatchee Sunrise RC  'virtual' run/race to raise scholarship funds for at-risk kids on July 16, you may be able to track your times HERE.  
  • WOULD YOU RATHER?  A new club tradition, expressing member preferences on a current issue.  This week we voted for a Happy Hour preference, food vs beverage.  Photo below.
  • Ten things about Tom Ross.  See story below.  Next week - Jim Corcoran!
  • Next week's program.  The 19th Amendment (to the Constitution)
  • Stupid Stuff by Kory.   Tabled by the clock.
  • WRF NewsJill Leonard says:  "The Wenatchee Rotary Foundation has elected new officers, as shown on our home page.​​​​​​​"
  • Wenatchee Wild. (added later) Jill Leonard also says:  "The Wenatchee Wild are in need of help finding homes for their players this year.   As a current host family, I can attest that this is a wonderful experience and a great way to invest in a young man’s life. The Wild staff do everything in their power to make the experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.   The players will be arriving sometime in September and the staff is eagerly recruiting new families for the upcoming season. If you are interested, you can contact Chris Clark ( or Kyle Brodie ( on their emails or at the office number 509-888-7825.  Feel free to reach out to Leonard Singhose or myself with any questions.   Go Wild!!."
The meeting of August 6 was hosted by Jill Leonard.  Attendance:  Kory, Alice, Eric, Rich, Carin, Raz, Mike, Pete, Linda, Joe, Gil, Carmen, Sue, Ford, Russ,  Bill Monnette,  Rachel,  Loren, Tom Ross,  Allan, Chuck J., Britt,  Bryan,  Leonard, T. McNair,  Muffy, Frank C.
Speaker:  Police chiefs Crown and Johnson
(Please advise Frank if he omitted you)

Ten (or more)  things we didn't know
about Tom Ross and his Support Staff.
Tom ....
  1. ..was born and mostly raised in Fircrest Washington (a town of about 5400 people bordering Tacoma.)  Very little has changed there in these past 64 years. 
  2. .. says the family had a family home in Union, on Hood Canal, a most cherished memory (photo above with grandfather and his brother shown). 
  3. ...grandfather was born and raised in Port Orchard as was their father and Tom's.  Their grandfather came to Bainbridge Island from Scotland via Australia.
  4. ... went to St Charles Borromeo for grade school,  tough scholastically, but good for him;  teachers were concerned that he was a day dreamer.  
  5. ... at 14, his Dad was transferred to St. Louis and three years later Chicago.  He was a marketing and advertising man working in the beer business. 
  6. ... Mom’s side of the family is Irish.  His siblings and cousins numbered 18.  They vacationed together and spent every holiday together.  Several at Mission Ridge in the early 70”s, all still very close...Danny, Molly, Maggie, Maudie, Joanie and Tommy.  With a few Sally Sue’s and plenty of Pats.  "We are Irish!"
  7. ... was no good in team sports, but has loved water skiing, snow skiing hiking and time on Puget sound. 
  8. ...has hobbies are heavy yard work and home renovation, enjoying bringing new life to old homes.
  9. ... started college in Illinois at a state school in Macomb, but when family was transferred back to Tacoma he spent 3 years at the University of Puget Sound – "go Loggers".  
  10. ...when a beginning salesman,  was totally intimidated by any receptionist.  He spent some of his twenties working in San Antonio and the Bay area, selling in the grocery business, logging equipment and accessories before his current business (Alpine Aire) for 13 years. Wenatchee is a huge part of this story and he has loved every moment here.
  11. ... has 3 children,  Joe, Matt and Catherine, all doing well in life, scattered somewhat,  and a huge source of pride.
  12. ...  2 years ago was able to purchase a home on Harstine Island in a place called Ballow which he hopes will become a legacy.  The house is a 102 years old, and beyond the broad waterfront are 13.5 acres of really heavy yard work.  "This lifelong dream incubated at our old canal house and never would have happened had I not met my girlfriend, hiking partner, fellow tent camper, ski buddy and list maker of 3 years – Patty Stanford."
  13. ... wants us to know that the number one thing people don’t know is that at one time he did have hair and it was black.
 August 13 -   THE 19th AMENDMENT      
With Bonnie Wallace

August 2020, marks 100 years since the 19th Amendment was signed and put into law, giving women the legal right to vote.  This was the biggest most profound change in American liberty and is an inspiring American success story.   Bonnie Wallace will be sharing the dramatic story of the American Suffrage movement and its ultimate success 100 years ago this month.   Don't miss this timely and interesting presentation.

Bonnie was part of the non-profit organization that sponsored the centennial Tournament of Roses float commemorating the 19th Amendment and walked in the 2020 Rose Parade.  
She is an educator, dancer and creator, and likes working on projects and supporting her community. 
 August 20 -   CLASSIFICATION TALK     
With Leslie Freytag
This will be the perfect opportunity to learn about this woman of mystery.  She joined Rotary May 20, 1997.  Leslie originally joined this club 12/16/03; she resigned 09/14/06 for reasons yet to be revealed.  She was in another club prior to this period. But where?
She re-joined this club Feb. 20, 2020, sponsored by Gil Sparks.   She is Exec director of Pybus Public Market.
We have been looking forward to hearing Leslie for many months.  Don't miss it.

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Aug 13, 2020
19th Amendment
Aug 20, 2020
Classification Talk
Aug 27, 2020
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