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                  Meeting of April 4,  2019                    
                      Volume LXVIII - No 40                   
   April is Rotary Maternal and Child Health Month    
Makeup opportunities at area clubs.  (Area 9)
Loved, respected servant of this club and Rotary for 42 plus years. She served as Executive Secretary beginning in in 1967.  She left the club in June 2012.
She was born circa 1923 - died March 26, 2019 at age 96.
Her Memorial service is Friday April 5, 3 PM, First United Methodist Church, Miller/Washington, Wenatchee.  On March 28, we paid tribute to her (see Week in Review below.).  Click on these links to view:
Note:  The current secretary is humbled & honored to carry on her legacy, while acknowledging no hope of achieving it.
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with Lorien Clemens & Michelle Price
Two of our newer members will now be eligible for fines.  Both joined us in 2018. Michelle in June, and Lorien in August.  As is usual for Classification talks, they will tell us about their vocations, as well as about family and background.  All new or recent members are asked to give such a presentation, and many members say these are their favorite programs.

     WEEK IN REVIEW - March 28     
and a visit by District Governor Sherry Chamberlain
(Three great women of Rotary)
President Pete opened meeting with a request for a moment of silence in memory of our long-serving Executive Secretary Carol Norton, who passed away on March 26, and announced that Carol's chair at the head table would remain empty for the balance of his year.
Sue Rose (PP 2007-08, daughter of Dr. Ed Cadman) then gave a tribute to Carol after first giving praise to Carmen Bossenbrock, present for the first time since breaking her leg in early July, 2018, a few weeks after being honored by the district with a polio award on May 24.
As president, Sue began all meetings by announcing "welcome to the home club of Carol Norton".  Sue bordered on being emotional as she gave great praise to Carol while giving many examples of how Carol constantly exhibited service above self after becoming Executive Secretary October 4, 1967.  She served 44 club presidents well, all of whom would admit they could not have done the job without her.  She was a Paul Harris Fellow, and had near perfect attendance (except when being excused during her occasional week in Maui). 
Carol was her "rock" during Sue's year as president, and always gave Sue encouragement.  She was a living legend in grace, even after several personal tragedies in her life.  She knew all about each member of the club; she kept all of the club attendance and financial records (before computers), and reported routinely to RI.  She even carried the Manual of Procedure with her!  We will miss her.  Listen to audio of Sue's 6-minute tribute.   Many members were on the verge of tears.

   Honoring Carmen Bossenbrock   
as presented by District Governor Sherry Chamberlain
Assistant Governor Carol Adamson was introduced by president Pete Van Well who stated he has looked forward to today and gave some reflections on Carmen, his favorite Rotarian, speaking of her recent broken leg and other health issues which took her away for the last 9 months.  He was confidant she would return, because of her loyalty to Rotary.  After the singing of both national anthems, District Governor Sherry Chamberlain (PP 2008-09, Kamloops West) was introduced by AG Carol.   Sherry stated she wouldn't have missed this for the world, as she spoke admiringly about Carmen, giving some of her history serving polio patients many years ago.  Carmen was the second female to join Wenatchee Rotary (1987), remaining active ever since.  She was the only physical therapist in North Central Washington, working long days and nights at Deaconess Hospital treating polio victims.  She related how Carmen was instrumental in starting a gift shop at the hospital which raised over $360,000 to purchase physical therapy equipment.  She spoke of Carmen's loyalty to the PolioPlus fund, The Rotary Foundation, the Bequest Society, and the Wenatchee Rotary Foundation, having become a multiple Paul Harris Fellow and Paul Scea Fellow and much more.  She received the District Polio Award last year.  
Today Sherry was with us to present Carmen with the Rotary International PolioPlus Pioneer Award, established in 1996, to recognize outstanding personal service to PolioPlus.
The award is made to honor Rotarians who provided extraordinary service to The
Rotary Foundation, such service having a substantial impact on the ultimate goal of polio
eradication.  Eligibility is limited to Rotarians who performed exceptionally meritorious service to the ultimate cause of polio eradication prior to 1 November 1992.  Following Carmen's standing ovation, there were comments from several guests, including Parker McCreary (a hospital colleague & former club member) and polio survivor Gloria Waddell, and especially her original sponsor Earl Tilly (PP 1990-91). Carmen and Earl attended the same high school in Dryden.  Listen here to the audio of comments by Pete, Sherry, and Earl Tilly. .... Listen here to comments by Parker & Gloria.
Because of the nature of the program, many guests and former members were in attendance.   Above left, John McDarment (PP 2003-04 and former secretary) speaks with DG Sherry, and AG Carol before the meeting.   In the photos below, Carmen is congratulated by DG Sherry and President Pete, and by Earl Tilly and Gloria Waddell.  Carmen was able to attend because of the generous donation of a 'cabulance' ride provided by Ballard Ambulance Service.   Owner Scott Ballard is a club member.

President Pete opened the meeting with a moment of silence for Carol Norton.   After welcoming many guests Pete introduced the two-part program above (see Week in Review) which was followed by the announcements below. 
THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.  Pete announced that the board has approved an opportunity for the club to proceed with involvement in what he believes is the next big RI initiative following polio:  Fresh water.
We will be one of 4 clubs selected by RI to lead in 1 of 4 pilot projects to bring Clean Water to Haiti.  Pete was encouraged to be in on the ground floor of this for two reasons:
1. We are already in Haiti with our clean water project in Milot.
2. We were also on the forefront of the PolioPlus initiative.
Our World Service Committee is focusing on two Haiti Clean Water projects:
1. Continuing our current project in the town of Milot (Bill Murray).
2. Supporting the work of HANWASH (Haiti National Clean Water, Sanitation, and Health Strategy), a national group in Haiti created in 2018 by District 7020, committed to bring clean water to all of Haiti by 2030 (Carin Smith).  See December Rotarian.
Our effort is supported by District 5060, and we hope to have other clubs partnering with us.  DG Sherry promises her club's support.  There will be much more information to follow.
Listen here to Pete's announcement including the district governor's endorsement.
Click here to visit own evolving club Haiti page on ClubRunner (it may not be completely up-to-date with this as yet).
Steve Wright Earl Tilly Parker McCreary Wayne Massing
Pete fined all members $1 if they missed the fellowship event at Bob's.  "Have fun in Rotary or PAY!"
Steve Wright (former member at the head table) gave a brief update on recent PUD developments. Listen here to Steve.
Mike Kintner asked for and received 4 volunteers to serve as ushers at the annual Holy Week Service at FUMC, April 16.
Lorien Clemens announced the second Women in Rotary event, April 10, 6 PM, at Norwood Wine Bar.
Wayne Massing (Sunrise Rotary), modeling the special district Hamburg vest, reminded Rotarians to check their junk mail for his latest Hamburg newsletter .  Listen to Wayne here.  He especially wanted to promote a district dinner in Hamburg, June 3.  Wayne is the district chair for the International Convention in June.
Parker McCreary (former member) attended in honor of Carmen and asked to rejoin the club as an Honorary member; the board has approved his application.  He first joined the club in 1992, resigned in 2012.  He offered some humorous recollections of Carmen at the hospital.
Pete's Good News It's Carmen!  We love her!
April 5
Carol Norton Funeral
April 10, Friend-raiser
Women in Rotary
Norwood Wine Bar, 6 PM
April 13, 14
April 16, FUMC
Tuesday Holy Week Service
May 2-5, 2019
May 7, 5:30-8:30 PM
Gorge Fundraiser Training
May 5-12
RYE District bus trip
May 23-26
June 1-5
RI Convention - Hamburg
January 16, 2021
Centennial Gala
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Our eleventh club president :      
Terry L. Ross
Honorary memberships extended to Clyde Pangborn and Hugh Herndon (after their non-stop flight from Tokyo to Wenatchee), who presented a letter to the club from the president of Tokyo Rotary!  Many members attended the RI Convention in Seattle.
Join Kory Kalahar & John McDarment on the Centennial Committee . Help plan the January 16, 2021 big celebration gala at the Wenatchee Convention Center. 

SPEAKERS.   Are you thinking of sponsoring a speaker?  Guidelines are posted on our website under the main menu.  Or click here.

End Polio Now/Club 60:    Our ambitious goal was set by President Pete at $10,000.  On March 28, donations by club members to the Club-60 cups was $42.16, bringing our total to $2,202.   Combined with other member donations by other means of $6,630 (as of 3/21) brings our total to $7,158, or $21,474 with the Gates match!  This equates to 35,861 lives potentially saved! 
Note:  We continue our 10-year relationship with the Gates Foundation.  Since 2013, they have matched each dollar with $2 toward polio eradication.  Collections at KPQ on Polio Day were $1,133.  Read about 2018 World Polio Day, October 24
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The mission of the wenatchee Rotary
Foundation (WRF) is to improve
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living in the greater Wenatchee area. 
Funding is through immediate and
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standing id also a member of WRF.
President, Tom Ross;
VP, Jay Smith;
Treasurer, Heidi Myers;
Secretary, Bill Monnette.
Board Members: 
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Apr 04, 2019
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Apr 25, 2019
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