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Wenatchee Rotary - September 30, 2021  
Thursday noon
   Volume LXXI - # 14
  HYBRID #25/ZOOM #76 
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   September is Rotary's Basic Education
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JANUARY 29, 2022
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With Karen Rutherford 
Presented by Carin Smith
    (ZOOM #76, Hybrid # 25)

Agenda -  Brief history of Community Makerspace. Mayor's Maker's Forum, Wenatchee's selection as a national representative to the White House Maker Forum and the city's  current Maker taskforce.  This has been a decade long dream.

Pinnacles Prep has been a large part of the city's plan to assist with the creation, establishment and running of a community makerspace.  

This dream is a step closer to coming true with the recent $2.5 million grant to the city of Wenatchee from the Washington State Capital Fund, which will fund renovations to the community center facility.  These renovations will include an addition to the facility and creation of a community kitchen and makerspace. We hope to begin renovations this fall.  

The makerspace will include technology equipment and programming.  Classes will include robotics, computer programming and access to tech equipment.  It will also include traditional "Shop" classes with instruction on woodworking equipment.  Art programming will be a part of the makerspace.  A large professional kiln and potter's wheel have been donated.

We are in the planning stages for renovation and programming. Exciting times. We'd love to invite Rotary to be involved in the Community Makerspace.  There will be ample opportunities for volunteer involvement.  

Brief bio of Karen:

  • Former Wenatchee City Council member.  
  • Pinnacles Prep Board member.  
  • Former educator with Wenatchee School District.  
  • Supporter of community place based education and hands on education for our children. 



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The Hybrid/ZOOM meeting was opened and led by president Alice Meyer, with Thomas Everly and Jill Leonard as ZOOM hosts at the WV Museum/Cultural Center, Event Center.  Masking was required. 


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KAREN'S WEAVINGSPP Jim Russell had planned to join us on ZOOM today to announce a new Museum featured exhibit dedicated to his wonderful wife Karen (We assume he was detained elsewhere).  His photos of the exhibit were displayed on ZOOM.  See story and photo below.
UPCOMING..  Next week at Pybus, Carin Smith presents Karen Rutherford speaking on 'Makerspace'.   See above.  Weekly text reminders will continue.   Near-term meeting venue is Pybus except:
  • October 7 - At Wenatchee Valley College, lunch snack provided; more later.
  • October 14 - November 18 - At Museum
  • October 21- 'Octoberfest' at the home of PP Don & Heidi Myers 
AUCTION UPDATEPP Pete Van Well, freshly back from his Polar Plunge, 
  Jill Leonard :  In regards to the procurement slips....  If using print donations slips from the website, the auction committee needs two copies.  One will stay with the item, the other will be used to enter information into the computer.   If the item is going to be delivered at a later date,  please keep the white and yellow copy together (or two printed copies).    This helps us with tracking.  
The team names are already entered in the software system, so there is no need to put the team name on the forms.  Watch this space for continued updates or clarifications as needed.
PEACE ESSAY CONTESTSusan Albert announced the contest is active, 09/21 - 10/24 at all Wenatchee high schools.  See home page (   She also gave an update on the Interact Club at Wenatchee High School, now meeting Mondays at 12:25PM. Contact Susan if you wish to attend a meeting.
GUESTS.       On ZOOM we welcomed Natalie Williams again. 
In person, we welcomed Alice's guest Andy Garcia of WA Trust Bank.
WVC OPPORTUNITY  Rachel Evey announces that the WVC Foundation is currently seeking to hire a coordinator.
Pass it on. Find details HERE.   
TRIVIA .  President Alice again closed the meeting with some political trivia about past US presidents.

A message from past president Jim Russell (2016-2017).  

Karen's Weavings & more.

A Featured Museum exhibit; September 3 – November 6,2021.  

Karen Russell began her service to the Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center by joining the Museum’s Board in 2013. She courageously stepped up to serve as president in 2014 during a turning point for the Museum. While the Museum transitioned from one Executive Director to another Karen and her husband, Jim Russell, supported the staff as they worked to serve the community. The influence of the Russells helped the Museum overcome adversity and continue its mission. Their service to the Museum and the Wenatchee Valley community has been invaluable. With this exhibit we celebrate, honor, and thank Jim and Karen Russell for their service to the Museum through sharing the activities Karen (1941 – 2019) loved, most notably weaving and performance art. Join us in celebrating these two dear members of the Museum community! 
Sadly, Karen passed away September 21, 2019.  Read her story HERE.
PP Jay Roeter Obituary.   Click HERE.    Jay passed away August 27. Graveside service planned for Oct. 01.  See pictorial list of deceased members HERE, past presidents HERE.
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SEPTEMBER 23, 2021.
ZOOM #75, Hybrid # 24;  TEAM NATURALEZA
With Elisa Lopez
  1. ZOOM VIDEO HERE (only available 2-3 weeks)
  2. Listen to audio HERE.  
  3. Previous APPLESEED (Sep. 23).
Elisa was sponsored and introduced by Carin Smith.  They had met while hiking, or at a Land Trust booth, where Elisa now works part-time. See previous Appleseed for her bio and more.  [Also see... Team Naturaleza ,  Facebook page ]  Some of the images are shown below.  Technical issues may have prevented ZOOM attendees from seeing the images, some of which are shown below, and may be too small to read.  Thus, view her complete PowerPoint HERE.  Scroll down for special video link.
Elisa gave some background on her organization.  It has a bi-lingual name meaning 'Team Nature' and was founded in 2012 by former member Norma Gallegos with help from retired wildlife biologist Heather Murphy and also  'Environment for the Americas' (known for protecting migratory birds).  Elisa became interested in this field during a visit to Panama, where she saw a lot of trash left by negligent humans.  She challenged all members to think back to their earliest environmental memories, as a way of addressing barriers to experiencing the outdoors.  
From 2009 to 2013, Environment for the Americas worked with partners across the U.S. to examine ways to improve Latino visitation to natural areas and participation in science and outdoor experiences. Team Naturaleza in Washington’s Wenatchee River Valley is a result of outreach in that area and is the only local bi-lingual environmental educational organization.  It also works with other organizations of similar interests, hoping to overcome the barriers of time, transportation and cost.  All staff must be bi-lingual,  and are active year-round.  She displayed many photos of activities in all seasons.  They even conduct mountain biking trips,  hikes after dark, especially during a full moon, as well as after-school programs for youth grades 2 - 5.  Participants communicate mostly by Facebook and texting.  Elisa tries to respond to all questions.
With the support from multiple agencies, including U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and other non-governmental agencies, the community works together to introduce youth and adults to the Valley’s natural resources.
Watch Elisa's 3-minute video with updates.... "Expedition Reclamation, Seed and Spark".
Trash seen in Panama, including
castle built of 1 year of water bottles
Things easy for anyone to do.
The team, L to R, Elisa, Karen McWhite,
Ina Enriguez, Mary Big-Bull Lewis,
Paige Reyes, Chelsea Murphhy
Attendance  (Advise secretary if you were not counted).
  ZOOM Museum Guests
1 Bossenbrock* Albert Elisa Lopez
2 Conner, PP Barrett, PP      Speaker
3 Cooper Button, PP  
4 De Robles Clifton Andy Garcia
5 Dudek Everly Natalie Williams
6 Galbraith, PP Heminger, PP  
7 Gellatly Iniguez  
8 Henkle Jinneman*  
9 Jourdan Kulaas  
10 Kintner, PP Leonard  
11 McCart Meyer  
12 Mendoza Provo  
13 Michelsen Rasmussen, PP  
14 Mickey Reed  
15 Nelson Rose,PP  
16 Parlette Smith,C  
17 Peters, PP Smith,J   
18 Robertson Sparks  
19 Rodgers Stuller, PP  
20 Sharp Sturgeon  
21 Stach Tigard  
22   Van Well, PP  
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Where has Dear Applesauce been? Indeed! Where has everyone else been? For weeks now, Dear Applesauce has languished with no queries from fellow Rotarians (all of whom need the sage wisdom and keen insight that only yours truly can provide). Even young Jessi Mendoza who pledged to defend President Alice’s honor has failed to take Dear Applesauce to task. Alas, Dear Applesauce has been delegated to frequent naps and the occasional crossword puzzle while waiting on the rest of the club to be set straight in this column. So get those letters and emails coming!

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