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August 06, 2020  - 6 PM
Volume LXX - No 06
August is Rotary's Membership and
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As a reminder, here are our newest members - all joined Feb. 2020
Sean Cooper
Jodi Gerber
Leslie Freytag
Rich Monroe
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    WEEK IN REVIEW -  July 30 (ZOOM #19)      
   Part 1 - Program: HANWASH (Clean water for Haiti)
with Carin Smith & PDG Sherry Chamberlain
See ZOOM video edited recording HERE[password #5july30hanwash ]
View PowerPoint HERE
Get audio only HERE.   Previous APPLESEED.
Our speakers were introduced president-elect Alice Meyer.  Our own Carin Smith gave the first half, followed by PDG Sherry Chamberlain of Kamloops (BC) West RC.  Carin chairs our World Service committee, and serves with Sherry on the District 5060 International Service committee.
While urgent needs may be met with immediate aid,
sustainability requires that we:

 Involve the community first;
 conduct needs assessment;
 determine the real problem;
 engage the community in finding solutions

HANWASH was created by Rotarians to follow the Rotary structure.  It is a collaborative national initiative to provide thoughtfully managed and sustainable clean water and sanitation to all citizens of Haiti, along with the associated health, community and economic benefits. 
The initial effort was a written agreement between Rotary District 7020 and the Haitian water department (DINEPA) to work on water projects, along with the help of Haiti Outreach. Since then, Hanwash has organized into a 501c3 organization and recently hired an executive director. They are working closely with the Haitian water department, which has regional offices called OREPA (Offices Régionaux de l'Eau Potable et de l'Assainissement). These are the Four Regional service providers under the authority of the DINEPA (Haitian water dept) which provide water supply in urban areas.
Rotarians will manage projects, funds, and work with local Rotary Clubs, the Haitian Government and other NGOs. Think of sustainable community groups as a way for donors to protect their investment in the initial acute aid, such that the project lasts over time.   These are lessons shared worldwide by all aide groups to HANWASH like the Guatemala Literacy Project and the End Polio Now Campaign.
More specifically, by 2030, HANWASH would ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all through:

• Universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water
• Access to adequate and equitable sanitation and hygiene
• Long term commitment and engagement of local communities to support and strengthen improvements and management HANWASH will focus on systematically increasing access to sustainable managed water, with the aim
of expanding the program across the whole of Haiti once it is shown to be successful.
Rotary District 7020 HANWASH members shared these statistics:

• Only 30% of the people in Haiti have potable water within a 30-minute walk from their
• In the rural villages, where most Haitian reside, only 24% have access to a toilet
• 2 million people practice open air defecation
• As a result, water borne illnesses such as typhoid, cholera and dehydration through chronic diarrhea account for 50% of deaths
A survey of 1,096 water kiosks and 2,266 water fountains showed that more than half of existing water kiosks are out of service. Only 58.4% of existing water fountains inventoried are functional (DINEPA, 2013). Over 40% of wells are non-functioning. (Haiti Outreach 2004).  
HANWASH and Haiti Outreach are compiling a database using the MWater system to survey then mark every water source in Haiti under one of three categories: Make potable; Repair; Create new.
The goal for every source is described by the acronym “FRAPE” (French) Functional, Responsibly managed, A Sanitation coverage, P potable, E inspected. Data is gathered on smartphones, mobile data collection / visualization software is used, and water quality test kits add info.  Survey includes: Where is there a water point? Where are there houses? Which houses are within
500 m of a FRAPE water point? Keys to Creating a “System” with FRAPE Water:
• Enroll stakeholders across multiple levels of authority (National down to local level)
• Establish clear lines of accountability and responsibility
• Utilize transparent reporting tools
The initial Hanwash program is through 4 pilot projects, located in Communes of Cavaillon, Ferrier, Trou du Nord and Croix des Bouquets – representing one commune in each of the four regions, each supported by the Rotary club structure in the area and by a District supporter elsewhere.   Going forward, clubs and Districts may support ongoing projects or parts of projects such as a well. Areas to receive aid will be chosen based on having a local host club eager and able to take on the project.
RI has a WASH staff rep who has been working with HANWASH writing the strategic plan and business plan, all in preparation to be able to involve more districts around the world.
This project is huge but not depending only on us Rotarians. We have so much support from all the organizations mentioned as well as Rotary International and other potential private corporate organizations. The Gates Foundation and Matt Damon’s are on our radars once again.
How can you help? Our District is supporting the Pilot Project in Ferrier and will be writing a Global Grant for the first stage later this year. 
Since we will be supporting this project in stages, any club can jump on board at any time to donate funds! And although HANWASH needs money, there is something that is more valuable – your advocacy. Within your sphere of influence, you know people who can help HANWASH. It might be a church group or local NGO who is currently operating in Haiti.
Introduce them to HANWASH. We don’t want to compete with them – we want to assist them. We can utilize their skills and add our core values and resources to serve Haiti better.
Updates on the Ferrier Pilot Project: Sherry’s visit to Haiti in November was to engage in the process from the beginning to get a better idea of where and what is to be done. The Rotary Club of Ouanaminthe members, the AG, the HANWASH ambassadors attended two meetings in Ferrier. Also attending were the mayor, Director of Orepa and others from the Haiti Water Agency, Director of Haiti Police.   Community. Club members and AG from Cap Haitien.
Sherry visited Meillac, the small town of 6000 part of the Ferrier commune. She saw women using the saline-filled river to wash clothes. They have to buy water from trucks that come into the town, or go to town which is quite a few miles away in order to drink water. This part of Haiti is at sea level so there is not potable water. Our efforts will bring clean potable water to them to drink. We will implement a pay-for-water service which has been proven successful in the other pilot area where at least half of the people pay for service. They are used to paying for water, like we all pay for water.
We are at the beginning stages, and still waiting for plans and studies to be created and shared with us so that we can determine what this global grant will look like. It will be large and we are assured support from Hanwash with promoting for funding, grant support, marketing and international support.
A huge thank you to the 18 clubs in our District as well as individual and business supporters for jumping on board for the initial stage of the HANWASH initiative and special recognition to the RC of Wenatchee and Carin Smith for leading the charge in our district.



See previous editions of the Appleseed for other important notes
  • President Kory Kalahar (away at Whidby Island at 81º ) opened the ZOOM meeting to about 27 members and a few guests with Tom Everly as ZOOM host.  As usual, Raz provided a flag for the pledge.
  • Service projects.  We are looking for projects that will impact our community.
  • Centennial committee.  Kory has found a band "Gary Winston & the Real Deal"!  They are 'pumped'!
  • Meeting schedule.  Watch for the survey to express your preference for our ZOOM meeting schedule.    The choices are 1) continue as is; 2) revert back to noon;  3) a mix of both.
  • Sponsorship ads anyone?   Currently we are only displaying auction sponsors on our website and "Appleseeds".   Other recent sponsors will be getting an invoice soon.  Anyone else interested should contact Treasurer Allan. 
  • Polio Fund.   PPPPPete suggests we continue our Polio-Plus donations.  Our goal is again $7500.  The two best ways to give are:  1) mail a check to Allan at our P.O. Box;  2) By credit card at RI donation page HERE.  There you may choose a fund, and sign in on the same page so that you and the club get credit.  Two members have offered $100 matching gifts:  Tom Everly and Sue Rose!! 
  • Leavenworth e-Bikes.   Pete also mentioned Leavenworth's raffle of e-bikes; below is a message from Mall Boyd, past president of this club (1997-98), now in Leavenworth ...
    E-bikes are fun and very popular, and what’s better than one e-bike?
    Obviously two, so you don’t have to ride alone. For $10 a ticket you have a chance to win a pair of e-bikes while supporting Leavenworth Rotary projects such as making face shields for hospitals, hospices and schools (due to COVID19, this is our only fundraiser this year).
    To buy tickets or make a donation, please send a check made payable to Leavenworth Rotary to Mall Boyd, PO Box 158, Leavenworth, WA 98826 (be sure to include your phone number or email address so we can let you know if you’re the winner).  For your receipt, I will email a photo of the completed raffle ticket stubs. The drawing will be Labor Day weekend. 
  • Challenge Scholarship Program. If you signed up for the Wenatchee Sunrise RC  'virtual' run/race to raise scholarship funds for at-risk kids on July 16, you may be able to track your times HERE.  
  • WOULD YOU RATHER?  A new club tradition, expressing member preferences on a current issue.  This week we voted for another weather option:  90° outside swatting 'skeeters' or inside wrapped in a blanket?
  • Ten things about Laurel Turner.  See story below.  Next week - Tom Ross!
  • Next week's program.  Police chiefs.
  • Stupid Stuff by Kory.   See below.
  • District Governor nominations .  PDG Peter has announced they are open for 2023-24. Watch for more announcements. (added by Frank)
The meeting of July 30 was arranged and hosted by Tom Everly on ZOOM.
Attendance:  Kory, Alice, Eric, Rich, Carin, Raz, Mike, Pete, Linda, Carmen, Sue, Ford, Gil, Russ,  Bill Monnette, Terry, Linda, Rachel,  Loren, Tom Ross,  Allan, Ken, Jim Corcoran, Chuck J., Laurel,  Dorry, Leonard, Frank C.
Speaker:    Carin Smith, w/guest PDG Sherry Chamberlain
(Please advise Frank if he omitted you)
STUPID STUFF - Kory's fourth installment
of stupid behavior. He regrets letting his 10-month old son Carson (now 18 years) play naked for hours in the sand at the beach.

Ten things we didn't know
about Laurel Turner.
She ....
  1. ... was born and raised in Tacoma Washington and graduated from Franklin Pierce HS in 1975;
  2. ... didn't go to college until later in my life and graduated from University of Washington in 2003 at 46;
  3. ... worked in Project Controls in major resource construction for over 20 years prior to and after college;
  4. ... worked as a construction claims analyst for five years.  Our team never lost a case;
  5. ... was as the Senior Planner on a billion dollar copper and nickel mine project in U.P. of Michigan just before coming to the WRC;
  6. ... and Rory married each other twice....once in 1980 and once in 1989.  "We just set out this morning for an RV trip celebrating our 40th anniversary";
  7. ... and Rory have three sons:  Kevin who lives in East Wenatchee.  Joe who lives in SE Portland.  Rory (Jr) who lives in SW Portland.  They and their wives have 6 kids all told;
  8. ... loves to paint and hope to do more when she retires;
  9. ... also loves to cook, studies many chefs, owns WAY too many cookbooks, and can see herself owning a dinner house named Vernadene's (her middle name)
  10. ... asked  for volunteers on behalf of the food bank as a new club service project.
 August 06 -   POLICE CHIEFS      
(E. Wenatchee)
  • Demographics, officer ethnicity
  • Day to day work schedules of officers
  • Schools
  • Budgets
  • Special events, parades, marches
  • Training and taxpayer benefits
  • Use of force, guidance, techniques
  • Questions from the audience
 August 13 -   THE 19th AMENDMENT      
With Bonnie Wallace

August 2020, marks 100 years since the 19th Amendment was signed and put into law, giving women the legal right to vote.  This was the biggest most profound change in American liberty and is an inspiring American success story.   Bonnie Wallace will be sharing the dramatic story of the American Suffrage movement and its ultimate success 100 years ago this month.   Don't miss this timely and interesting presentation.

Bonnie was part of the non-profit organization that sponsored the centennial Tournament of Roses float commemorating the 19th Amendment and walked in the 2020 Rose Parade.  
She is an educator, dancer and creator, and likes working on projects and supporting her community. 

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Aug 06, 2020
Today's Police Department
Aug 13, 2020
19th Amendment
Aug 20, 2020
Classification Talk
Aug 27, 2020
Pinnacles Prep
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