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June 10, 2021     Volume LXX - # 48
  HYBRID #10 / ZOOM #60 
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This week :     
He is editor of The Seattle Times'  'Save the Free Press Initiative'.  Reach him at

Defining “news media” is tricky, especially now that anyone can publish online and “news feeds” include everything from selfies to investigative journalism.  In Washington, some clarity is now provided by a state Supreme Court ruling involving the Public Records Act and the state’s media shield law.  The case was the first big test of the “news media” definition in the 2007 shield law, which justices affirmed in a 7-2 ruling.   READ MORE  

WEEK IN REVIEW -  June 03, 2021 (ZOOM #59)  
Part 1 -      APPLESOX BASEBALL   
With Joel Norman & Allie Schank
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  3. Previous APPLESEED (June 03).
Joel and Allie were introduced by club member Jim Corcoran, Applesox founder.  Jim made mention of Joel's newly-published book, "One Inning at a Time", a history of the Applesox, and he described many ways the team has been connected with our club over the years, including an ill-fated exhibition game between the team and some club members.
Joel gave an update on the current team after only two games of the new season, both losses, but the second game was a nail biter at the end.  He has high hopes for a successful season.  He is pleased with the new head coach Sanderson and with the new high-tech scoreboard which includes a video feature.  He promised lots of fun activities over the season.
Allie seems excited about her first year as General Manager and that the team can be back on the field after COVID.  She loves Wenatchee.  She outlined the need for more host families, telling some funny stories about them and the things being done to make them feel appreciated.
Tom McNair asked about Marco Gonzalez , currently pitching for the Mariners, arguably the most famous alumni.  Joel had glowing remarks about him.

Established in 1999, the AppleSox have been providing affordable family entertainment at Paul Thomas Sr. Stadium.  Every summer, young men leave their colleges and come to Wenatchee hoping to hone their skills and impress their head coaches when they return in August.

Joel is in his third year as the “Voice of the AppleSox” and is a graduate of West Virginia University. In the offseason, Joel assists the AppleSox in sales and also broadcasts Brewster basketball and football for KOZI FM as well as Eastmont and Wenatchee baseball for The NCWLIFE Channel.  
Allie Schank has been with the AppleSox since 2018 and is in her first season as the general manager. She graduated from the University of Georgia in 2018.



See previous editions of the Appleseed.
The ZOOM meeting was opened and led by president Kory Kalahar, who welcomed members and guests, with Jill Leonard hosting.  All announcements are repeated in the Appleseed.  Next week we return to Pybus with a hybrid meeting.


CONFLUENCE MAGAZINE.  Tom McNair lauded the summer issue of this publication of the Wenatchee Museum & Cultural Center last week, which was dedicated to our 100 years of service.  It is 15 excellent well-written pages of tribute to this organization.  Become a Museum member HERE.  Or you can pick up a copy of the magazine at the museum.
WELCOME NEW-MEMBERS.  These new members are approved by the Board and will be formally inducted as soon as possible.
  • Lauren Scanga, Payne West Insurance
  • Dr. Tara Winston, Owner, Earth Naturopathic
  • Taylor Sharp, incoming Director, Humane Society
  • David Rayfield, Wenatchee Wild  (tentative)
  • Ray Dobbs, former member, transferring back from Chelan
Also, welcome Amy Taulango (with Just Right Cleaning and Construction) on her second visit, introduced by Michelle Shermer.
Meeting changes.  Meetings of June 10 & 17 will be hybrid, at Pybus.
June 24 - 100% ZOOM at noon, with in-person celebration 6:30 PM in the Red Lion Grizzly Lounge, when NCW LIFE TV presents a news special on our 100 years at 7 PM; call it a watch party and more.  
As always, text reminders are sent each Thursday morning to all members.
Farmer's Market Takeover.   Sunrise Rotary is again performing this community service; next event - June 19.  To join in, contact Kathleen Mcnalty .   "We're hoping to add a pet parade with Firehouse Pets. So bring your pet next time! "
WRF Bylaws Update  The updated bylaws for the Wenatchee Rotary Foundation are ready for a vote by the entire club.  Jill Leonard will send out voting instructions soon.  Voting will close at 11 AM June 17.  Results will be announced at the club's hybrid meeting that day by Jill, or incoming WRF president Tom Ross.   To view the update, CLICK HERE.
PEACE.    Michelle Shermer and the peacebuilders (not a rock band) welcomes all members to the committee, and will hold the next meeting June 16.  Big developments are in the works.
Festival Lunch  Wednesday - June 9th, 
All-Service-Club Luncheon, noon at the Convention Center - tickets are $25 pp or $225 for a table. Our two tables for Wenatchee Rotarians are filled, but you can get individual tickets HERE
PPP Pete's Huge BRAG  Daughter Grace made the Washington Special Olympics team for swimming and will participate in the U.S. Special Olympics Games June 2022 in Orlando. She was chosen out of 320 who applied to swim for Washington State at the US Games. 
Rotary D5060.  Annual business meeting Saturday morning on zoom.  Kory and Tom McNair will be our delegates.
Not so Stupid.  President Kory:  "One of the most amazing and nerve wracking expeditions that I have ever embarked on was a our van trip to Baja Mexico in July of 2018 and one of the not so stupid things I have done. I had sold my 1978 VW Bus to purchase this 1986 VW Vanagon Syncro sight unseen from a doctor in New Mexico. Had it shipped to Portland, flew down and drove her home in March and then spent the next few months outfitting it for the sand dunes and deserts of Baja."

Click HERE and/or HERE for the latest COVID-19 local health news.   

Attendance  (Advise secretary if you were not counted)
Note - Sue Rose was inadvertently omitted last week sad
1 Anderson Monette Smith,J   
2 Barrett Murray St. Jean Amy Taulango
3 Clifton Nelson Stach Taylor Sharp
4 Corcoran Peters Stuller    (new member)
5 Davies Provo Sturgeon  
6 Dudek Rasmussen Thornock SPEAKER
7 Evey Robertson Van Well Joel Norman
8 Gillum Rodgers   Allie Schank
9 Henkle Rose    
10 Kalahar Ross    
11 Kintner Rounds    
12 Leonard Scott    
13 McNair Shermer    
14 Meyer Singhose    
15 Mickey Smith,C    
  Ten things we didn't know   
about Eric Nelson  
     Watch video HERE .
Scroll down to see some things we DID know.
Eric related these facts:
  1. One of my great grandfathers immigrated from England in the late 1800s. The ship on which he booked passage had a severe outbreak of the flu and many passengers died. In fact, his body was about to be thrown overboard when someone saw his big toe move. So, if it was not for my great grandfather’s big toe, my presentation today would be much shorter.
  2. I was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1954. My father worked for the YMCA and my mother was a police officer – one of the first female police officers in that police department.
  3. Our family moved to Fargo, North Dakota in 1957. I don’t remember much other than the winters were very cold and that there was a great sledding hill about 50 yards out our back door. Under the right weather conditions, a properly waxed and loaded toboggan could go down the hill continue across the frozen Red River and end up in Minnesota.
  4. In 1963, we moved to Yakima, Washington. Because we were so far away from relatives. My Dad bought a used Volkswagen Panel Van and converted it into a camper that could sleep six. This was not the luxury of Korey’s Westafalia with the pop-up top. I slept on the bench front seat. My parents slept on a narrow fold out double bed, two of my sisters slept on hammocks that stretched from side to side above the bed and my youngest sister slept in a drawer that pulled out from under one of the back seats. We took half a dozen trips back and forth across the country.
  5. The VW Camper was also lodging for trips to ocean beaches and many campsites in the Cascades. It was also the support vehicle for my mom and I as we hiked the entire Wonderland Trail around Mt Rainier the summer after I finished eighth grade.
  6. Those camping experiences led to me becoming a Youth Camp Counselor for the next eight summers. Each summer, I led half a dozen two to four day excursions into the Goat Rocks Wilderness Area, near White Pass.
  7. I graduated from Eisenhower High School in 1972. The morning after I graduated, a friend of mine – who was 6’8”- and I got into a Ford Pinto and drove to Washington DC, Florida, New Orleans, and San Diego. 10,000 miles in 24 days. Total cost for gas, food and 5 nights in hotels was $250 apiece.
  8. I played a fair amount of Basketball and Volleyball in my younger days, but my favorite sport was handball. I played in a number of regional and national tournaments. I even got to help a nationally ranked player prepare for a couple of pro exhibition tours.
  9. I met my wife to be in a calculus class during my freshman year at WSU. We both graduated with degrees in Mathematics and will celebrate our 45th anniversary in a couple of weeks. We have lived in Tacoma, Walla Walla, Hanford, California and the last 28 years in Wenatchee.
  10. We have three daughters. One is a Speech Pathologist in Naples Italy, one is a small business owner in Las Vegas, and one is a Physical Therapist in Missoula Montana and mother to our only granddaughter.
Things we did know.   Eric has been a member of the Wenatchee Rotary Club since 1993. Prior to that he was a member of the Rotary Club of Hanford, California from 1985-1993. As a child, he attended a variety of Rotary family events with his father who was a member of the Yakima Rotary Club. In recent years he has served on the Community Outreach Committee and several Auction Committees. He is a Paul Scea Fellow, a multiple Paul Harris Fellow, and a Rotary Benefactor.

Eric retired in 2016 after forty year career with YMCA. In retirement, he serves a a volunteer coach for new YMCA CEO's and volunteers for his church and a couple of local foundations. He and his wife Jean enjoy traveling and visiting with their three children and one grandchild. 

 Watch video HERE .  Next victim -  Thomas Everly
These members have already told their story :
1. Kory Kalahar
2. Leonard Singhose
3. Jil Leonard
4. Phil Rasmussen (Raz)
5. Laurel Turner
6. Tom Ross
7. Rich Peters
8. Gary Provo
9. Linda Parlette
10. Dawn Davies
11. Gene Anderson
12. Alicia Nakata
13. Dorry Foster
14. Claudia DeRobles
15. Ford Barrett
16. Tom McNair
17. Mark McCants
18. Sean Cooper
19. Russ Speidel
20. Andy Petro
21. Pete Van Well
22. Frank Clifton
23. Sue Rose
24. Judy Conner
25. Allan Galbraith
26. Jim Corcoran
27. Alice Meyer
28. Jim Brink
29. Marc Heminger
30. Bill Monnette
31. Loren Stach
32. Britt Dudek
33. Don Myers
34. Eric Nelson
35. Tom Everly?


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