Wenatchee Rotary  - Noon Thursdays at Red Lion  
December 19,  2019         
                  Volume LXIX - No 24               
December is Rotary's
Disease Prevention & Treatment Month
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Makeup opportunities at area clubs.  (Area 8)
  • JUST SO 'YA KNOW #26
  • CENTENNIAL ....#42
Please try to arrive by 11:30 AM. 
All members are always welcome to greet.
If unable to attend, please greet at your next meeting. 
Future assignments are tentative.
12/19 Jessica Mark Jill Alfonzo
Date Future Weeks Looking Ahead
01/02 McCants McCart McCreary McDonald
01/09 McNair Mendoza Meyer Mickey
820 N. Chelan Ave.,
Dedicated to providing safe, 
high-quality care in a 
compassionate and 
cost-effective manner ....
Menu and meeting room:   Columbia River Room    Rosemary Glaze Pork, Mashed potatoes, Carrots and Broccoli, Green salad with 3 toppings, Chef’s Choice Dessert  & Coffee Service.
 (Thanks to Alyssa Moomaw of Red Lion staff for providing this update weekly)

JANUARY 25, 2020
Thank you Rotarians for your time, treasure and things! We need more things! Wine (not complaints but quality wine over $20), art, a motorcycle, time in your condo or vacation home, a feast for 6-8-10 or more home cooked or catered, etc. Thanks to each of you for making a difference in our community and around the world! Yours in Rotary service, Bill Murray
Tickets for this year’s auction are now on sale.  Tickets and information are available online HERE and/or they can be purchased at a meeting. The event is also on live on Facebook. So please share it and encourage your friends to attend. We are also actively taking donations big and small.  Any donation checks should be made out to The Wenatchee Rotary Foundation.  On Dec. 5, Bill Murray and the "Crazy Auction Lady" Jill Leonard gave a humorous tag-team appeal....LISTEN HERE to Jill and Bill.

  (NOTE - All program speakers listed on site home page)   
Elections for President for the 2023-24 term and for Board of Directors for the 2020-23 term will be held at our Thursday meeting December 19th.  Below is the slate of nominees presented by the nominating committee, chaired by past-president Pete Van Well.
   President Designate  :    Jill Leonard & Dante Gutierrez-Zamora
       [NOTE:  One of these will follow Alice Meyer ]
Jill Leonard joined the club in April 2012 (following in her grandfather's footsteps) while serving as Red Lion Catering manager.  She has served...
  • on the board for 3 years
  • as auction co-chair in 2017 and 2019
  • on the board of 'Write on the River'
  • as a member of the Wenatchee Valley Chamber Leadership Class 2013
  • as a member of the Women’s Service League Wenatchee.  
  • and is a graduate of the Chelan County Sheriff's Citizens Academy 2016.
Dante Gutierrez-Zamora joined Rotary in October 2015, shortly after moving to the valley.  He has served on the auction procurement committee twice and has filled a seat on the Board for a member who resigned.  

Board of Directors:  We will elect 3 of the 4 below, who will serve for 3 years beginning July 2020.
Tom Everly joined the club in March 2018.   Read about him in the review of his classification talk HERE.  

Charlie Miracle joined the club in September 2018, served in another club, joining there in July 1993.  Read about him in the review of his classification talk HERE.

Trisha Johnson joined the club in January, 2019.  She is sales/catering manager at Red Lion.  Read about her in the review of her classification talk HERE

Marili (Muffy) Rounds joined the club in February 2008.  She has served on the Fellowship committee in recent years and helped with clean-up days at Rotary Park.  More below.*

* More on Muffy before Rotary - Executive Director of Columbia Heights Senior Living during first 5 years of Rotary.    Co-Founder, 1976,President, 1976-78, Live Auction Chairman, 1978-88 Grace Heffernan Arnold Guild for Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Started with 20 of my friends, and 20 friends of co-founder, Pam Best Chicoine.  The Fred Hutch Holiday Gala in it's 42 year history, a black tie event in Seattle, has garnered a total of $126 million for cancer research.   Honored in 2016 as Co-Founder of Guild by Dr. Robert Day and Bd of Directors of Hutch at Gala.  [Note - Muffy will now be remaining in Wenatchee in winter]


Jordan Baldock and Keni Sturgeon.
The meeting was opened by President Mike Kintner, who welcomed an unusually large attendance with many guests, especially our 15 lunch buddies from Lewis and Clark Elementary School, with their adult buddies, plus Martin Barron (lunch buddy and new WSD School Board Member) and our own Dick Reed who is a lunch buddy.  There were also a number other cute kids (kids and grand-kids of members).  See list below. 
Other guests included President Mike's mother, Mary Kintner, and a visiting Rotarian from Nairobi, Kenya (Africa).
Introductions were followed by revelation of the Mystery Rotarian, who turned out to be none other than Kris Kringle himself, who then took over the program.   He first introduced the female vocal quartet from Wenatchee High School, who sang a medley of popular Christmas tunes.    Photo below.  Click here to listen.  Click here to see video of one of their songs.   They are all members of Chamber Singers, who auditioned for the International Honors Performance Choir to perform at Carnegie Hall in February.  They ALL made it, which is awesome!! So they just started putting some songs together, so they could fund-raise to help them with their trip. Heidi nick-named them The Carnegies.  The ladies are Daniella Alpire, Giselle Jensen, Lulu Pray and Ava Rosvold
Santa then called up each Lunch Buddy and other cute kids to chat and receive a gift.  Click here to listen to all of Santa's interviews.  Click here to see a short video of Santa in a typical interview.
Santa had special gifts for a few Rotarians including Carin Smith, Jill Leonard, Pete Van Well, Bill Murray, David Olson, President Mike, and all WSU grads (crushed after the Apple Cup).  Santa, assisted by Elf Jack, was ably impersonated by PP Don Myers.  No acting awards are anticipated, but awards for creativity, humor, and all-around good guy are in order.
The meeting closed with everyone singing a few Christmas songs led by Tom McNairMarc Heminger was the lucky winner of both 50-50 raffle drawings.  Hmmmm.
Lunch Buddies from Lewis and Clark
Lance Erik Sophia Areli
Jayden Dominic Hayley Olivia
Jesus Jesus Enaya Jacqueline
Isabel Jagger Karen  
Other cute kids      
Piper Kate Liam Corin
Libby Jack (the elf) Noah Brynlee
Most of this week's meeting photos are courtesy of Jessica Kendall
Some added post-meeting.
See previous editions for other important notes
  • Salvation Army collections today.    $3,075!
  • Notable visitors today.   Laurie Flarity-White's guest (1 of 3) was from Nairobi, Kenya, Jackie Musyoka, active Rotary member of the Millimani Club in Nairobi, Kenya. She is also the founder and director of the Beyond Vision Community School in the slums of Nairobi. In addition, she is the local Rotarian who oversees the Lake Chelan Rotary Club’s “Brighter Futures” project in Kisiriri, Kenya.  Her second guest was Meliesa Tigard, the director of Focal Point Educational Services in Wenatchee. She is visiting Rotary Clubs in town.  Laurie also brought husband Jim White.
  • Outgoing RYE students' raffle.   Andy Petro announced Ruby and Cynthia who sold raffle tickets to help support their upcoming year abroad.  Photo below.
  • Next week.  Annual meeting with elections.  Don't miss it.
  • Mystery Rotarian.  The most recent Mystery Rotarian was Alicia Nakata; this week, Kris Kringle.   This week the quarterly champ will be recognized.
  • CARMEN needs a ride weekly; volunteers wanted.  Allan Galbraith volunteered for next week.
  • Fellowship.  Rotary is going WILD!  Watch for the big news!
  • Useless Trivia.  In honor of his mother Mary, an English major & librarian :  The longest English word having all letters in reverse alphabetical order :  spoon-feedClick here To see a list of this and other spelling oddities.

December 19
Annual Meeting (Elections)
January 25, 2020
Building Communities Auction
April 23 - 26, 2020
District Conference in Kelowna
January 16, 2021
Centennial Gala
We appreciate all of our sponsoring merchants & businesses.
For complete details, see our web site.
  • Alpine Aire H&C
  • CARPET ONE/Inside Design
  • Cashmere Valley Bank
  • CliftonLarsonAllen, CPA
  • Colonial Vista, assisted living
  • Confluence Health
  • Eagle Transfer
  • Edward Jones Investing
  • Express Employment Professionals
  • Health Alliance NW
  • JetPro Carwash
  • Lifeline Ambulance
  • Noyd & Noyd
  • Pet Hub, Inc.
  • The Paradise Restaurant
  • The Thai Restaurant
  • WV Humane Society
    Just so ‘ya know…#26 -       
#26 Just so ‘ya know…Call to action!
The Rotary Auction needs our help, support, and involvement!
Reporting in on recent updates for our Rotary Auction January 25th.
  • Auction co-chair Bill Murray is 'stumping' for a "wine cellar" to be auctioned off.  He is soliciting "great" bottles of wine for the cellar - suggested minimum is $20 and please attach a little evaluation to each bottle, i.e., "scored 92 and is the best cab I've had this month."
  • We need both BIG items - i.e., Dinner for 8 at your house catered by Ravenous Catering. - and smaller items - i.e., that perfect' Christmas gift from your sister-in-law that you can donate.
  •  Rotary Auction dinner tickets are available either at our meetings or online at our club's webpage.  The secret to making lots of money is to get as many folks involved in our auction as possible.  Consider sponsoring or co-sponsoring a table and inviting your friends and neighbors to what promises to be a fun evening.
  • The auction brochure printing deadline is Wednesday, January 8th.  Translated that means we need to have all of our paperwork     like the donation slips turned in before then. That leaves us with only two more Rotary meetings, December 19th and January and, before the deadline.  Items can be turned in later, but the donation slips should be in.
Let me or your Table Captain know if we can be of assistance in problem solving, getting paperwork to you, or in picking items up for you.  We have important work to do!
Yours in Rotary,
Joe St.Jean

It is with great sadness that we note the passing of Rotarian Stan Hoyt, aged 90.  Stan was a longtime Rotarian (36 years) and fixture in the community.  He was a regular attendee despite health issues in his later years.  Stan was well respected in both our club and also in the Wenatchee area.  His memorial is planned for February 1 at Wenatchee Golf & CC.  We wish Bev comfort in this difficult time.
Click HERE for a detailed listing of all recently-deceased members, with service dates and photos.


View a list of ALL past presidents here.
Edward F. Cadman
View a list of ALL past presidents here.
Join Kory Kalahar & John McDarment on the Centennial Committee . Help plan the January 16, 2021 Gala.

SPEAKERS.   Are you thinking of sponsoring a speaker?  Guidelines are posted on our website under the main menu.  Or click here.

End Polio Now/Club 60:      Our goal this year is $7500.  On December 12, Club-60-cup donations totaled  $3.09 bringing our total to $788  or $2364 with the Gates match!   This equates to 3948 lives potentially saved!  A small amount but the club collected $3075 for Salvation Army today at our annual Christmas party!
On World Polio Day, October 24, collections at KPQ totaled. about $700 by our club.  Also, total donations at the Greatest Dinner to End Polio were about $6611 between all clubs represented, plus about $700 in pledges.  Other uncounted donations are made by members through other avenues.
            10.5%        [Goal is $7500 for Rotary year]                
Note:  We continue our 10-year relationship with the Gates Foundation.  Since 2013, they have matched each dollar with $2 toward polio eradication. 
Wenatchee Rotary Officers
President 2019-20:
      Mike Kintner
Pres. Elect: 
     Kory Kalahar
Pres. Nominee:
     Alice Meyer
Pres. Designate:    TBD
     Frank Clifton
     Allan Galbraith
Dawn Davies
Marcia Henkle
Garry Sparks
Claudia DeRobles
Andy Petro
Gary Provo
Michelle Shermer
Dante Gutierrez-Zamora
Jim Brink
The mission of the wenatchee Rotary
Foundation (WRF) is to improve
educational opportunities for citizens
living in the greater Wenatchee area. 
Funding is through immediate and
deferred giving from current and past
club members.  Each club member in good
standing id also a member of WRF.
President, Jay Smith;
VP, Tom Ross
Treasurer, Tyler Mickey;
Secretary, Bill Monnette.
Committee Chairs :
   Scholarship - Joe St. Jean;
  Fundraising - Susan Albert;
   Events - Jill Leonard.
Board Members: 
Paul Pankey, Alice Meyer.
Pres. Elect (ex officio)

TRF Chair: Dan Rodgers
INBOUNDBeatrice Sandrini from Italy near Milan.
(Bay- uh-tree-chay)
509.679.1555    EMAIL
Contact her to join in fun activities thru Don or Heidi Myers, or call her cell, or see her at a meeting. More information will be posted next week.
OUTBOUND - Emily in Finland
Dec 19, 2019
Dec 26, 2019
Jan 02, 2020
Classification Talks
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