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Wenatchee Rotary - August 12, 2021  
Thursday noon (hybrid)
   Volume LXXI - # 07
  HYBRID #18/ZOOM #69 
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   August is Rotary's Membership &
New Club Development  Month   
Attend via ZOOM OR in-person at
Pybus Event Center
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Listing of officers and directors may be viewed on website home page.


Marlys Barrett, beloved wife of dedicated Rotarian Ford Barrett (past president 2005-06), passed away late on July 31.  View her tribute in the Wenatchee World HERE.  A celebration of life is scheduled for Aug. 7 at Pybus.  See last week's Appleseed for more .


Rotary Peace Fellowship           
  with Chris Offer and Michelle Shermer
  (ZOOM #69, Hybrid # 18)  
Chris is Vice Chair of the Rotary Peace Centers committee. He is a Rotary Positive Peace Activator and IEP (Institute for Economics and Peace) Ambassador. He previously served a 3-year term as chair of the Rotary Peace Major Gifts Initiative Committee. The committee’s goal is to raise US$50 million for the Rotary Peace Centers and Rotary’s peace area of focus.

Chris has served on a variety of Rotary committees involved in training, fundraising and membership development. He is a member of the Rotary Club of Ladner in Metro Vancouver, BC.   He served as Governor of District 5040.  Learn more at the meeting about this amazing man.
  ZOOM #68, Hybrid # 17  
WA Apple Commission (WAC)
With Todd Fryhover, president
In-person at WV Museum & Cultural Center
  1. ZOOM videos are only available 2-3 weeks
  2. See YouTube video HERE.
  3. Previous APPLESEED (Aug 05).
Todd has been in the produce industry for more than 40 years, and loves it.  He graduated from Wenatchee HS in 1980 (inducted into the Panther Hall of Fame in 2014), and then U of Idaho.  He is now president of the Washington Apple Commission.  Hailey Key was unable to attend today.

MISSION STATEMENT - It is the mission of the Washington Apple Commission to serve the Washington apple industry by increasing consumer demand through innovative marketing and promotions in international markets.

Todd gave some information and history of the WAC then asked some questions, giving apples as prizes.
  • Formed in 1937
  • Domestic & export promotions until 2003.
  • Today, forward, export promotions only (13 representatives)
  • Funded by members at $0.035/fresh bushel ($4.2M in 2020-21)
  • Three pillars of responsibility-
    • Support industry organizations
    • Defend the logo, copyright protection
    • Maximize international promotional activity
      • for all WA apple growers
      • 1 of 74 participants in Market Access Program (MAP)
  • Red Delicious accounts for 50% of all exports, Gala, 25%
  • Primary Red Delicious markets are Mexico, Canada
  • 2019-20 season (one of worst)
    • WA apples economic impact to state = $8.9B
    • employed 68,405 people
    • experienced negative returns of $575
    • paid $848M in all taxes
    • $2.9B in labor compensation
#1.  Washington's #1 produced variety?  Gala
#2.  Newest variety?  Cosmic Crisp
#3.  How much is organic?  12.7%
Industry Trends
  • Moving away from mainstream varieties, specifically Red Delicious
  • Increased interest in Proprietary Varieties (PVs, can only be grown by WA growers), e.g. Cosmic Crisp, Ambrosia, Pin'ata, weet Tango, Lady Alice.  (See all varieties HERE).
  • Strong movement to high-density planting (for more bins per acre)
    • Traditional orchard, 400-500 trees/acre
    • New plantings 1200-2000 trees/acre
    • Increased cost to plant may exceed $60K/acre
    • example - along White Trail Rd. near Quincy
  • Consolidation of growers
  • Increased venture capital (many packers need a partner)
  • Increasing international competition
  • China=10X US production, 48% of total world production
  • Flat domestic per capita consumption
    • Apples contribute about 50% of profit to grocer's produce dept.
    • New fruits displacing apples
    • COVID has changed packaging (more bags, less bulk displays)
  • WA accounts for 2/3 of total US apple production and...
  • ...90-95% of all US apple exports but ...
  • ...only 3% of total world production, and 1% of exports
  • Top 5 markets = Mexico, Canada, Taiwan, Vietnam, India
Trade.  Industry still impacted by recent tariffs.
WA Apple Crop 2021-22.
  • Unprecedented temperatures in June, July
  • Night time temps above 80for 2 weeks
  • Total crop in 2020-21 is 122M fresh bushels
    • Expectations for 2021-22 = less due to weather
    • Need 30o temp. swing day to night
Watch the video to hear the Q & A.
Contacting Todd:  WAC website   
President  Email:



See previous editions of the Appleseed.
The Hybrid/ZOOM meeting was opened and led by president Alice Meyer, with Thomas Everly, Jill Leonard as ZOOM hosts at the WV Museum/Cultural Center.  Masking was advised due to recent CDC guidance.  Alice provided a light lunch snack for a donation.  PP Mike Kintner led singing of Happy Birthday to Alice (August 2), and included other birthdays this week (Mark Kulaas, 8/3). 


[All announcements are repeated in the Appleseed.]
Guests.      Amy Taulango and friend Brandon Smith
Brandon pictured with Alice (Amy preferred no photo).
Shawn Payne, partner of Meliesa Tigard. (no photo)
Help Wanted.  Meliesa still needs an assistant educator to fill in for her next Thursday, 8/12, from 1 - 3PM at Focal Point Ed. Services.  Contact her HERE.
WHAT'S PETE GONNA DO?  PP Mike Kintner says, "Find out at the Auction kickoff party on August 18, 6 PM at the Hilton Garden Inn".
NEXT WEEK.  Hybrid meeting at Pybus Market Event Center with Rotarian Chris Offer speaking on the Rotary Peace Fellowship. See above.
TEN THINGS ABOUT MIKE.  Surprising details about past-president Mike Kintner were presented on July 29.  See details below, and watch the video HERE .
APPLESAUCE Premiering this week!  See below.
CARIN'S BIG ADVENTURE Carin Smith's Hike with Facebook Friends, September 18.  Details including destination & meeting place will be determined closer to the date depending on weather and conditions (heat, smoke etc).   We will probably meet at 9 am.  Pack a lunch.    If you are interested in going, input on hiking location is welcome!
Farmer's Market Takeover.   Sunrise Rotary is again performing this community service; next event - Saturday Aug. 21.  To join in, contact Alice Meyer, or  Kathleen Mcnalty if you can donate one hour.  It is lots of fun.
Rotary District Training.    Visit the D5060 home page  site and view the "Upcoming Events" panel on the right side of the page.  Click the link to register for any event.
BIKE RIDEJay Smith's leisure bike ride was a a great success.  
Click HERE and/or HERE for the latest COVID-19 local health news.   
Attendance  (Advise secretary if you were not counted).
1 Albert Anderson Riley  
2 Clifton Bossenbrock Rodgers Amy Taulango
3 Everly Campbell Scott Brandon Smith
4 Evey Clemens Smith,C Shawn Payne
5 Galbraith Conner Smith,J   
6 Henkle Cooper Stach Speaker -
7 Kulaas Corcoran Walters Todd Fryhover
8 McNair De Robles Winston  
9 Meyer Dobbs    
10 Michelsen Dudek    
11 Parlette Foster    
12 Rasmussen Jinneman    
13 Reed Kintner    
14 Rose Leonard    
15 Rounds Mickey    
16 Singhose Monette    
17 Sturgeon Nelson    
18 Thornock Peters    
19 Tigard Provo    
  Ten things we didn't know   
about Mike Kintner  
     Watch video HERE .
Mike related these interesting facts:
Clubrunner- My personal bio is there- yours should be too!
a)Morgan Dollars/Peace Dollars
b)Fenton cranberry handpainted vases
c)Doug Miller prints
d)Refrigerator magnets from places we’ve traveled
a)Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln Center
b)Kennedy Center in WA DC
c)Dorothy Chandler Pavillion in LA
d)Frank Lloyd Wright building at U Ariz Tucson
e)Seattle Opera House
f)Portland Opera House
g)Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City.
h)Sung in a gondola in Venice
i)Sung on a dinner bateaux on the Seine in Paris near Notre Dame
j)Sung on a Rhone River cruise boat in Provence
k)Fronted for the Wenatchee Big Band
l)Played in a variety of pit orchestras including:
1)Phantom of the Opera
2)Jesus Christ Superstar
3)The King & I
4)Sound of Music
3)Sing in a quintet known as We Be Men.  We will be debuting a song by the Bellamy Brothers called “Let’s Roll” at the 9/11 ceremony in Cashmere.  This is the 20th anniversary of that terrible event; in attendance that day will be Todd Beamers parents.
4)I have a mistress- whose name is Peeta- and Tammy approves.  Peeta weighs 19 pounds, has two pedals; we’ve put in a little bit more than 12,000 miles together including a 200 mile bike ride from Seattle to Vancouver a few years ago with the one and only Gil Sparks.
5)The smallest independent country by land size I’ve visited is Monaco (unless you count Vatican City).  The largest by land size is Russia.  The smallest alcoholic beverage (by volume) I’ve consumed was in Russia (vodka); the largest alcoholic beverage (by volume) was in Monaco (a Jeraboam of Rose- with PE Alice and several others)
6)My picture was on an AP nationwide wire when I was 11 years old.  What was it about?  I had a pet on my head and another two on my shoulders; my brother was holding two more.  What pets, you ask?  Rats- white rats.  We had 110 of them at the time.  Raised to sell to pet stores.
7)I’ve jumped out of a perfectly good airplane along with my daughter- and both of us thoroughly enjoyed it!  Long story condensed- this was a celebratory act for her victory over childhood leukemia.
8)I enjoy a variety of activities besides biking. 
a)Climbing Mt. Rainier
b)Hiked much of the PCT in WA State
c)Played 62 different golf courses at last count
d)White water rafted rivers in Colorado and Washington
e)Played and coached a regionals-winning men’s tennis team
f)Played and coached a co-ed softball team that won the Denver City League championship
g)I enjoy fishing- biggest fish caught was a 110 pound halibut and a 55 pound salmon
9)Historical novels-  I have a passion for historical novels
a)James Michener
b)Herman Wouk
c)Louie Lamour
d)James Clavell
e)Bernard Cornwell
f)Karen Black
g)William Dietrich
h)Special:  Love love love Dianna Gabaldon- for those Outlander fans who don’t already know- the next installment of the Jamie and Claire Frazier epic is due out in October this year!
i)I typically read 40-50 books a year.
Tammy and I reach our 40th wedding anniversary in about 8 weeks.  After all these years- I’m pretty sure I’ve still got her foole
 Watch video HERE
1.  From "Forgetful in Wenatchee"
Dear Applesauce,  I have trouble remembering the names of everyone in the club.  I am so worried I might slip up.  Help!
Dear 'Forgetful',  Relax.  Given the median age of our members, most of them cannot remember their own names.  But in a pinch, just call the other Rotarian "Tom" or "Sue" , and there's a good chance you'll get it right.  Applesauce must caution you, however, do not forget President Alice's name.  If you call her "Tom" you might find yourself in the greeter line for the remainder of her term!

2.  From "Sleepy in Sunnyslope"
Dear Applesauce,  Is it appropriate to nap during meetings when on Zoom?
Dear 'Sleepy',  Applesauce understands the noise coming from the president can be quite similar to that coming from a white noise machine, and that it can be extremely easy to succumb to his or her constant droning.  Still, try to refrain from dozing in consideration of the program.  On second thought, if Garry Sparks gets away with it in person at Pybus, who is Applesauce to judge?
Click HERE .  Watch for your answer in a future Appleseed.
  Board meetings 2nd Thursday
  4:30 PM, ZOOM.
   Meeting ID:92794079436
Final Centennial Event
September 25, Gala
Convention Center
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Aug 12, 2021
Rotary Peace Fellowship
Aug 19, 2021
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Aug 26, 2021
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