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Wenatchee Rotary - November 04, 2021  
Thursday noon
   Volume LXXI - # 19
  HYBRID #30/ZOOM #81 
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   November is Rotary Foundation  Month   
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JANUARY 29, 2022
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With Heather Hill
Presented by President Alice
    (ZOOM #81, Hybrid # 30)

Heather was born and raised in the Wenatchee Valley.  After 9/11, she and her then boyfriend joined the US Army to answer the call to serve.  She and her now husband were married in December 2001, and “honeymooned” at Fort Jackson, SC in January 2002.  After basic training, Heather attended the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA to train as a Russian linguist, however, a significant foot injury led to her discharge.  Her husband continued in the US Army, and she and her husband eventually moved to their first duty station at Fort Stewart, GA – home of the 3rd Infantry Division.  She and her husband have been through (2) deployments to include the invasion of Iraq.  They eventually ended up in Washington DC where her husband served at White House communications.  Her husband was medically retired in 2012 due to disabilities incurred while serving.   

It was Heather’s experiences as a military wife and witnessing the devastation of war on soldiers that led her to pursue education in counseling.  She has worked at Central Washington Veterans Counseling since 2018.  She assumed ownership in April of 2020.  Central Washington Veterans has contracts with the Federal Veterans Administration as well as the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs to support veterans in our community with their mental health needs.  There are (4) therapists on staff who contribute to supporting our local veterans and their families:  Diane Hansen, LMHC, Cynthia Buckley, LMHC, Marv Hinz, LISCW, and Mike Magnotti, LMHC.      




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The Hybrid/ZOOM meeting was opened and co-chaired by president Alice Meyer on ZOOM, with Jill Leonard in person.   Thomas Everly served as ZOOM host at the Pybus Market Event Center.  Masking was required.   Jill closed the meeting with two trivia questions.
  1. Donations from 51 local citizens opened this private institution in 1939 and two years later became part of the state’s public education?    Answer   
  2. Classes were held on the third floor of this building prior to the donation of the A.Z.Wells home in 1949?   XXXXXX  (at the corner of King and Idaho Streets)


[All announcements are repeated in the Appleseed.]
SAD NEWS  PP Pete Van Well learned at the Sunrise Rotary meeting Tuesday morning that former member John McDarment had suffered strokes serious enough to be airlifted to Seattle.  John was a past president of this club (2003-04), was secretary for many years until 2016, published the Appleseed, the regional membership rosters, and much more.  He is owner of Ridgeline Graphics.  He trained our current secretary, who considers John to be "Mr. Rotary" of the valley.  In 2016 he joined Sunrise Rotary because his son Chris had become a member there.
Sadly, it has been reported that John passed away on Sunday.  Those who knew him may wish to send a card to his devoted wife Betsy,  2115 Sunrise Circle, Wenatchee 98801
Jill Leonard reported that 87 dinners were sold for the MADD fundraiser, and that 10 more are still available frozen.  Contact Pete Van Well HERE.   View Rotary's Polio Newsletter HERE.  
Jill also announced her work with The Women's Service League of NCW.  They seek movers to assist moving sale items items to TTC on November 13 & 14, between 9 - 3.
ALSO.  Jill reported The Women of Rotary Event had 10 women attend from 3 clubs.    It was a great evening to catch up.    This group of women brought a variety of items from the Women's Resource Center wish list.    Just another example of taking care of our community.   Watch for the next get together in early 2022.
Also Jill says "For the auction JANUARY 29, 2022, you can donate by mailing checks to Wenatchee Rotary Foundation Auction, P.O. Box 1723, Wenatchee, WA 98807-1723
Mark checks For the Auction "  More info is coming soon on this topic.
HAITI NEWS Carin Smith announced that our involvement with the HANWASH program continues to make a difference.  She participates in fascinating weekly international meetings on ZOOM and she welcomes any member to join with her in this worthwhile humanitarian endeavor, even if only to sit in on the meetings.  Contact Carin HERE .  
UPCOMING..  All remaining 2021 meetings are Pybus except as noted below.   Weekly text reminders will continue.  
1)  11/11 - Interact work party at Jacobson Preserve  with president Susan Ballinger.
2)  11/11 - Sign up to take a veteran to lunch or dinner.  See Ford Barrett. (No noon meeting)
3)  11/18 - Wenatchee Valley College (lunch snack provided); more later.
AUCTION UPDATE.  PP Mike Kintner says:  "It's GO TIME folks!"  We are under 100 days out, and we need lots more procurement items, especially the big-ticket items for the live auction (e,g. in-home dinners, or frequent-flyer miles). 
Get forms from the offices of Mike or Pete, or download from our website HERE .  Tickets should be available by Next Thursday.  We would also like more team "swag" like Raz's  "IronPigs". 
Also, Mike challenged Pete to eat all 10 remaining dinners for another $1K donation.
Donate by mailing checks to Wenatchee Rotary Foundation Auction, P.O. Box 1723, Wenatchee, WA 98807-1723.   Mark checks For the Auction.
Pete followed with the somber news about PP John McDarment.

YOUTH NEWS.   Susan Albert announced the winners of our first annual high-school peace essay contest.
First Place :  RACHEL CARTER of Cascade Christian Academy, $300.
Second Place :  LOC DUONG of Wenatchee High School., $200.
“All movements start with personal change. Exhibiting peacebuilding in your own behavior - and creating topical discussions around it - is one of the best ways to spread the word,” Carter said in her essay.   Read the full essay here : 
                Rotary Peacebuilding Essay Winner 2021.
The top 3 runners-up will each receive $50. All winners will be invited to attend an ice cream social at a later date at the future site of the Peace Pole Garden at Rotary Park to preview the project and discuss their ideas about growing peace in the community.   The Wenatchee Rotary Peacebuilding Committee thanks all the entrants for their thoughtful, well-written essays discussing how youth can contribute to peacebuilding conversations in our community and look forward to hearing their inspiring voices in the future!
And she spoke about Laurie's message below as well as the planting of native plants on Nov. 11 at Jacobson Preserve near Saddle Rock, 8:30 AM until finished, led by Susan Ballinger and CD Land Trust.  This is the seventh year, and all us are welcome to join them.  Contact Susan for more info here -
Read more about related celebrations HERE.
Laurie Flarity-White : "The Interact Club is participating in the “Be The Light Walk” to combat teen suicide. It is scheduled for November 5th, after school. I will announce the time, place and more details in the Appleseed as soon as I have them. Rotarians are welcomed and encouraged to attend and watch the wonderful Interact Club in action! 26 students in regular attendance currently!"
GUESTS.       In person, Dr, Maria Gussak, guest of Susan Albert, and drop-in Tom Miller, PP of Grandview Rotary.
Cougar Gold Cheese.  (Repeating) Garry Sparks will bring some Gold to sell at the meetings but would be happy to deliver to those not attending.  Contact Garry Sparks (509) 679-5653.  $30 dollars per can. This is the sharp white cheddar in a 30 oz tin.
APPLESAUCE 'Dear Applesauce' has returned.  Scroll way down.
AFGHAN REFUGEE ASSISTANCE.  (Repeating from last week).   
Click HERE and/or HERE for the latest COVID-19 local health news.   
OCTOBER 28, 2021.
With Meghan Rush
Presented by P/E Jill Leonard
    (ZOOM #80, Hybrid # 29)
  1. ZOOM VIDEO HERE (only available 2-3 weeks)
  2. View YouTube video HERE.
  3. Previous APPLESEED (Oct. 28).
     Meghan Rush was given an eloquent if somewhat emotional introduction by her sponsor P/E Jill Leonard, her friend of more than 20 years.   
Meghan Rush is a member of the Only 7 Seconds board.    She is passionate for helping others.

"Only7Seconds is on a mission to end loneliness. We do this by inspiring people to connect intentionally with others and equipping them with our programming and resources. We currently do this by partnering with businesses, equipping individuals and teams to spread hope on the 7th of each month (SHARE Days) and through our pilot program "Connection Curriculum", which is debuting in schools this fall! Learn more at!"
Only7Seconds is a movement for all people. Loneliness does not discriminate and neither do we. We seek to inspire intentional connection with people of all ages, accessibilities, disabilities, ethnicities, races, genders, sexual orientations, cultures, backgrounds, creeds or religions. To end loneliness, every single person must have a sense of belonging and significance. 
According to CIGNA, 61% of Americans were lonely in 2019, and that was before extended bouts of mandatory isolation due to COVID-19. Loneliness is not isolation. Isolation is the physical state of being alone, which can often cause loneliness. Loneliness is perceived social isolation or the subjective feeling of being alone. Said another way, loneliness is the inability to connect in meaningful ways that give us a sense of significance and belonging.
Multiple studies have shown the impact of loneliness on mental and physical health. Loneliness has a direct correlation with depression, anxiety, suicide, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes, and dementia. In fact, studies have discovered that lonely people are more likely to have lower-quality sleep, more immune system dysfunction, more impulsive behavior and impaired judgement.    
Alone. Alone in their struggles. Alone in their thoughts. Alone in their pain. Kristin saw firsthand the devastating effects of loneliness. Anxiety. Depression. Eating disorders. Addiction. Suicide.


In 2018 during a time of suffering, a family member experienced loneliness that led to depression. It occurred to Kristin that we are living in a time with more access to communication, yet there was an alarming increase in loneliness. People scroll through their phone, numbed out and do not stop to intentionally connect. Hearing stories of loneliness, experiencing it firsthand, and recognizing how a simple text could make a difference, was the beginning of Only7Seconds. Timing how quickly a thoughtful text could take, Kristin counted…only 7 seconds! A simple text, smile, handwritten note, a t-shirt, a sign, or a post-it note are ordinary acts that make an extraordinary difference.

Only7Seconds is now growing with an eye towards the future and eradicating loneliness. Our programming is expanding. For example, SHARE Day (the 7th of each month) is a time specifically dedicated to reminding people to reach out, connect, and know THEY MATTER. We are increasing resources and stories. We are creating a curriculum for schools. We are developing more opportunities for partners to share our message. 



Attendance  (Advise secretary if you were not counted).
  ZOOM ZOOM Pybus Guests
1 Andrew Peters, PP Albert Meghan Rush
2 Bossenbrock* Price Anderson*    Speaker
3 Brink Reed Barrett, PP  
4 Campbell Robertson Button, PP Dr. Maria Guzzak
5 Clifton Rounds Everly Tom Miller
6 Conner, PP Russell, PP* Heminger, PP    (Grandview
7 Cooper Scott Iniguez
8 De Robles Smith,C Jinneman*  
9 Dobbs St. Jean Jourdan  
10 Dudek Stach Kintner, PP  
11 Evey Sturgeon Kulaas  
12 Galbraith, PP Williams Leonard  
13 Gillum   McCants  
14 McNair, PP   Provo  
15 Meyer   Rasmussen, PP  
16 Michelsen   Singhose  
17 Monette   Sparks  
18 Nelson   Van Well, PP  

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