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January is Rotary's Vocational Service Month
January is Auction Time!     
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Dr. John Gill
ZOOM #87/Hybrid #36
Sponsored by Marc Heminger
Attend via ZOOM OR in-person at
Pybus Market Event Center
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Dr. John Gill experienced a heart transplant, 4/20/17.  He will reflect on the experience

ABOUT DR. GILL.   Dr. Gill practices Geriatric Medicine in Wenatchee, WA. Geriatricians prevent, manage, and develop care plans that address the special health problems of the elderly.  Dr. Gill works as part of a team with other healthcare providers, to address the natural aging that goes on within the body and to manage multiple medical problems and ensure social support.

Dr. Gill’s career in medicine began in 1972, when he graduated with his Medical Degree from the UW School of Medicine, Seattle.  After medical school, he completed residency at UConn School of Medicine.   Dr. Gill is board certified in Internal Medicine by the American Board of Internal Medicine.   He currently provides care to patients at 820 N Chelan Ave, Wenatchee, WA 98801.   

He was raised in Richland and attended WSU (1964-1968), then Medical school 1968-1972, followed by Internship and residency in internal medicine, Hartford Connecticut (UConn).  Faculty University of Kentucky, Lexington KY Emergency Medicine 1/76-7/78.  Wenatchee, WA Emergency physician with Wenatchee Valley Clinic.  1983 Changed to dept of internal medicine from 1983 – 4/1/15.    Part time hospice physician 10/17 to present.  He has 3 children, 7 grandchildren. 




The meeting was all-virtual (ZOOM) due to inclement weather.
(i.e. record-setting 2 feet of snow).
It was opened and led by president  Alice Meyer, from her Florida holiday.
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NOTE:  All indoor meetings are currently held in venues where face coverings are mandatory.  Please honor the requirements of these establishments by wearing face-coverings properly.

AUCTION UPDATE.   PP dynamic duo Pete Van Well and Mike Kintner gave an encouraging but challenging auction update. They were pleased with the procurement progress with an estimated $80K turned in thus far, but they welcome as many more items as possible.  Pete said "We have lots of amazing stuff, but we can do more."  Mike reported that we have 32 tables sponsored to date, but that we can do more.  He strongly encouraged members to donate gift cards from our favorite businesses. 
Pete has prepared another tasteful assessment of the league standings, titled PLAYOFF FRENZY.  Don't miss it below.  And if you missed his electrifying poem last week titled WENATCHEE ROTARY AT THE BAT, it is a must-read.   
In the category of "What will Pete do?", he continues to surprise us. 
This time, while scoffing at the 2 feet of snow this morning, he seated himself in a patio chair near the fire ring, wearing very little clothing, as wife Carmen snapped these pics,  no doubt wondering about his sanity (again).
WATER FROM WINE.   If you ordered wine from the "Water from Wine" winery in support of the East Wenatchee Rotary/HANWASH project, it will be delivered to Pybus at our Thursday meeting.  And if you cannot attend, notify Carin Smith ( who has agreed to hold it for you.
TRIVIA President Alice closed the meeting with some football trivia, in light of her annual trek to enjoy a college football bowl game: Teams/score in Outback Bowl (Arkansas 24-PSU 10).  She and Time were there to enjoy the game.
Appleseed suggestions or questions?  Contact secretary Frank -  
With procurement items coming in faster than a speed spitter hurled across the plate by Carmen “Rocket Launcher” Bossenbrock, your math-impaired statistician, is having a hard time figuring out who’s on first.
Speaking of first, the race for top dog has tightened up with three teams bringing in more than Twelve Grand each! The big news is as of this writing, Joltin’ Joe and the Jumbo Shrimp are taking backseat to the Kala Czar and his Tacoma Rainiers. A pig roast for 100 people and not one but TWO sets of leather bound Louis Lamour sets made the Mountain men and women kings and queens of the hill with $12,633. Those Powerhouse Prawns are just a game back with $12,404. But Joe and Kory, this ain’t just no boys’ club, because DeRobles, the Destroyer, and her Shining Knights are breathing down you necks, as Charlottesville is set at $12,077 and within striking distance. Claudia landed the grand slam herself with a performance by Los Faraones Del Norte on the roster.
At this point it is anyone’s game, with Leihigh Valley Iron Pigs fourth at $10,969; Reno Aces fifth at $10,262; Sugarland Skeeters next with $7.632; Albuquerque just shy of seven grand; and the Saints right around five grand.
Gift cards for the Balloon Pop (values around $15-$25; think local; and recycle some of those less-than-favorite Christmas gifts – really, Andy Petro, are you going to use that Pottery Barn gift card Santa gave you?) are needed. Silent auction items are still very welcome and will keep advancing your team! And if anyone offers you something BIG (i.e. Paris getaway, Cadillac Seville, lunch with Russell Wilson) we will still accept those items as well.
Finally, Commissioners Mike and Jim, aren’t you thankful that the third commissioner didn’t rub your noses in the dirt by commenting on how his Red Apple (South) Division boasts top two teams and is smoking your collective behinds? He would have to a real jerk to be that petty.
Meliesa Tigard (member, 02/20/20)
View ZOOM recording HERE (available 3 weeks)

The speaker was introduced by her sponsor, Laurie Flarity-White, a friend for many years.  Laurie sponsored Meliesa because of her heart for children and community service.  Meliesa dedicated most her talk to explaining the philosophy and methods of her learning center, Focal Point Educational Services.  Most of her images are shown below.

She tries to make new students feel comfortable by creating a 'kid-friendly' environment.  She gives them a tour, including the "little free library", the refreshment center, the 'comfy-cozy space', the reward center and store (where students earn 'focal points' and can spend them).  She treats learning like a paying job, and sets earning expectations, "because that's how life works".  She tries to make learning fun and interesting, such as allowing them to write on their tables with dry-erase markers, or design-build with magnet blocks.

She explained her beginnings where she learned to turn her worst thing into her best thing.  She explained that her parents were from Wenatchee, but she was raised in Montana, attended Montana U. and a school in Rome, where she was encouraged by a professor to be an entrepreneur, which led her to start her business.  She believes this 'super power' is ours as adults;  it is something which can be passed on to youth.

She went on to explain some of her unique teaching techniques designed to help students with learning or social disabilities. Summarizing, she stated that "Focal Point is an after-school center, where you can make your worst things into your best things".  In this promotional image, Meliesa is shown with her two daughters.


Dear AppleSauce:      You’ve been around the block a few times, any tips are how to bid at the auction?
   -  First Timer
Dear First,    First and foremost, bring several credit cards and be prepared to max each one out (hey, it is “For the Kids” and you can figure out how to send your kids to college at a later date). Second, be aggressive when bidding – don’t let that rich podiatrist at the next table steal those Cha-Cha lessons away from you. Finally, send your significant other to the bar for drinks when you plan to drop $12,000 on that fabulous trip to Palm Dessert (don’t worry, no one will tell)!
Do I have to go to Uncle Murray’s funeral?
      —Left Out of the Will 
Dear Left Out, You should always attend other peoples’ funerals. Otherwise, they may not attend yours.
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