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April 29, 2021     Volume LXX - # 42
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With Dr. Brandon Peters
HYBRID#5 / ZOOM #54.
Thursday noon (at Pybus and on ZOOM)
Sleep 101: Back to Basics
Brandon Peters, M.D., is board-certified in both neurology and sleep medicine and currently practices at Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle. He has worked in sleep medicine since college with extensive clinical and research experiences in the field.
See the MANY important announcements below!
WEEK IN REVIEW -  April 22, 2021 (ZOOM #53) 
Part 1 -  A Homeless Ministry, with Jorge Castañeda & Victor Estrada
ZOOM VIDEO HERE . [password = #38April22homeless ]
  1. ZOOM videos are only available for 2-3 weeks.
  2. Permanent alternate (YouTube) video HERE.
  3. Previous APPLESEED (April 22).
The speaker was introduced by our own Laurel Turner, former director of WRC.  You may have heard of Jorge on FaceBook or from the video produced by television host (and fellow Rotarian) Dominick Bonny.  Jorge goes out to the street in the wee hours, in his own words, “attempting to love on people”, not to serve people or provide for people, but to love on them.  Jorge does this in a most beautiful way bringing with him a comfort food most of us can relate to….hot chocolate, thus he is known on the street as the "hot chocolate guy".
He also brings essentials like socks and hygiene items along with an honest interest in what each person is experiencing.  He was joined by his friend and fellow Outreach specialist, Victor Estrada, of the Women’s Resource Center (who was our speaker in May, 2018).
He shared how this mission began accidentally in Seattle when he learned in his 12-step program there should be some action associated with one's recovery.   It has continued here in Wenatchee and has expanded, with support from citizens who are able to provide some financial support.  His heart has been moved by getting to know folks less fortunate than most of us, and by sharing his love with them.  All of us were moved by his testimony, as we observed another dimension of "Service Above Self".





See previous editions of the Appleseed.
Our 4th HYBRID/ZOOM meeting was opened on April 22 and led by president Kory Kalahar, who welcomed members and guests.  Of 43 members present, 15 were at Pybus.  Thomas Everly again managed the technical controls near-flawlessly.  We were honored to host two special guests:  District 5060 Past Governor (PDG) Peter Schultz, and our current first lady, Robyn DeRock (in the flesh!).


MASKING AT PYBUS.  Reminder from Pybus Events Center - It's so fun to see each other again and we are heading into our fourth meeting as a club. One of the requirements for being there is that we mask up together regardless of being vaccinated. We can have our masks off when we eat or drink, but then they need to go back on shortly thereafter please. We want to encourage the eating and drinking to not linger over the duration of the meeting if at all possible.  However, when speaking at the podium, our speaker may remove their mask. Let's continue to join together in person and follow the guidelines of Pybus to keep us in check. Wenatchee Rotary rocks! 
PEACE in the valley.    Wenatchee Rotary is now an official Peace Builder club thanks to the amazing efforts of our own future president, Michelle Shermer.  Yes, we are the only club shown on the Rotary Peace Map in the in NCW, and there are very few in Pacific NW;  we are now members of the Rotary Action Group for Peace.  Much more later on this topic.
GALA   May 12 TRF Zone 28 Fundraiser  Guest PDG Peter Schultz joined us to encourage attendance at the May 12 Gala.   Make your $100 donation your ticket to the huge fundraising Gala event "Celebrating our Foundation!"  Over 75,000 Rotarians invited from Alaska, all across Canada & northern USA!!  Click on the link above to see a 2.5 minute video promo, or go to the Zone website for all the details and registration.
The Rotary Foundation (TRF) is focused on "Doing Good in the World" but is currently severely under-funded.  Please register, and attend if possible. Cost is $100 minimum donation to TRF (PHF points accrue).  Schedule : 5:00-6:00pm, followed by District TRF Awards event @6:30pm, with Rotary Celebrities and Other Stars.  We are being offered a special meal associated with this (for pickup) by Stones Gastropub.
Click HERE to place an order, at $28 per dinner.
CSTE May 01.   District 5060 annual Club Spring Training Experience, May 01, 9AM - Noon.  All members should try to attend, especially BOD.   Info and registration HERE
World's Best.  We made the final five as best non-profit!   VOTE HERE, once daily, April 21 - May 8! 
You can also vote for Rotary Park and for our own Laurie Flarity-White (as best volunteer, she too made the top 5!).
COVID VAX Volunteering & Protocol.   To assist at TTC vaccine clinic, click HERE, THEN download the application and email directly to Cecilia Wood (Ceci),  Volunteer Coordinator, Confluence Health (  Also on the CH Volunteer page you will see a link for WAserv~  Please be sure to have registered with Washington State Emergency Registry of Volunteers, this is for citizens who are willing and able to help during disasters and significant events.  Please commit to as many shifts as you can.  This is a way to serve others and get vaccinated.   
ONLY 7 SECONDS.   May 7th will be the TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY of  Only 7 Seconds  !!! Our heart is to spread the message of 'Only7Seconds' across the nation!   S.pread H.ope A.nd R.emind E.veryone Daily!!!!!

SHARE Team - This program is put on through Only 7 Seconds and there are 21 local community leaders including Jill Leonard.   Contact Jill to join HER team.   On the 7th of each month the team leader and a group of 7 to 10 team members gather to do something quick and easy to spread hope and impact our community. Hope notes, Christmas caroling, raking leaves etc. 

Little Essentials Pantry. [Laurie Flarity-White]  The Little Essentials Pantry was established in May of 2020. It was the early days of the Pandemic and there was lots of unemployment, we wanted to provide a place for our neighbors and community members to make a quick stop for food and/or other essentials they might need. We envisioned this cart to provide families with just enough to help them get through a day or two, in supplement to the Food Bank and other similar programs. The theme is “Take what you need, leave what you can.” We wanted to grow them throughout the Wenatchee Valley, and now there are 8, with 2 more in the works! We are planning to change our name and join a larger network called the “Little Free Pantry” movement soon.  
Michelle Shermer and I currently have a Facebook group called the “Little Essentials Pantry” on Facebook, we would love you to join us! 
For more information, please feel free to call or text me at 509.662.3359 or email me at
Blood driveWenatchee Confluence Rotary is organizing a Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) blood drive at Pybus Public Market and are challenging other area Rotary clubs to see which group can donate the most blood.  In addition to bragging rights, there is a fun trophy (fresh off the 3-D printer) to the winner!   They are also raffling off $50 Pybus bucks that will go to a random donor that day.   Link to sign up to donate:

WestSide High School Shoe Drive.  - as you know WestSide High School partners with the Bomba sock company with our Homeless Care Kits we give out in the winter. We are promoting a shoe drive in addition throughout this school year to help our homeless have socks and shoes. Please drop off your new and lightly used shoes at WestSide

WestSide High has an annual Spaghetti Feed and Silent Auction, but we missed last year due to the pandemic. We are bringing it back this year though with a slightly modified program. We will be having our 6th Annual Silent Auction and Tamale Sale this year on May 6th. We have two things to ask of you Rotarians to help us out. The first first is need some items to auction off such gift certificates, wine baskets, movie baskets, COVID response kits, picnic items, gift cards, etc. The second is to plan on coming to WestSide to bid on our auction items and buy some tamales. More information on ticket sales and tamale sales coming. 

Pre-Order your Tamales: (1/2 dozen $10, 1 dozen $20) Tacos: ($2 each)
Pre-Order Avery's Army Shirts: (Single color design $10, multicolored design $18)
Avery is an 11-year-old 5th grader at John Newberry Elementary School who was diagnosed with a rare pediatric ovarian cancer; she has had 3 major surgeries, flying across the country, and multiple chemotherapies.  Avery and her family need our help.
  View poster.  
Tom Arnold is a finalist for the local Flywheel Investment Conference event on May 20th and we will be rooting for him.
  • Community Outreach Moment with Joe St. Jean.   Scroll down to "Just So Ya' Know" to see how our funds are helping others.
  • Ten things about a fellow Rotarian - Marc Heminger.  See below.
Click HERE and/or HERE for the latest COVID-19 local health news.   
Ten things we didn't know about Marc Heminger.
   Find the video of Marc's talk at the end of the video of the main speaker.    (Watch it HERE .)
  1. Attended the RI Convention in Mexico City in 1991
  2. Was on Mission Ridge Ski Patrol for 11 years, 1970-1981
  3. Had a successful stem cell transplant April-June, 2019
  4. We like to travel- been to Europe 9 times. Been up the Eiffel Tower, have seen Michelangelo’s David, the Mona Lisa, Venus deMilo
  5. Been to a mass in St. Peters Basilica in Rome (Vatican City)
  6. Was a Congressional Intern in Congressman Foley’s office Spring & Summer 1970
  7. Worked in the Mayor’s office in Seattle my senior year of college writing welcoming remarks and short speeches
  8. Met & shook hands with 2 Soviet Cosmonauts
  9. Grew up on an apple orchard. Thinned, picked, sprayed, mowed. Changed sprinklers every day- 6:30 AM and 6:30 PM. One summer cut down a 10 acre pear orchard with a chain saw. Had Popeye arms at the end of the summer
  10. Married 45 years, 3 kids, 10 grandchildren 
Next victim - Bill Monnette  These members have already told their story :
1. Kory Kalahar
2. Leonard Singhose
3. Jil Leonard
4. Phil Rasmussen (Raz)
5. Laurel Turner
6. Tom Ross
7. Rich Peters
8. Gary Provo
9. Linda Parlette
10. Dawn Davies
11. Gene Anderson
12. Alicia Nakata
13. Dorry Foster
14. Claudia DeRobles
15. Ford Barrett
16. Tom McNair
17. Mark McCants
18. Sean Cooper
19. Russ Speidel
20. Andy Petro
21. Pete Van Well
22. Frank Clifton
23. Sue Rose
24. Judy Conner
25. Allan Galbraith
26. Jim Corcoran
27. Alice Meyer
28. Jim Brink
29. Marc Heminger
30. Bill Monnette?


    Just so ‘ya know…#29
Community Outreach with Joe St. Jean
The Wenatchee Rotary Club is pleased to announce that, through their Community Outreach efforts, local Rotarians will be providing financial and physical support for the following organizations:

1- Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center - summer programs for kids - $1000
2- Boy Scouts - Grand Columbia Council - scholarships for Scout camp - $450
3- YMCA- scholarships for kids in summer programs - $1500
4- North Central Education Foundation - classroom grant program - $1500
5- Stuff-A-Sackpack - support for needy kids at middle/high schools - $3250
6- Monitor Farm Worker Camp - support of food, cleaning supplies, etc. - $3250
The funds were raised at Wenatchee Rotary’s latest “Building Communities”
auction.  The Club’s focus is to use the local funds to support activities in the Greater
Wenatchee Valley that are inline with our broad area goals of housing, education/scholarship, and parks.  Watch for opportunities to support our next
Wenatchee Rotary “For the Kids Auction” scheduled for January 2022!
Yours in Rotary,
Joe St.Jean
Wenatchee Rotary Foundation
Scholarship Chair
       With Dr. Brandon Peters
Sleep 101: Back to Basics
Brandon Peters, M.D., is board-certified in both neurology and sleep medicine and currently practices at Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle. He has worked in sleep medicine since college with extensive clinical and research experiences in the field.
Dr. Peters worked in clinical sleep medicine and was trained as a polysomnographic technician prior to starting medical school. His published research includes study of the sleep habits of university students, circadian rhythm disorders in the blind, abnormal sleep behaviors called parasomnias, and sleep ethics. He was an award-winning journalist in college. His extensive sleep-related writing includes more than 1000 articles on, book chapters, Sleep Through Insomnia, and countless other interviews and article contributions. He is the creator of the online Insomnia Solved program. He lectures internationally on sleep, frequently appears on podcasts, radio programs, and in other media, and works as a business consultant for related industries.
       With Rufus Woods & Eidene Wall
Our current sponsors are those who generously sponsored
our  2020 auction or newly-added this Rotary year.

Main Office:

600 Orondo Ave
Wenatchee WA 98801


Current Sponsorships end July 1 
Currently only new and 2020 Auction
sponsors are listed
We appreciate all of our sponsoring
For complete details, see our web site.
Event 2020
  • Confluence Health
  • Cascade Auto Center
  • Alpine Aire H&C
  • CVCH 
  • JP Portrait Studio
  • Washington Trust Bank
  • Carmen Bossenbrock
   Presenting Sponsor
   Silent Auction
   Heads & Tails
   Photo Booth
   Photo Booth
   Balloon Pop
New Sponsors
Focal Point Educational Services
Date Added
September 2020
SPEAKERS.   Are you thinking of sponsoring a speaker?   Complete the new online info FORM.   Guidelines are posted on our website under the main menu.  Or click here.
End Polio Now:      Our goal this Rotary year is $7500. 
                   Actual=7662 = 121%                                          
Total with Gates* match = $22986 (38K+ lives potentially saved)
RI Annual Fund   Our goal is $4500


* Note:  We continue our 10-year relationship with the Gates Foundation.  Since 2013, they have matched each dollar with $2 toward polio eradication.    
Plan to attend our 100-year celebrations
Virtual Celebration - Spring 2021/TBA
Big Gala! - Wenatchee Convention Center/TBA

NOTE - View some important historical information...
  • copy of the original club charter HERE
  • summary of our first year, with copies of local news stories of the first days HERE.
  • list of ALL past presidents HERE.
  • pictorial list of deceased members HERE.
  • 75th anniversary video HERE.  
  • video of Ed Cadman's year as Rotary International President HERE
  • Appleseed of January 14, 2021    January 28 
Wenatchee Rotary Officers          
President 2020-21:
      Kory Kalahar
Pres. 2021-22:
     Alice Meyer
Pres. 2022-23
     Jill Leonard
Pres. 2023-24:
    Michelle Shermer
Secretary (for life):
     Frank Clifton
Treasurer (for life):
    PP  Allan Galbraith
Term ends 6/30/year shown
'21 -Claudia DeRobles
'21-Andy Petro
'21-Gary Provo
'22-Michelle Shermer
'22-Dante Gutierrez-Zamora
'22-Jim Brink
'23-Marilee Rounds
'23-Thomas Everly
'23-Matthew Michelson
'24-Sean Cooper
'24-Ricardo Iniguez
'24-Tom Ross
The mission of the Wenatchee Rotary 
Foundation (WRF) is to improve
educational opportunities for citizens
living in the greater Wenatchee area. 
Funding is through immediate and
deferred giving from current and past
club members.  Each club member in good
standing is also a member of WRF.
President, Jill Leonard;
VP, Tom Ross
Treasurer, Tyler Mickey;
Secretary, Bill Monnette.
Committee Chairs :
   Scholarship - Joe St. Jean;
  Legacy Society  - Susan Albert;                 
   Events - Mark Kulaas.
Board Members: 
    Shannon Sims, Jay Smith
Pres. Elect (ex officio)

TRF Chair: Dan Rodgers
Attendance  (Advise secretary if you were not counted)
  1 Albert   Henkle   Peters   Singhose*   GUESTS  
  2 Barrett*   Kalahar   Petro   Smith,C Peter Schultz,PDG  
  3 Bossenbrock   Kintner   Price *   St. Jean Robyn DeRock *  
  4 Bridges*   Kulaas   Rasmussen   Stuller Ray Dobbs  
  5 Clifton*   Leonard   Reed *   Sturgeon Leslie Howard *  
  6 Cooper*   McCants   Robertson   Turner * Victor Estrada *  
  7 Corcoran   Michelsen*   Rose *   Van Well*    
  8 Everly*   Monnette   Ross        
  9 Flarity-White   Myers, Don*   Rounds        
  10 Foster   Myers, H*   Russell     SPEAKER  
  11 Gillum   Nelson   Scott     Jorge  
  12 Heminger*   Parlette   Shermer      Castenedas *  
  * at Pybus, 15                
  Board meetings 3rd Thursday
  4:30 PM, ZOOM
   Meeting ID: 972 9929 0991
   Password: 290505
Centennial Events   
Gala - September 25
Other Events TBA  
Apr 29, 2021
Insomnia Solved
May 06, 2021
North Central Education Service District Foundation
May 13, 2021
Wenatchee Rotary Foundation
May 20, 2021
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