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July 23, 2020  - 6 PM
Volume LXX - No 04
July is the first month of the Rotary Year
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Another sad loss for our club.  Long-time member Jim Wade passed away July 12.
Obituary link here. Or read it the World of 7/15/20.  View our pictorial list of recently-deceased members HERE.
During the pandemic, our regular meetings continue online (virtual) using ZOOM technology.  Currently, all meetings are at 6 PM each Thursday.  To participate CLICK HERE.   Any Rotarian or friend of Rotary may attend.  "Waiting Room" enabled.
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    WEEK IN REVIEW -  July 16 (ZOOM #17)      
   Part 1 - Program: Congresswoman Dr. Kim Schrier
Watch the ZOOM video HERE  [password :  #3july16schrier]
(including 10 things about Jill Leonard)
Listen to audio only HERE.
Read about her in the previous APPLESEED.
Our speaker was introduced by President Kory, who met Dr. Schrier when she recently addressed the student body at WestSide high school.  Her initial comment was to Jill Leonard's love of Philipsburg, MT, where her family has been sifting for sapphires (they even brought home some dirt for her son's birthday).
Her current interest is in vaccines, and one of her first actions as the first ever pediatrician in Congress was to partner with the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics to create a bill designed to spread good and reliable  information about vaccines.  Because of COVID-19, it has been a good term to have a physician in Congress, as she has been able to collaborate with other members and with the COVID task force.  She believes we have a rough road ahead in defeating the pandemic, and described some of the government's activities behind the scenes.  She is very concerned about the effects on the economy.  She encouraged us to feel free to contact one of her offices with any concerns.
1.  Kory.  If/when there is a vaccine, how will it be distributed fairly and equitably?  Answer:  Congress provided sufficient funding such that some gambles could be taken by spreading the work to many companies.  Project Warpspeed will then pick the top few best options and invest maximum funding in developing those as they ramp up production for millions of doses - we need to overshoot.  
2.  Carin.  What about "blowback" from efficacy issues?  Answer: Part of the Heroes Act allows the vaccine to be free of cost.  Rollout by stages, i.e. first to get it will be elderly and healthcare providers, preceded by many thousands of tests to evaluate side effects, as sometimes happens.
3.  Holly Thorpe (guest).  Effects of children staying out of school.  Kids need to be in school but it is a complex issue.
4.  Lorien.  What is being done about child care?  She believes more federal investment should be made in this area as well as early childhood education.
5.  Mike.  What is the future of PPP?  She wants to improve it with a direct relationship between the treasury and business rather than creating new loans every 8 weeks.
6.  Judy likes more local relationships with bankers, rather than on a federal level.  The speaker sees value in both approaches, but the first one has more resistance to fraud.
Dr. Schrier would be pleased to return in person at a future meeting.



See previous editions of the Appleseed for other important notes
  • President Kory Kalahar opened the ZOOM meeting to about 24 members and a few guests with Jill Leonard as ZOOM host.  As usual, Raz provided a flag for the pledge.
  • Jim Wade.  Sadly, this long-time member and community pioneer passed away on July 12 at age 93. See above.
  • Carmen announced she has tested negative for COVID-19!
  • Food packaging.  Kory and Carin volunteered last week with the Community Action Council, a worthy service project.
  • Board subjects.  We discussed 100 projects for the centennial; we are Rotarians 24/7.  Report any service projects you do.  Let's be creative while staying safe.  Kory is tracking our projects.
  • Challenge Scholarship Program.  Kory repeated this appeal to support Wenatchee Sunrise RC with their annual 'virtual' run/race to raise scholarship funds for at-risk kids on July 16.  Details and registration HERE.  See appeal from club president Earl Crowe below.  They need participants.  Several WestSide students have benefited from this in the past.
  • Appleseed advertising.  We are restarting with new invoices for ads on the Appleseeds and the website; currently we will only display all auction sponsors.
  • WOULD YOU RATHER?  A new club tradition, expressing member preferences on a current issue.  This week we voted for 3 options to help decide on our ZOOM meeting schedule.  Later there will be a formal survey coming.  See photo below showing some members voting with their hands; results were inconclusive.  The choices were 1) continue as is; 2) revert back to noon;  3) a mix of both.
  • Ten things about Jill Leonard.  See photo gallery below of this new tradition.  Jill continues to keep the bar high.  Next week - RAZ!
  • Next week.  Beta Hatch with Virginia Emery
  • Stupid Stuff Kory has done.  A new (and wildly popular) tradition for closing the meeting.  See latest fiasco below.
Challenge Scholarship Program - Message from Earl Crowe

"We believe that volunteering and providing humanitarian services is the best way to build goodwill and peace locally and globally. Registration fees help support our Challenge Scholarship Program, focusing on at-risk high school students. Our club, while working with school counselors, identify 10th grade students that are at risk of not graduation high school. After the selection process, up to 8 students are paired with mentors (club members) for a two-year period. During the two-year period, club members help keep the students on track to graduate, with the possibility of 2 students being awarded a $10,000 scholarship each to the college or trade school of their choice. 

The Wenatchee Sunrise Rotary Club helps fund a number of local projects such as Rotary Park, and the Second Harvest Food Truck. Our club is also involved with hunger & disaster relief, Polio eradication, international student exchange programs, and numerous community projects."  Earl Crowe, President, Wenatchee Sunrise RC

The meeting of July 16 was arranged and hosted by Jill Leonard on ZOOM.
Attendance:  Kory, Mike, Jill, Judy, Eric, Rich, Carin, Muffy, Raz, Linda, Rich P., Carmen, Ford, Gil, Russ, Sue, Judy, Bill Monnette, Joe, Linda, Ricardo, Rachel, Lorien (+Sagan), Loren, Shannon,  Frank C.
Speaker:  Congresswoman Dr. Kim Schrier
(Please advise Frank if he omitted you)
Kory at home
#3 in a series
Voting on "Would you rather?"
Kory's third stupid anecdote, demonstrating how the minds of young men are slow to develop.  This is his senior picture from high school.

Ten things we didn't know about Jill Leonard

She LOVES Montana, and is staying there now with her family.
She began snowmobiling at age 4 or 5.  It's in her blood.

Her kids are now riding the one she learned on.  She and her brother raced them in high school.

She attended two high schools.
Her grand parents' boat, Floating Island, on which she has traveled extensively.
She and her mom love to stay up late working on jigsaw puzzles.
She and her dad share the same birthday; her older brother shares his birthday with their mom.
She worked as a nanny in the Hamptons (Suffolk County, NY), 1987-1993; still in touch with the family there; loved Montauk.
Also worked in a fish market there.
Met husband Tom when she worked in hotel management.
Grandpa was a Rotarian.
She loves Skagit Valley tulips.  Tom keeps her well-supplied.
She is an entrepreneur. This is her latest thing.
  July 23  -  BETA HATCH      
With Virginia Emery  -  Founder/CEO
In order to meet the $8B protein gap that’s expected by 2025, Beta Hatch is growing mealworms to feed the world’s farmed animals and fish, replacing protein and fat in these diets and producing quality organic fertilizer in a virtually zero waste system. Its proprietary process can use a huge range of inputs, including mycotoxin contaminated feedstocks that would otherwise go to landfill or be diluted in the supply chain. The Beta Hatch technology portfolio includes a combination of genetic technology, diets, processes and equipment and the company is currently building what will be the largest mealworm producing facility for animal feed in North America- right here in Cashmere! 
 July 30  -  HANWASH      
With our own Carin Smith, International Service Chair
Curious to find out what has been happening with our Haiti Hanwash Project? Sherry Chamberlain and Carin Smith will briefly review the project then give details about what is currently happening with the engineering study, Hanwash organizational growth, and our plans for writing a global grant application this fall. Don’t miss it!

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