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June 17, 2021     Volume LXX - # 49
  HYBRID #11 / ZOOM #61 
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This week :    Dr. Paul Gordon   
For almost two years, Dr. Paul Gordon has been leading the Wenatchee School District fearlessly as the superintendent. Who knew that during his first full year on the job, we would be hit with a global pandemic that would change the face of how we do everything, especially educating our young scholars in the school district. Please join him for a discussion of what it takes to lead a school district and account for unforeseen catastrophes that one cannot expect to happen. While in the midst of the pandemic and our switch from remote learning to hybrid learning, he has been diligently working with constituents throughout the community and school district on building out the new strategic plan to guide the district through the next five years. 
WEEK IN REVIEW -  June 10, 2021 (ZOOM #60)  
Part 1 -      SAVING THE FREE PRESS   
With Brier Dudley, Seattle Times writer
[password = #45June10Dudley ]
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The speaker was introduced by PP Tom McNair , who also prepared this excellent summary of Brier's presentation.
Brier brought our attention to the current local and national crisis in journalism.  Since 2004 over 2,000 local newspapers in the U.S. have folded and approximately 38,000 journalism jobs no longer exist.   The free press was created by the founding fathers of our nation because they understood that our experiment in a democratic form of government could not survive without an informed constituency.  According to Dudley, local, independently owned newspapers are the foundation of our democracy because they are our best source of accurate information, which we need in order to make informed decisions.  And, we vote much more frequently on local issues than we do on national issues, such as the presidential elections every four years.
Dudley pointed that the change in ownership of local newspapers started way back in the 60’s when some started going public; the start of consolidation.  Then, around 2000, the internet started to have a negative influence because paid advertising transitioned to the digital format.  He admitted that newspapers, for the most part, were slow to react to the inevitable change to the digital format, and began failing because their only source of income was subscriptions.
Now, Dudley says, newspapers need help from us and from congress to survive.  We can help by subscribing to our local newspaper and by checking out The Seattle Times weekly newsletter on the subject at:  Both steps will help us become more informed.  Congress can help by passing the bipartisan bill from Rep. Dan Newhouse and others to provide a $250 tax credit to newspaper subscribers, tax credits for small businesses who purchase newspaper advertising, and tax credits for news organizations for their journalism employees.  There is also a collective bargaining bill that would allow newspapers, both large and small, to force companies like Google and Facebook to pay for the news information they obtain from newspapers now for free. 



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The ZOOM meeting was opened and led by president Kory Kalahar, who welcomed members and guests, with Jill Leonard and Thomas Everly co-hosting ZOOM.  All announcements are repeated in the Appleseed.  Next week we return to Pybus with another exciting hybrid meeting, Kory's final opportunity to get right.


CONFLUENCE MAGAZINE.  Terry Stuller distributed copies of this publication of the Wenatchee Museum & Cultural Center which highlighted our 100 years of service.  Become a Museum member HERE.  
Terry also handed out our special centennial pins and announced that they will be available to all who attend our in-person events.
NEW-MEMBER INDUCTIONS.  PP Mike Kintner will deliver the charge to 4 new members at the next meeting.
Meeting changes
  • June 17 Noon - ZOOM hybrid, at Pybus.
  • June 24 Noon - 100% ZOOM
  • June 24, 6:30 PM - in person at the Red Lion Grizzly Lounge, when NCW LIFE TV presents a news special on our 100 years at 7 PM;  a watch party and more.   For more info, Click HERE.      
  • July 01 Noon.  New president Alice Meyer will conduct the hybrid meeting at Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center (more later)
As always, text reminders are sent each Thursday morning to all members.
Farmer's Market Takeover.   Sunrise Rotary is again performing this community service; next event - June 19.  To join in, contact Alice Meyer, or  Kathleen Mcnalty .   There may be a pet parade with Firehouse Pets. So bring your pet, even rabbits are welcome.
WRF Bylaws Update  The updated bylaws for the Wenatchee Rotary Foundation are ready for a vote by the entire club.  Jill Leonard has emailed voting instructions to all members.  Voting will close at 11 AM June 17.  Results will be announced at the club's hybrid meeting that day by Jill, or incoming WRF president Tom Ross.   To view the update, CLICK HERE.
Not so Stupid.  President Kory:  " Today’s not so stupid thing that Kory has done leads directly into more stupid things that Kory does. When my friends through me my bachelor party in 2014 prior to marrying Haylee, it was at a beautiful three story AirBNB on San Juan island and we had a great time, but it was the last of our group to get married besides our friend Hoang. We knew Hoang would never marry even though he has a long time girlfriend. We decided right then and there, we would hold an annual bachelor party for Hoang every year until his real bachelor party. So, every year in september one of the friends take on the job of the bachelor and organizes a place to stay and a weekend of debauchery and activities in the name of Hoang. Here is a picture of the 2017 trucker hat we use to commemorate the 3rd annual bachelor party. Fun way to see your friends of 35 years every year no matter what. No one missed the bachelor party!"
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Attendance  (Advise secretary if you were not counted)
Note - Carmen Bossenbrock had difficulty with admittance last week and was omitted. sad
1 Anderson Bossenbrock Ross  
2 Barrett Corcoran Rounds Amy Taulango
3 Bridges Evey Scott Dr. Karen Alman
4 Clifton Galbraith Smith,C  
5 Cooper Gillum St. Jean  
6 Everly Kalahar Tigard SPEAKER
7 Iniguez Kintner Winston Brier Dudley
8 Jinneman McNair    
9 Leonard Mendoza    
10 McCants Mickey    
11 Meyer Monette    
12 Rasmussen Murray    
13 Scanga Nelson    
14 Singhose Parlette    
15 Smith,J  Peters    
16 Stuller Price    
17 Van Well Robertson    
  Ten things we didn't know   
about Thomas Everly  
     Watch video HERE .
Thomas elated these interesting facts:
1. I've been to 30 states and 1 US territory.
2. When I was 19 I flew on a B-17 named Yankee Lady with my dad and grandpa.
3. I've seen the Aricebo telescope
4. I visited NYC before 9/11
5. I enjoy a lot of atmospheric music.  David Wise is one of my favorite composers.
6. As those of you who attend the auctions are aware, I enjoy Frank Sinatra.
7. I was never into comics as a kid.  Sorry Pete.
8. I wrote a 200+ page book for my college capstone.  I recently reread it, It was terrible.
9. I am an only child.  Might explain a few things for some of you.
10.  I met a Redtail at an air show once.  Lt. Col. Alexander Jefferson was his name. 
 Watch video HERE .  Next victim -  PP Mike Kintner
These members have already told their story :
1. Kory Kalahar
2. Leonard Singhose
3. Jil Leonard
4. Phil Rasmussen (Raz)
5. Laurel Turner
6. Tom Ross
7. Rich Peters
8. Gary Provo
9. Linda Parlette
10. Dawn Davies
11. Gene Anderson
12. Alicia Nakata
13. Dorry Foster
14. Claudia DeRobles
15. Ford Barrett
16. Tom McNair
17. Mark McCants
18. Sean Cooper
19. Russ Speidel
20. Andy Petro
21. Pete Van Well
22. Frank Clifton
23. Sue Rose
24. Judy Conner
25. Allan Galbraith
26. Jim Corcoran
27. Alice Meyer
28. Jim Brink
29. Marc Heminger
30. Bill Monnette
31. Loren Stach
32. Britt Dudek
33. Don Myers
34. Eric Nelson
35. Tom Everly
36. Mike Kintner?


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