Volume LXXII (72) - # 11:  September 15, 2022
Notice - Meeting will be at WVC Maguire Conference Center on 5th St. (Mish ee Twie)
Parking is $2 cash or card.   Lunch will be available for $12.
Free parking at National Guard Armory (east lot only permitted).
With Dr. Faviola Barbosa, sponsored by Rachel Evey
Washington Apple Education Foundation (WAEF) provides college scholarships to students from the tree fruit industry. Through the Beyond the Scholarship Program, students are supported with wraparound services to secure degree completion.

Faviola Barbosa worked within the Washington State Community & Technical Colleges system for over 18 years. She serves as the new executive director of the Washington Apple Education Foundation.

Her passion has been to promote higher education to students from an early age. She believes this position is a perfect fit for her and stated, “I am so excited about the opportunity to promote access and support to students from the tree fruit industry pursuing higher education. Furthermore, I look forward to working with such an amazing team and continuing to strengthen the WAEF mission.”


Program Last Week - Cannon Gold Mine with Diane Groody.  
Diane gave a fascinating account of the amazing story of Wenatchee gold mining during the 1980's.  She was one of the 2 Asamera geologists on the original exploration crews that came to the Wenatchee to look for gold in 1981.  She supervised the drilling, sampling, and mapping of the Cannon Mine.  She gave input on ground and grade control plus calculated the reserves and royalty payments at the underground mine at the south end of Miller Street until 1989.  She was the first and only woman mine geologist in the USA at that time.
For more details View ZOOM video.
Noon PT, Thursdays at Pybus Event Center, #3 N. Worthen Avenue, Wenatchee, WA USA 98801 (unless noted otherwise)
Lunch is available for $12.
Join us in-person or on ZOOM.
 Or dial 253-215-8782;  
 enter meeting ID - 484-306-077#
Venue changes will be noted in advance.
See announcements.
Board meetings are 2nd Thursday, 4:30PM,
virtual unless noted. 
Contact us for access,
Sep 15, 2022
Washington Apple Education Foundation (WAEF)

Meeting will be held at WVC Maguire Conference Center in the Mish ee twie buidling.  Enter from 5th Street.   $2 fee for parking.  

Sep 22, 2022
Indigenous Roots and Reparation Foundation
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This week's News and Announcements.
View ATTENDANCE for this and recent meetings
This week - WVC
  • September:15- WVC Maguire Conference Center (Mish ee Twie)
  • October 13, 20 - Wenatchee Valley Museum/Conference Center
GREETERS - Duties and Schedule.  
This week Rachel Evey is joined by Doug Button and Jamie Quinteros.
Board members rotate weekly at regular meetings, along with both seasoned and new members.  Any member is welcome and encouraged to greet at any time.  Schedule will appear in Appleseeds. 
If you can't make it, please get a substitute.
September schedule.
  BOD Seasoned Member New Member Venue
15-Sep-22 Evey Button Quinteros WVC
22-Sep-22 Scanga Campbell Volyn Pybus
29-Sep-22 TBD Conner Blair Pybus
Responsibilities and duties of a Meeting Greeter.  The Greeters' tasks are to make everyone feel welcome, promote the flow of getting people in the door, and reminding members/guests to sign in.   Please stay on duty until 12:15 to catch any late arrivals.   
  • Arrive at 11:45am  
  • Stand by the door and welcome each person entering.   "Welcome to Rotary" is a great phrase
  • Members should be greeted by name (or introduce yourself).   
  • Guests should be greeted, ask if they are a guest or member/speaker.   
  • Direct them to the sign in sheet and remind guests to also give email addresses.
  • Encourage all guests and members to wear name tags
  • Explain the next steps such as purchasing lunch or finding a seat and mingling with other members.    
  • You can introduce them to a nearby member and ask that member to "entertain" the guest.   
IMAGINE ROTARY - New members inducted on 9/8 are Nathan Darling and former member Alfonso Lopez.  
Nathan is a captain with the local Salvation Army post.  Alfonso holds the new position of Director of Hispanic/Latino Relations for Wenatchee schools.
An excellent Rotary Charge was delivered by PP Judy Conner (94-95).  Read Judy's Charge here.
After the meeting, members enjoyed a celebratory cake in Judy's honor, to celebrate her 35 years in Rotary (and as our first female president).

PP Alice Meyer introduced our inbound Rotary Exchange Student ROSARIO and encouraged members to find ways to entertain her with fun activities.
There were many other guests this week.  Click above Attendance link to view.

'Connections are Key'.  
  • Membership Networking Event on September 29 from 5:00-6:30.   Invite community members who are passionate about the environment, are looking for ways to make an impact in the community or want to hang out with like- minded individuals.  Use the QR code.  (Note - it is also P/E Michelle's birthday!)
  • WVC campus Food Truck Knight, Friday, September 23, 4-8 PM.  Volunteers needed to help setup, enjoy, and clean up.  Click here to sign up.
  • Reminder - RI Foundation chair, Secretary Frank, is awarding BONUS matching points for donations made to The Rotary Foundation (TRF) before September 30.  See story and details on our Home Page.  Thanks to those who have taken advantage of the offer thus far, and to those providing the matching points.
Peace Pole Project Donations.   We are still encouraging Rotary Club members, families and friends to donate to the Peace Pole Project. Please see an updated story about the project here.
Print fundraising form HERE.   Complete and mail with a check to: Wenatchee Rotary Foundation, PO Box 1723, Wenatchee WA, 98807-1723.
ENVIRONMENT FILM SERIES.   Kickoff event for the ESRAG Plant-Rich Diet, October 13 at Wenatchee Museum and Cultural Center., 7 PM.  Get info and register here.
CAMP OUT (by Tom Ross).   June 9-11, 2023, Confluence Park.   Reserve now.  See details in previous Appleseed here.
TOPPENISH ROTARY GOLF TOURNAMENT.  Sept. 23.  Contact president Barb Moses if interested.
SERVICE ABOVE SELF.   Want to volunteer for WVC scholarship Review?

Fall quarter at WVC starts in just a few weeks! Here at the WVC Foundation, we’re getting ready to award another $100,000 in scholarships! Your help reading and scoring applications was critical to our successful awards cycle last spring. Are you available to volunteer this fall?  Here are some details:

  • Shorter timeline: Applications will be read September 26 – October 9. This is only a two week window. The scholarship application remains open to students through the first week of classes to ensure that all WVC students have an opportunity to apply. We also want to notify recipients ASAP so that they can use their scholarship for fall quarter.
  • Same number of apps: Based on the number of applications we are expecting to receive, we are estimating that each reviewer will be assigned 20-25 apps. However, this is dependent on the number of reviewers that volunteer. Even if you can only read a few applications, please consider volunteering. Every volunteer makes a difference!
  • Training Provided
Ellora La Shier, Annual Giving & Scholarships Coordinator
509.682.6417  |  elashier@wvc.edu
Secretary Apprentice wanted.  Secretary Frank will train.  It will be fun!  Learn ClubRunner features such as website editing, image library, page creation, help with Appleseed.  Also, prepare to become secretary.
Time investment is your choice, but expect 2-3 hours per week.
APPLESEED FEEDBACK?   Post replies or Appleseed comments and questions here.

Check out the upcoming events for the Club, District 5060, and Rotary International



16 - Youth Exchange Welcome BBQ

21- International Day of Peace

23 - WVC Food Truck Knight

29 - Membership Networking Event


           7 PM at Museum
21 - Peace Pole Dedication
        5 PM, Rotary Park

22 - Make-a-Difference Day

24 - Polio Awareness Day

Board meetings 2nd Thursday
  4:30 PM, ZOOM, with exceptions
   Meeting ID:92794079436

Dear Readers.   Those of you who regularly read this column were no doubt disappointed that it did not appear last week. Dear Applesauce took a break in protest of the unfair fining of our wonderful Judy Connor at the hands of some ambulance chaser who DA will not give the pleasure of naming in this missive. Rumors of DA being absent as a result of excessive partying over the long weekend are entirely unfounded (however, not entirely untrue).

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