Volume LXXI (71) - # 47
May 26, 2022
May is Rotary's Youth Service Month
With President Tom Ross and team
At Pybus Public Market
Attend in-person at Pybus or ZOOM
ZOOM #105, Hybrid #54
 Recurring ZOOM access -
   [Or dial 253-215-8782;  enter meeting ID - 484-306-077#]
Annual Meeting Thursday, May 26, 2022
Pybus Event Center at Noon
The mission of the Wenatchee Rotary Foundation is to improve educational opportunities for those living in the Greater Wenatchee area. Funding for the foundation is through immediate and deferred giving from current and past Wenatchee Rotary Club members. Each club member in good standing is also a member of the Foundation.   READ MORE.
Please plan to attend in person. We will be updating the members on the state of the Foundation, announce our scholarship recipients and vote for three (3) new board members.   Please note: Voting will be in-person only.   
The slate of nominees and their dates of joining the Club:              
Natalie Williams, 10/14/2021
Robert Jourdan, 07/22/2021
Meliesa Tigard, 02/20/2020
Barbara Walters, 09/07/2017 
Mike Kintner, 07/29/1999                             
Each was asked a series of questions about themselves.  Three responded.  View Q & A here:  Five-Questions-5-21-2022-1.pdf (
During the meeting we will have all current Paul Scea Fellows wear a medallion to signify their support of the WRF.  And the WRF Board will be introducing the Charter Legacy Society Members. 
Not a legacy society member? There is still time to be recognized as one the the charter members.  For more information
In addition to a delicious lunch for $10, the WRF will be treating members in attendance to Gelato.  
Come support YOUR WRF on May 26 at Pybus Event Center.  



View ATTENDANCE for recent meetings
FUNERAL FOR JIM McDONALD.  Tomorrow, May 25, 11 AM.  A Resurrection Mass will be held at St. Joseph's Catholic Church, with a celebration to follow in Kuykendall Hall.  In lieu of flowers memorials may be made in Jim's name to Catholic Charities, 145 S. Worthen St., Wenatchee.
INBOUND YOUTH EXCHANGE.  Reminder.  We have an inbound female exchange student from Chile, Rosario Muñoz.  Please reach out to your friends and family that might be interested in assisting Rosario learn a new language and discover another culture.  Contact President Alice for more information about this and other inbound exchange students.
PEACE POLE/GARDEN.  Ken Robertson explained more about the planned project and fund-raiser.  
COMMUNITY OUTREACHJoe St. Jean reported on his committee's recent work awarding grants to community groups.  Scroll down to his Just So ya' Know.
UKRAINIAN REFUGEES.   Alice announced a fund-raiser concert Sunday night organized by Russ Speidel and others, and that the club board voted to donate $3500.
DISTRICT CONFERENCE..   Alice reported on the wonderful conference over the past weekend at the Wenatchee Convention Center and the Wenatchee Museum/Cultural Center.   A few more photos are shown on our website home page here.  Click then scroll down.  There were more that 200 Rotarians and guests present from all over the district, Salmon Arm to Prosser.  Pete Van Well arranged to honor Carmen Bossenbrock on the event stage and also honor her caregiver Alice Nieman with a Paul Harris Fellowship award donated by Susan Albert.
Next year, Leavenworth, May 18-21.
The presentation by Michael Angelo Caruso (our guest last week) dealt with his latest initiative, KINOO .  The program was fun and engaging, just ask Jill!
Kinoo revolutionizes the way kids bond with their loved ones through fun and enriching activities, in a simple video chat platform.
May 25 - Memorial service for Jim McDonald, 11 AM, St. Joseph's
June 10 - Rotary Party at Historic Wells House.  Contact Pete.
June 30 - End of Year, Presidential Roast
MEMBER SURVEY  President-elect Jill Leonard would like for all members to complete her survey regarding the coming Rotary year.  Members - this is your chance to express yourselves!
WOMEN IN ROTARY.    June 8 gathering, 5pm-7:30pm at the Residence Inn 1229 Walla Walla Ave, Wenatchee. 
VISITORS.   Allison Foreman, Arieca Deverey of Watermill Winery; Jamie Quinteros, realtor/broker with Coldwell Banker
BRAGSRich Peters bragged about his new grandson.
    Just so ‘ya know…#31
Community Outreach with Joe St. Jean
 Just so ‘ya know…Community Outreach Grant Awards - 2022
Your Community Outreach Committee recently met to finalize the allocating of our committee funds for this fiscal year. The committee members include Susan Albert, Ray Dobbs, Eric Nelson, and Joe St. Jean.  These funds were from the January 2020 auction.  The proceeds from our January 2022 auction are currently being considered for committee allocation for the upcoming fiscal two years.
Our goals were to award money for community outreach that impact the most people doing the longest-term benefit for the Wenatchee Valley that mesh with our Rotary goals.
   This year the Rotary Club of Wenatchee is proud to have been able to:
1. Join with other area Rotarians in sponsoring “Coyote Corner” at the Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center.  This is part of a District matching grant. – Our club’s contribution $2500
2. Support Chelan County Corrections K9 program by contributing $774.97 for K9 Officer Kait’s drug detection training
3. Contribute $1800 to the North Central Education Foundation’s classroom grants program.  The money will support 6 classrooms in the Wenatchee and Eastmont School Districts.
4.  Support the Alatheia Therapeutic Riding Center.  The money will go towards financial assistance for needy individuals.  Our club awarded $1500
5.  Work with the Wenatchee Museum and Cultural Center in helping underprivileged youth attend summer camp programs.  Wenatchee Rotary contributed $1000
6.  Help the Chelan-Douglas Community Action Council’s Asset Building Program that focuses on financial education for low-income families.   Our club contributed $1000
7.  Assist Wenatchee Valley College Foundation in their Knight’s Kupboard – a WVC student non-perishable food and essentials pantry.  Our club awarded $1250
8.  Award $500 to the Numerica Performing Arts Center for the ‘Every kid in the PAC’ Program.  Specifically, the Apple Awards segment – encouraging young actors and directors.
9.  Provide funding to the Wenatchee Valley Corvette Club for an additional scholarship to a 2nd year Automotive Student at WVC.  Our contribution is $1000
   “Service above Self” is our motto.  The Rotary Club of Wenatchee is a great organization with tons of untapped potential to impact the Wenatchee Valley. When the next “call” comes to help…either physically, mentally, or with financial resources, don’t miss it!
Proud to be a Rotarian,
Joe St. Jean, Chair
Wenatchee Rotary Community Outreach
       With Allison Foreman & Arieca Deverey
       Sponsored by Marc Heminger
    (available for a short time)
     (includes announcements)
The speaker was introduced by friend and colleague, Allison Foreman, who was given a glowing introduction by Marc Heminger.  The Foreman family is affiliated with Watermill.
Allison, a partner with Foreman, Hotchkiss, Bauscher & Zimmerman, PLLC (a multi-service law firm located in the Wenatchee Valley) focuses her practice on business advising, tax, litigation, and estate planning for individuals, families and businesses, and the representation of fiduciaries in estate and trust administration and litigation. She represents a variety of businesses, particularly in the agriculture industry, on issues including entity formation, ongoing operations and management, employee relations, governance, reporting obligations and transactions.  Her photo here was lifted without permission from a web page about her:   Allison Rone Foreman - Wenatchee, WA Attorney |
Arieca Deverey joined Watermill Winery in March 2021 as The "Direct to Consumer" Brand Manager, leading the opening of Watermill's newest tasting room, "Watermill on the Ave." Arieca's passion is to build unique experiences for all guests to showcase Watermill's Estate Wines.   In 2021, she was given the opportunity to design and manage a new tasting room in Wenatchee. It is locate at 118 N. Wenatchee.  She described the excitement and some of the details of the project. 
For the entire fascinating story, watch the ZOOM video, linked above.
Graduate of Central Washington University's exclusive Global Wine Studies program developed as one of the first wine business programs in the world, Arieca Devery has been dedicated to the Direct to Consumer Wine industry for the last 13 years. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family and horses and competing in the AKC with her dogs.
Watermill was founded in 2005 by the Brown family of Milton-Freewater, commercial apple growers who have been farming in the Walla Walla Valley for more than a century. With the planting of their first vineyard on family land in 2001, Anna Marie Vineyard, the Browns pledged to grow only the highest quality fruit using sustainable and wildlife-safe farming practices. 
READ MORE ....   ABOUT – Watermill Winery  
Dear AppleSauce:   Why do you think glue doesn’t stick to the inside of the glue container?
          --  Sticky Fingers

Dear Sticky.    Oh, it sticks! Have you never tried to open the spout of a used tube of Super Glue? Likewise, eggs will stick to a Teflon pan if you run it through the dishwasher enough times. Skip the hassle altogether and buy yourself a stapler then go eat your breakfast at Denny’s. 
Dear Applesauce.  Why is hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia such a long term if it means “a fear of long words”? (This is true – sesquipedalophobis is another term for the same phobia).
   --  Braveheart

Dear Braveheart.   If phycologists do not emotionally torture their patients then who will?
P.S.    The term for DA’s greatest fear: last call!
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Board meetings 2nd Thursday
  4:30 PM, ZOOM, with exceptions
   Meeting ID:92794079436
June 10 - Rotary Party at Historic Wells House.  Contact Pete.
June 30 - End of Year celebration
Listing of officers and directors may be viewed on website home page.
Wish to propose a new member?  Download the form HERE.
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