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Meeting of July 05 2018 - Volume LXVIII - No 01   
July begins the new Rotary year.
Congratulation to Leonard Singhose and his Oregon State University Beavers! 
  • FRIEND-RAISER - 2018
We already heard June 21 about Don's year behind us, and last week we gave Don a big sendoff for his sabbatical. 
So this week is devoted to President Pete Van Well's plans for the coming year and a review of his experience at the Rotary International Convention in Toronto
As a heads-up, Pete may address his Committee Structure
We are back at the Red Lion for the usual noon lunch meeting until further notice.
Greeters & Cashiers. Please try to arrive by 11:30 AM. 
Michelle   Marcia Mark Joel
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The largest, most successful,

Moving & Storage company in North Central

Washington for over 110 years!

Next week -  Parkside Mental Health, w/Dr. Julie Rickard
See other important future program details below.
    WEEK IN REVIEW, 6/28/18 -  Presidential Recognition   
Past President Bill Murray presided for the purpose of recognizing our outgoing president Don Myers, who joins the past-presidents club today (#97).  Incoming president Pete Van Well was away at the RI Convention.  A continuous PowerPoint slide show displayed photos from Rotary and family (Thanks Carmen and Heidi). 
Bill's first action was to call up all members who joined (or are joining) during Don's year.  A group photo appears below.
He then surprised Don by expressing the club's appreciation for helping us expand our vocabularies this year.  He and 2 other past-presidents (Sue and Raz) showed how easy it is to apply Don's famous "Words of the Week" in normal conversation, as they read statements using some of those familiar words, which are displayed below (also displayed in a PowerPoint). 
Bill then reviewed the great efforts of some of our past presidents, while mentioning their presidential numbers, and then presenting them with hats bearing their number, Don being #97.  All those present came forward for a group photo.
A hilarious segment took place when the "ushers" in church robes passed through the crowd taking a "collection" for the PolioPlus "Club 60" initiative.  This method was very effective, raising $117.73, bringing our total for the year far above our $4,000 goal; see "Polio Progress" below.  The ushers then assembled for a group photo while everyone sang a round of "For Don's a Jolly Good Fellow".
At 12:46 PM, Don was presented with his past-president pin and a recognition plaque and declared a "Past President".
Bill then recognized our Exchange student Giorgio Casiroli, returning home to Italy next week, and displayed the mini-banner from Giorgio's home district.  An inspiring statement from incoming president Pete Van Well was read in Pete's absence proclaiming his hopes for the coming year.  Tom Ross then came forward to thank the club for supporting the Wenatchee Rotary Foundation.
Special guest Assistant District Governor Carol Adamson was recognized, who stood to express her appreciation for Don's support and cooperation all during the year.
We were reminded to be sure to attend the FriendRaiser July 14, and bring a friend!  See below.
PP Bill Murray did a great job planning and executing the program!
Don's newbies L-R Chris Goehner, Jon Volyn, Kay Gilbert, Jim Brink, Michelle Price, Tracy Hazen. Bill presented Don framed copies of some his famous words in use.
Don thanks Sue for her very glowing words. Raz had some kind words also. Don displays the club's appreciation plaque.
The Words on display.
Bill presents Don with his presidential hat.
Assistant Governor Carol Adamson declared her appreciation for Don's great support & cooperation this year. THE USHERS WITH COLLECTION BASKETS.  
Thanks to Carmen Bossenbrock for her excellent photographs this week and every week. 
Tom Ross thanks the club for the excellent support of the WRF at last week's annual meeting. On the first meeting of each month she is ready to take member photos for our website profiles or any other purpose... just ask her. RYE student Giorgio returns to Italy this week. He received a standing 'O'.
July 14 Friend-Raiser
Wine & Food Gala, Warm Springs Inn
"Wine Down by the Riverside"
September 20-22 - Zone Event
Zone Conference, Hotel Bonaventure, 
Montreal PQ
October 26 - 28 - District Event
Fall Assembly/AG Training
Lake Chelan - Campbell Resort
January 26, 2019
"Building Communities" AUCTION
We appreciate all of our sponsoring merchants & businesses.
For complete details, see our web site.
  • Alpine Aire H&C
  • CARPET ONE/Inside Design
  • Cashmere Valley Bank
  • CliftonLarsonAllen, CPA
  • Colonial Vista, assisted living
  • Confluence Health
  • Eagle Transfer
  • Edward Jones Investing
  • EXpress Employment Professionals
  • JetPro Carwash
  • Lifeline Ambulance
  • Noyd & Noyd
  • The Paradise Restaurant
  • The Thai Restaurant
  • Humane Society of WV
Don Myers 2017-18 words of the week - 6-28-2018
 Bill Murray says :  Don is a tremendous leader. Don and his myridon (A loyal follower or hired ruffian) rotarians identified a WHS Interact Club need and with ineffable (unexplainable) enthusiasm developed a plan to meet the needs of the students. For example, when the WHS Interact Club decided to build a house as a class project, not having any money for the project, didn't stop Don's myrmidon legion of rotarians. Far from being nugatory (ineffective) and not giving in to spheno palatine gangleoneuralgia (Brain freeze) Don worked with the club and Rotary Board of Directors and resolved to assist the Interact Club with enough money to finish their house.
Wenatchee Rotarians were proud to lend a financial hand to help the students achieve their audacious goal of building a home. Even more heartfelt, was the response of the new home owners, enjoying the petrichor (a pleasant smell) of moving into a brand new home, they helped to build. 
Sue Rose says :  My assignment was to talk about Don’s year using some of his words of the day. The first word in my group is anatidaephobia, a fear of being watched by ducks. The other words were equally obscure, which I believe was Don’s point. He will participate in peregrination this summer as he hikes the Washington segment of the PCT. And we all know that that means to travel from place to place, mainly on foot. Another word was sternutat, another word for sneeze, so, to that I say gesundeit ---  an example of holophrazm, or a one word sentence.
I have a list of my own words for Don:    Humility: Don might not agree, but that is typical of those who possess it. Humility is often brushed off by those who show it, but very , very apparent to those who witness it. 
Goofy: Hey, he showed up to a meeting in a superhero costume! 
Leadership: On this I could go on and on. Not only has he shown himself to be a charismatic leader of our club, he leads his church and congregation, to say nothing about the impact he has had on our youth in his years as Young Life director.
Confident, courageous, funny:   Did I mention he showed up to a meeting dressed as a superhero? 
There is a never ending stream of words to be used when talking about Don. Thank you for your insight, intellect, humor, compassion with which you guided this club this year. Now, sit back and relax, as you turn the reins over to Pete, and rejoice that you are not slubberdegullien, nor suffering from senectitude!   Thank you for a job well done.
Phil Rasmussen (Raz) says :  When you arrive at one of Don’s Rotary meetings, you’d better have completed your pandiculation (the particular sleepy combination of yawning and stretching) at home because you are in for a gathering that will cover ground at teraflop (a unit of computing speed) speed. 
Don always arrives for our meetings with a super-positive attitude.  In fact, Don’s jollification ( lively celebration with others) abilities are unparalleled and will leave you absolutely filled with apricity (the warmth of the sun in winter).  Your cup will indeed runneth over.  I know that our veneration (great respect) of Don will be felt well into our collective senectitudes (elderly years).
Bill Murray also says :  It is tautologous (redundant) to say that Don's leadership style is based on his values of building relationships, friendships and serving others. We see this exemplified in Don's vocational as well as his avocational pursuits. Don's pertinacity (persistent determination) in giving his heart to people and organizations was reflected in his work this year at the Women's Resource Center, where he worked with rotarians, WRC staff, volunteer inmates, and community members. Don showed no ergophobia (fear of work) as he labored in facility construction and garage storage cleanup.
Don is also venerated for his support of Rotary's Polio Plus Program by supporting Pete Van Well's solicitation of jitney (said to be slang for any small coin, especially "a nickel,") from rotarians at rotary club meetings. This year, again, a record number of change was collected, and matched by the Gates Foundation and a Rotary District Grant, all leading to more vaccines available to stamp out polio forever.
At times, as noted by a Rotarian who is a lawyer, Don's slubberdegullien (behave carelessly or negligently) dress code, is occasionally less that traditional. The virtue which this attorney insisted was sophrosyne (an ideal of excellence of character and soundness of mind, which when combined in one well-balanced individual leads to other qualities, such as temperance, moderation, prudence, purity, and self-control).
Don, shukrani (a statement of gratitude, in Swahili) for all you have done for Wenatchee Rotary this past year. And being tautologous again, shukrani, (also, means a formal thank you, in Arabic) for increasing our vocabulary, helping us all become life-long learners, and better Rotarians.  Thank you President Don for your leadership! 
We are excited about our 2018 Friend-Raiser, a fun-filled evening by the river.  Don't miss it!
Get tickets at a meeting, or online .  Volunteer to help ... RSVP
End Polio Now/Club 60 - FINAL Approximate totals collected:
Goal for 2017-18 Rotary year was $4,000, or $12,000 with Gates Foundation 2-for-1 match (20,040 lives saved).  Donations by club members on June 28= $117.73 thus bringing our total (since July 1) to $4434 or $13,302 with the Gates match.  This equates to 22,214 lives saved.   Now we begin again with a new goal.
This entry will appear again as soon as the new goal is set.
Donated by the public on World Polio Day = $2675.
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