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Wenatchee Rotary - November 18, 2021  
Thursday Noon
Face-covering required when meeting in-person.
Volume LXXI - # 21
ZOOM #82/Hybrid #31
Watch here for any changes.
   November is Rotary Foundation  Month   
Attend via ZOOM OR IN-PERSON at
Wenatchee Valley College
(details below)
Special ZOOM access this week only
Join by phone: 253-215-8782 
Meeting ID: 872 7850 3572
JANUARY 29, 2022
To donate, mail checks to Wenatchee Rotary Foundation Auction
P.O. Box 1723, Wenatchee, WA 98807-1723
Program Title: Update from Wenatchee Valley College
Speakers: President Jim Richardson & Foundation Executive Director Rachel Evey
Description: Join us in the Campus Theater at Wenatchee Valley College to hear an update on the latest programs, activities, and student support. Then, we'll get a tour of WVC's newest building, Mish ee twie.
Parking: Park in the Wells House parking lot, which is off of Ninth Street and Nelson Avenue. Scroll down for map.   If members don't park in the Wells House lot, they'll have to pay for parking ($2) or may get ticketed.
Lunch Cost:  Campus caterers will provide 30 boxed lunches & water, so it will be first-come, first-served.  Members can reimburse Rachel at $10 per lunch by cash, check, or Venmo @Rachel-M-Evey
Location: We will meet in the Wells Hall Campus Theater for lunch and a brief presentation, then tour of Mish ee twie (the new building).  Wells Hall connects to the Wells House lot noted on the map with a blue locator.
COVID info: Masks are required indoors on campus. Everyone will need to attest that they do not have COVID symptoms that can't be attributed to something else.  Thursday, complete and bring printout to meeting..... .  If not stand in line at the door to do it on site.
Zoom:   Scroll to top.  Access is different from our normal zoom details.


No meetings was conducted last week on Veteran's Day.
View attendance list HERE for recent meetings.


NOTE:  All indoor meetings are currently held in venues where face coverings are mandatory.  Please honor the requirements of these establishments by wearing face-coverings properly.

 PPs Mike Kintner & Pete Van Well want everyone to know that you will need to busy to keep up with our favorite Rotarian, Carmen Bossenbrock, who has upped her sponsorship donation to $1500.  Thanks Carmen!
Scroll down for the latest standings.
From last week ICYMI.  They discussed the need for lots more procurement items, especially the big-ticket items for the live auction (e,g. in-home dinners, trips, or frequent-flyer miles).   Get forms from the offices of Mike or Pete, or download from our website HERE (Spanish forms coming soon).  Tickets also should be available soon.  They repeated a review of the beneficiaries of the funds raised:
Wenatchee Valley YMCA, Chelan-Douglas CASA, Campfire Camp Zanika, and our own scholarship Fund;  see details on the auction flyer HERE.  See Spanish version HERE.  
Dorry Foster (member and YMCA director) spoke briefly by video expressing her needs and appreciation for our support.
Donate by mailing checks to Wenatchee Rotary Foundation Auction, P.O. Box 1723, Wenatchee, WA 98807-1723.   Mark checks For the Auction.
UPDATE - WestSide HS Mentors. If you missed the training, it is being repeated on ZOOM!  
In our previous meeting, Principal Jennifer Devereaux explained the critical need for mentors to help graduating seniors prepare for college.  The initial training session was Wednesday Nov. 10, at WSHS. Jennifer has expressed appreciation to our Phil Rasmussen and Ken Robertson who attended.
The next session is on ZOOM, 10 AM Wednesday 11/17.  View updated flyer HERE.   Access the ZOOM link HERE.  The first meeting with students will be Wednesday, December 01.
Sackpack signups are now open until December 3rd!! If you would like to “Stuff-a-Sackpack” for a local teen student who is homeless, high-risk or in need visit HERE.  
You can also donate online courtesy of Stuff-a-Sackpack’s fiscal sponsor, the Community Foundation of NCW
Would your business or organization like to partner with us? Email to inquire about a corporate sponsorship.  
Chelsea Lenker, Coordinator 
Wenatchee Valley Stuff-a-Sackpack  (509) 393-2015 
INTERACT NEWS.   This Veteran's Day (11/11) Interact Club members and Rotarians worked together with Susan Ballinger to plant sagebrush plants near the Broadview neighborhood. We were joined by Jeanne Dodds from the Endangered Species Coalition who is going to be doing a piece on the work being done to help endangered species in the area. It great for Interact club members to work together with Rotarians on this meaningful work!  [Submitted by VP Sophia Kinninger]

JIM RUSSELL PODCAST.     "My podcast based on my blog about caring for my daughter, Lynne Russell,  went live on Monday morning, November 15th. You’ll find it on the Alzheimer Authors website. It will also be on most podcast platforms like Apple and Spotify, as well as on the Whole Care Network.  I am grateful for the excellent editing by podcast interviewer, Marianne Sciucco."

JOHN McDARMENT   In memory of Past President John McDarment (2003-2004).   View John's obituary HERE.
Personal condolences may be sent to John's wife Betsy (and the family) at 2115 Sunrise Circle, Wenatchee 98801.  Memorials may be handled according to information given in the obituary.
View pictorial list of deceased members HERE.
Appleseed suggestions or questions?  Submit HERE.
Click HERE and/or HERE for the latest COVID-19 local health news.   
It was an off week for many as we celebrated our Veterans (both Rotarian and non-Rotarian), but the Wenatchee Rotary “For the Kids” Auction teams kept chipping away at our goal to bring in $100,000.00 in goodies for the big event January 29 at the Wenatchee Convention Center.
Collectively, we upped the ante by $2,000 in merch from last week to $38,000. We got some goodies on board like an E-Bike, lots of beautiful and unique artwork, several wonderful experiences, a trip to Palm Desert, a WSU Cougar rug, and dessert of the month from our friends at Wenatchee Sunrise Rotary!
Captain Joltin’ Joe St. Jean and his powerhouse prawns, the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp from the Red Apple (South) Division remain atop of the leaderboard with more than $10,000 in donations.   
Iron Man Iniguez’s Reno Aces in second place are gaining at just under $6,500 in swag, taking the crown this week in the Springwater (North) Division.   That moves Sugarland’s Skeeters into third overall (second in the Division) with $5,500 in auction items. They are led by the “Stinger” herself, Rachel Evey.
Albuquerque’s Isotopes remain atop the Orchard (Central) Division and fourth on the leader board thanks to the command of Striker-Z Zamora.  The Kala Czar’s Rainiers (Red Apple) are in fifth;   Charlotteville’s Knights (Springwater), led by DeRobles  The Destroyer, rank sixth; seventh place is owned by Razzle Dazzle Rasmussen and his Leighigh Valley Iron Pigs (Orchard); eighth goes to Ole Peters and the St. Paul Saints (Red Apple); with Mad Dog Mendoza and his Santa Fe Chihuahuas (Orchard) ready to put the bite on their competition from the ninth seed (never bet against an underdog, and Chihuahuas naturally fit under most other dogs, so watch out for Jessi and crew).
Until next week, keep those bats swinging and get out there and procure items to get us over the plate!  
                Don’t forget to get items to Pete, Mike or your team captain. These folks also have auction procurement slips or you can download the slips in both English and Spanish at

Dear Applesauce:   Explain women. I dare ya!   
                --  Mansplain This
Dear Mansplain,  While chivalry may be on life support, apparently chauvinism is alive and kicking! This question must have been posed by a Rotarian hampered by one of those pesky Y chromosomes (or as it is known in Dear Applesauce’s family, “the idiot gene”). Suffice it to say, today’s woman is sugar and spice and everything nice AS WELL AS snips and snails and puppy dog tails.
In other words, she’s the full package. Now, why don’t you go kill a Brontosaurus and return back to the cave from which you crawled!
Dear Applesauce:    How does Frank find the time to come up with creative answers each week for this new Appleseed feature?
--  Inquiring Minds want to know  
Answer: Frank who???  If you find out who Applesauce is - we will answer your question - but right now, I am "OUT OF TIME"
Take the "Dear Applesauce" dare to submit a question we cannot answer!!  Thanks to those have accepted the challenge.
Click HERE .  Watch for your answer in a future Appleseed.
View official campus map on-line HERE.
  Board meetings 2nd Thursday
  4:30 PM, ZOOM.
   Meeting ID:92794079436
January 29, 2022
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