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May 20, 2021     Volume LXX - # 45
  HYBRID#8 / ZOOM #57  
   May is Rotary's Youth Service Month   
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This week :  Great Photographs of the World  
  With Don Seabrook, Wenatchee World
Wenatchee World Photo Editor Don Seabrook has been documenting our local community for over 38 years. He started at the World after graduating from the University of Washington in 1983. Seabrook is passionate about local photojournalism and has received many international and national awards including Associated Press International Perspective Award for coverage of the Chinese apple market in 2004 and the 2008 Wenatchee North Rotary President's Award for his sports photography of local athletes. He was the National Press Photographer of the Year for northwestern states in 2010 and 2018. His wife Vicki is a social worker and their children live in Salem, Oregon, Colfax, and East Wenatchee.
WEEK IN REVIEW -  May 13, 2021 (ZOOM #56)  
Part 1 -    Wenatchee Rotary Foundation (WRF)   
With President Jill Leonard and her team
ZOOM VIDEO HERE   [password = #41May13WRF ]
  1. ZOOM videos are only available for 2 weeks.
  2. Previous APPLESEED (May 13).
P/E Alice Meyer introduced Jill Leonard, President of the WRF.  Jill explained the purpose, mission, and history of the WRF.    The mission of the Wenatchee Rotary Foundation (WRF) is to improve educational opportunities for residents living in the Greater Wenatchee area. Funding for the WRF is through immediate and deferred giving from current and past Wenatchee Rotary Club members and others in the community.  The Wenatchee Rotary Club is a 501(c)4, Social Organization under Internal Revenue Service rules... Each Club member in good standing is also a member of the Wenatchee Rotary Foundation (WRF), which is an IRS 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization. "   READ MORE  
She mentioned some of the great things accomplished this past year, and those expected to be done in the months ahead.  Jill then introduced the officers/directors, and accepted the treasurer's report from Tyler Mickey.  His summary report appears below as of March 31, but additional donations have accrued since.  Jill described some of the significant community donations made (shown below), and described the WRF Legacy Society.  WRF funds come from member donations, and fundraisers, such as our 2020 auction which raised about $50K.
SCHOLARSHIPS.  Before Joe St. Jean's update, we heard a brief report and thank-you from a former recipient, Veronica Arroyo-Perez , who graduated debt-free last week with a double degree in political science & Spanish.  
Joe reported on the scholarships awarded in 2020 and 2021.   The Scholarship Committee recommends the awarding of scholarships to the following students from the Class of 2021:
Karina Yecenia Batres – WHS graduate ’21 w/3.8 GPA
  • Gonzaga accepted / U of W waiting for acceptance
  • Goal = Something in the STEM fields – astronomer, dentist, or biomedical engineer, or….?
  • Amount awarded $1600
Nicholas Lopez Banuelos – WHS graduate ’21 w/3.5 GPA
  • Goal = Forestry or Agriculture
  • Amount awarded $1600
Dennise Aguilar Cano – WHS graduate ’21 w/4.0 GPA
  • WSU accepted / U of W waiting for acceptance
  • Goal = Accounting w/music minor
  • Amount awarded $1600
Jill also described the Paul Scea Fund, recognizing new first-time fellowship recipients, and also multiple fellowship donors.  The fellowship requires total giving of $500 minimum.  New fellows recognized were: 
Al Bridges,  Bill Monnette, Ken Robertson,  Muffy  Rounds, Frank Clifton
Multiple fellows named:  Carmen Bossenbrock, Bryan Campbell, Judy Conner, Chuck Jinneman, Bill Murray, Don & Heidi Myers, Phil Rasmussen, Terry Stuller. 
Jill thanked 4 outgoing board members :  Jay Smith, Bill Monnette, Joe St. Jean, Alice Meyer.  She then announced those 3 voted in through this close election for new 3-year terms (July 2021-June 2024) :  Dick Reed, Sue Rose, Ken Robertson.  Jill explained that the WRF bylaws update was suspended due to some language issues, and she ended this annual meeting by encouraging continued giving to the WRF in a number of ways.
New board members
WRF financial summary
Dan Rodgers
Joe St. Jean
Alice then introduced Dan Rodgers, club chair for The Rotary Foundation (TRF).  Dan explained the missions and many varied programs and initiatives  of TRF which include youth programs, clean water, peace fellowships, and eradication of polio.  Members who donate a total of $1,000 become Paul Harris Fellows.  Dan encouraged donations and showed how easy it is to donate.  "$100 per year changes lives!" 
Individual TRF giving reports can be accessed at MY ROTARY.



See previous editions of the Appleseed.
The hybrid meeting was opened and led by president-elect Alice Meyer, who welcomed members and guests, with Thomas Everly again at the technical controls.  All announcements are repeated in the Appleseed.


TRF fundraising GALA
Carmen Bossenbrock (our polio hero and this week's sponsor) was able to watch the TRF GALA on May 12, and her video (NCW-LIFE) was featured. 
Unfortunately her planned interview did not happen due to a technical oversight by secretary Frank during the setup process.  He apologizes to Carmen and all of Rotary Zones 28 and 32.  But she did her part, she was primed and ready!
Notice her 3 award plaques behind her, one is from Rotary International as a Polio Pioneer!
WVC Fun Run.   Rachel Evey, WVC Foundation director announced this unique fundraising event supporting the Finish Line Scholarship.  Choose a 5K or 10K, run anytime any place.  This helps students who may fall short of graduation due to unexpected obstacles.  For info and registration, go HERE.
      Tom Arnold is a finalist for the local Flywheel Investment Conference event on May 20th and we will be rooting for him.  He and wife Lorien Clemens founded PetHub.   They would appreciate our vote, and making the a "fan favorite" HERE.
Festival Lunch.    Wednesday - June 9th is the All Service Club Luncheon for Apple Blossom,  12 noon at the Convention Center - tickets are $25 pp or $225 for a table. John Norlin is a gifted speaker who has keynoted for conferences, assemblies, camps, teams, and organizations all over the country. Over the last eighteen years, he has spoken to over 400,000 people, and to 350 individual schools or events captivating all with his engaging personal approach.   Everyone who hears him leaves both inspired and challenged to make a positive difference in their school and place of work.  We hope to purchase at least one table, but you can get individual tickets HERE.  Contact Kory HERE to join our table.
GUESTS.  Grace Van Well and Lauren Scanga.  Dawn Davies introduced her replacement Ms. Taylor Sharp.
Katie Blair
Our former outbound RYE student Katie was featured last week in a Wenatchee World story.  She has been suffering more than a year with COVID-19 complications known as Long-COVID.
Click HERE and/or HERE for the latest COVID-19 local health news.   
Attendance  (Advise secretary if you were not counted)
1 Barrett Michelsen Albert Mickey  
2 Bridges Murray Bossenbrock Monnette Grace VanWell
3 Button Petro Campbell Nelson Lauren Scanga
4 Clifton Reed Corcoran Parlette  
5 Everly Robertson Davies Peters  
6 Heminger Rose De Robles Provo  
7 Henkle Ross Dudek Rodgers  
8 Iniguez Shermer Evey Scott  
9 Jinneman Stuller Gillum Smith,J   
10 Leonard Van Well Kintner St. Jean  
11 Mendoza   Kulaas Stach  
12 Meyer   McNair Sturgeon  
13       Walters  
  Ten things we didn't know 
about Britt Dudek  
     Watch video HERE .
Britt related these facts:
I’m old enough to remember watching Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin land on the moon.  In 1969 I remember the Apollo 11 moon landing and watching it on TV.
  1. I am 1/16 Fond du Lac Chippewa Native American on my mother’s side.
  2. I'm the great grandson of homesteaders that came to Chelan Co. in 1896 on what is now Stevens Pass.
  3. My first year on skis was 1967 at Stevens Pass and I’ve skied every year since. I skied at Mission Ridge for the first time in 1968.  Looking forward to a 2021 Rotary Fellowship on the mountain!!!
  4. I spent over 10 years managing one of our local Do. Co. Soil and Water conservation district and co-authored the Douglas County Multi Species Habitat Conservation plan (ESA Section 10 Incidental Take Permit) with local stakeholders, WDWF, USFWS, and environmental groups that covers 17 local species and is published in the Federal Register.
  5. With help from Past President Pete's nursery family I hold plant patent 19,766 for the Dudek Cameo apple.
  6. I’m a third generation University of Washington graduate in engineering with my oldest daughter Brittany (that did youth exchange to So. Korea) is now the fourth in my family.
  7. I've met Bill Clinton, Dick Cheney and James Mattis.
  8. I served for 12 years as a volunteer on the Douglas County Planning Commission and a few of those as board chairman.  Mr. Kulaas was the director of land use planning at the TLS at the time.
  9. YMCA water babies saved my life. My mother took me as an infant. At about age three I escaped my parents watch and proceeded to jump off the diving board. The training worked and I popped right back to the surface.  
 Watch video HERE .  Next victim -  Don Myers.  These members have already told their story :
1. Kory Kalahar
2. Leonard Singhose
3. Jil Leonard
4. Phil Rasmussen (Raz)
5. Laurel Turner
6. Tom Ross
7. Rich Peters
8. Gary Provo
9. Linda Parlette
10. Dawn Davies
11. Gene Anderson
12. Alicia Nakata
13. Dorry Foster
14. Claudia DeRobles
15. Ford Barrett
16. Tom McNair
17. Mark McCants
18. Sean Cooper
19. Russ Speidel
20. Andy Petro
21. Pete Van Well
22. Frank Clifton
23. Sue Rose
24. Judy Conner
25. Allan Galbraith
26. Jim Corcoran
27. Alice Meyer
28. Jim Brink
29. Marc Heminger
30. Bill Monnette
31. Loren Stach
32. Britt Dudek
33. Don Myers?


Our current sponsors are those who generously sponsored
our  2020 auction or newly-added this Rotary year.
Polio Hero
Watch video interview on NCW Life
about her fight to defeat Polio.
SPEAKERS.   Are you thinking of sponsoring a speaker?   Complete the new online info FORM.   Guidelines are posted on our website under the main menu.  Or click here.
End Polio Now:      Our goal this Rotary year is $7500. 
                   Actual=7662 = 121%                                          
Total with Gates* match = $22986 (38K+ lives potentially saved)
RI Annual Fund   Our goal is $4500


* Note:  We continue our 10-year relationship with the Gates Foundation.  Since 2013, they have matched each dollar with $2 toward polio eradication.    
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