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Wenatchee Rotary - September 09, 2021  
Thursday noon
   Volume LXXI - # 11
  HYBRID #22/ZOOM #73 
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   September is Rotary's Basic Education
and Literacy  Month   
Attend via ZOOM OR in-person at
PYBUS Market Event Center
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JANUARY 29, 2022
Listing of officers and directors may be viewed on website home page.
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 Animal Response Team
    with Michaela Eaves 
Sponsored by Dr. Carin Smith
   (ZOOM #73, Hybrid # 22)
Michaela Eaves serves on the Technical Rescue Team and as Public Information Officer for the Washington State Animal Response Team.  She's been with WASART for over 10 years.  Julie Shipman lives and works in Wenatchee and has been volunteering with WASART since 2014.  She's had the pleasure of volunteering here in Eastern Washington at an emergency companion animal shelter in Brewster and assisted with the Feed After Fire program for Okanogan and Ferry Counties.
The Washington State Animal Response Team (WASART) is an all-volunteer all-donation supported organization that helps companion animals and livestock out of immediate crisis and dangerous situations.  WASART when asked will rescue a horse from a well, assist a dog miles up a trail, set up an emergency animal shelter, and/or an emergency cooling shelter as needed recently.
What We Do - We’ve rescued dogs off of the side of a cliff. We’ve pulled horses out of mud and helped them stand after being cast in their stalls. We’ve helped dogs with burned and cut paws make it back down hiking trails. We’ve pulled cows out of ravines and rounded up pigs.  We also set up and run emergency animal shelters in disasters, like wildfires.  WASART responds to domestic animals in difficult situations. We can be called out by owners, emergency services, and emergency management.



See previous editions of the Appleseed.
The Hybrid/ZOOM meeting was opened and led by president Alice Meyer, with Thomas Everly as ZOOM host at the Pybus Market Event Center.  Masking was advised due to recent CDC guidance. Three new members were welcomed and introduced by their sponsors.  A charge was delivered by Marc Heminger.
Judge Robert Jourdan
sponsored by
Russ Speidel
Kimberly Andrew
sponsored by
Michelle Shermer
Taylor Sharp
sponsored by
Dawn Davies
Marc Heminger 
giving the Charge


[All announcements are repeated in the Appleseed.]
FOOD SERVICEA message from Ford Barrett "Rotarians - We will use the Cafe Columbia catering service for our September meals. We will have a variety of wraps and a salad with water service. All of the utensils will be provided. The cost for the wraps will be $5 and salad $3; both for $7.50.  This is a pretty lean offering so that we can keep our costs under control. I have taken the liberty to order this service for 20. Please come and enjoy the lunch fellowship with your fellow members, and help make this work.    Ford"
 AUCTION UPDATESCo-chairs Pete Van Well & Mike Kintner performed their comedy act/promotion and gave some fun facts about crazy things they might do if we reach $10K in seed money pledges, e.g. Pete might do a polar-bear plunge, and Mike may jump from an airplane (altitude TBA).  They got close to the goal during the meeting!!   Make a pledge HERE.  President Alice may jump too if the pot gets sweet enough.
 IMPORTANT - Scroll down to read "News from Left Field".  For more info, see the AUCTION tab on our home page HERE.
 CARIN'S BIG ADVENTURE 9-18  Carin Smith's Hike with Facebook Friends, September 18.    Join us to hike Devil’s Spur Trail on Saturday, Sept 18th. We will meet in the Lincoln Park parking lot on Mission Street at 9 am; vaccinated folks welcome to rideshare. The trailhead is at a wide paved pullout just past the 10 mile marker on Squilchuck road.   
Please RSVP to Carin 509.699.1593 /  so we know to expect you and can contact you with any last minute changes.   Pack a snack or light lunch.
Not recommended for dogs .  See previous Appleseed for photos and details HERE.

APPLE CENTURY BIKE RIDE REGISTER HERE for September 25th.  Sunrise Rotary 34th annual event begins in Wenatchee continuing to Lake Wenatchee and returning for the full 100 mile experience, or riders can opt to return once arriving in Leavenworth.   Registration fees help support our Challenge Scholarship Program, focusing on at-risk high school students. Our club, while working with school counselors, identify 10th grade students that are at risk of not graduation high school.

NEXT WEEK.  Washington State Animal Response Team.  See above.  The next 2 meetings are hybrid/zoom at Pybus.  Our next meeting at the Museum is 9/23.  Weekly text reminders will continue.
ICE CREAM SOCIALFrom Tom Ross :  "Your Wenatchee Rotary Foundation (WRF) Board is hosting our second annual drive through Ice Cream Social.  This year's event will be on September 15th from 4:30 until 6:00 at the Rotary Park South Shelter.  Like last year, those that want can drive through and shout out a masked hello and will be rewarded with an ice cream treat.  If you wish to stop and visit, join us in the shelter for "Fun in Rotary" aka Fellowship and have your treat with others.  Either way, we hope to see everyone there.  Bring your spouse and family."
CENTENNIAL AWARDPP Marc Heminger presented a well-deserved plaque of appreciation to iPP Kory Kalahar for his long-suffering dedicated efforts as chair of our Centennial Celebration Committee.  He thanked the team, and announced that we still have until January 2022 to complete our 100 projects for 100 years.  We are about 75% there.
PEACE GRANTKen Robertson announced a $5K grant from the Confluence Health Physicians Group via the NCW Community Foundation to be applied to our Peace Committee's Peace Pole Project.  It must be used by August 2022.  Ken gave a cursory description of the monument to be located in Rotary Park.
Cashmere 9/11 Memorial Ceremony.   20th anniversary Spirit of America Remembrance, 11AM - 12:30 PM.   Speakers, David and Peggy Beamer; parents of Todd Beamer lost on United Flight 93.   Riverside Park 201 Riverside Dr., Cashmere.  Reminder - PP Mike and some friends will be singing there.
Guests.     In person, PP Kory Kalahar introduced his replacement Jennifer Devereaux, new principal at WestSide High School.
On ZOOM we welcomed Linda Kaminski of Yakima Rotary again and Natalie Williams.
WVC OPPORTUNITY  Rachel Evey announces that the WVC Foundation is currently seeking to hire a coordinator.
Pass it on. Find details HERE.   
Rotary District Training.    Visit the D5060 home page  site and view the "Upcoming Events" panel on the right side of the page.  Click the link to register for any event.
Click HERE and/or HERE for the latest COVID-19 local health news.   
ZOOM #72, Hybrid # 21;  
 Challenge Scholarships, with David Barshes
  1. ZOOM VIDEO HERE (includes Kory's award)
  2. ZOOM videos are only available 2-3 weeks
  3. Previous APPLESEED (Sep. 02).
Speaker David Barshes received a glowing introduction from his friend and colleague iPP Kory Kalahar, just after Kory was recognized for his work on the Centennial Committee.
The Challenge Scholarship Program was established in 1991 by Marv and Frances Salisbury.  It targets students at highest risk of dropping out of high school by providing Rotarian mentors. A student can earn up to $10K in scholarship funds if they graduate and provides early cash if they meet certain conditions.

The purpose of the Challenge Scholarship is to challenge selected high school sophomore students:

  1. To finish high school on time with their class,
  2. To demonstrate service to the community, and
  3. To enroll in post high school education.

Students, who have challenges in their life that might prevent them from finishing high school and receiving post high school training, are invited to apply for the scholarship when they are sophomores in high school. Their challenges may include: living in poverty, dealing with drug or alcohol issues, being a young parent, having to live on their own at a young age among other things. Their teachers, school counselor or school administrators invite them to apply and as part of the Challenge Scholarship application provide a written recommendation for their student.

As sponsor, Wenatchee Sunrise Rotary provides a scholarship in the form of a cash grant to be applied for two (2) years at any school providing post high school education. This includes community colleges, four year colleges or universities, and vocational/technical training programs.  The total dollar amount provided equals the amount of full tuition at Wenatchee Valley College for two (2) years. The appropriate dollar amount will be paid on behalf of the Challenge Scholar at the beginning of each post high school quarter or semester in proportion to the program schedule based upon three (3) quarters or two (2) semesters each year for two (2) years.  Sponsorship will continue the payments for a period of two years provided that the student has satisfied the conditions of the agreement. In addition, Wenatchee Sunrise agrees to pay 50% of the cost of textbooks on a quarter or semester basis.  These textbook dollars are paid on a receipt/reimbursement basis.

Scholarship dollars equal the amount of full tuition and fees at Wenatchee Valley College for two (2) years and 50% of the cost of textbooks for courses taken during that time. Currently 15 credits with fees costs $1,378.35 plus and textbook costs average $450 a quarter and we reimburse 50% of this cost ($225). That would total an average cost of $1,603.35 per student each quarter for a total average cost per year of $4,810.05 and an overall total of $9,620.10.

SEPTEMBER 02, 2021
Despite Capt. Kory “The Kala Czar” Kalahar’s Tacoma Rainiers (Red (South) Apple Division) winning bragging rights and the prize (hidden inside boxes of Cracker Jacks) for being the first team to bring in official team swag, a sweet, navy blue Rainier’s jacket, it was the Springwater (North) Division that extended its domination of the early season.
The Reno Aces remained fired up with old pro Chuck Jinneman delivering a night’s stay and dinner in Ellensburg along with a sweet portrait by renowned artist Dorothy Dundore, who donated the artwork personally to the auction. Not to be outdone, fellow Ace Judy Conner lofted one over the fences as she literally pushed GM Mike Kintner out of an airplane with her “What’s Pete Gonna Do?” pledge of $1,000. The league broke its impressive goal of $10,000.00 for the promotion with a pledge from Mighty Mike to leap out of an airplane if we hit 10 G’s. Judy was assisted in reaching this astronomical feat by pledges from Tom Ross (Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs), Britt Dudek (Charlotte Knights) and her fellow Ace Matthew Michelsen. The only questions now are does anyone know how to fly a plane and do we give PP Mike a parachute?
The end result is a commanding lead for both the Aces with $7,775 and Springwater with $12,550. Orchard (Central) Division remains in a see-saw battle for second with Red Apple, edging them out of the No. 2 spot, $7,740 to $6,855.
In other action, a great play was made by Susan Albert of the Charlotte Knights who delivered with an assortment of goodies valued at $1,775. Rookie Meleisa Tigard came through for Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs with $725 in auction items. Keep those procurement slips and sponsor forms coming, folks!
Remember more prizes await the next team to deliver official team goods, plus lots of other fun to be had as we make our way to The Show, January 29, at The “For the Kids” Wenatchee Rotary Auction.
Springwater (North) Division           $12,550
                Reno Aces                       $7,775
                Charlotte Knights             $2,625
                Sugarland Skeeters         $2,150
Orchard (Central) Division            $7,740
                Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs   $4,965
                Albuquerque Isotopes  $1,775
                El Paso Chihuahuas         $1,000
Red Apple (South) Division           $6,855
                Jacksonville Jumbo Shr  $4,175
                Tacoma Rainiers               $2,380
                St. Paul Saints              $300
Attendance  (Advise secretary if you were not counted).
  ZOOM Pybus Pybus GUESTS
1 Anderson* Albert Shermer  
2 Bossenbrock Andrew Singhose Linda Kaminski
3 Brink Barrett,PP Smith,J     (Yakima RC)
4 Conner,PP Bridges Speidel  
5 Cooper Button,PP Stuller,PP Jennifer Devereaux
6 Davies Clifton Tigard    (New WSH principal)
7 Dobbs Everly Van Well,PP Natalie Williams
8 Dudek Heminger,PP    
9 Evey Jinneman*    
10 Gellatly Jourdan    
11 Gillum Kalahar,PP    
12 Gutierrez-Zamora Kintner,PP    
13 Henkle Meyer    PP=Past President  
14 McNair,PP Michelsen   * Honorary  
15 Mickey Provo    
16 Nelson Rasmussen,PP    
17 Rodgers Reed    
18 Scanga Riley    
19 Scott Robertson    
20 Sharp Ross    
21 St. Jean Rounds    
Dear Applesauce:    What's up with PP Pete's obsession with Jello?
    - Sleepy in Sunnyslope
Dear Sleepy.   Dear Applesauce has heard through the grapevine that Jell-O was never Triple P’s notion. No, dear readers, Jello-O was an alternative Jill and Mike devised after they put the kibosh on what Pete really wanted to do. Thank heavens for the power of the veto! Who on earth would want to see a grown man wallow around in a kiddie pool of biscuits and gravy?
Dear Applesauce – Thanks for the response to my question regarding ideas to bring down the average age of the membership.  But you really didn’t answer the question!  Can you please expand? 
    -  Curious Cat


Dear Curious Cat (AGAIN):  I have a couple of ideas:  1) We could open up free membership to our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  That would increase our membership and reduce the overall age of our membership at the same time.  2) Go get a beer!  Ask a couple of professional Rotarians to join you.  (The current membership would never say NO to such an opportunity).  Toss a few names around of prospective members.  Then, travel (assuming all members have been appropriately inebriated), pick up the prospective new member; kidnap, and drop him off at a meeting. DONE!  Now, Don’t pass off your opportunity to Applesauce (we are really busy with all the questions being asked) and kidnap a potential new Rotarian.


To see last week's wise answers by Dear Applesauce, visit the Appleseed HERE .
Click HERE .  Watch for your answer in a future Appleseed.
  Board meetings 2nd Thursday
  4:30 PM, ZOOM.
   Meeting ID:92794079436
Final Centennial Event
January 29, 2022
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Washington State Animal Response Team
Sep 16, 2021
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Sep 23, 2021
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Sep 30, 2021
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