Volume LXXI(71) - # 29
January is Rotary's Vocational Service Month
January is Auction Time!     
By clicking the link, you can :
  • Purchase tickets.
  • See the organizations benefiting from the $150K net raised.
  • See all bid items, create a wish list, and
  • Email selection items to your friends. 
Luke Davies
ZOOM #88/Hybrid #37
Arranged by Carin Smith
Attend via ZOOM OR in-person at
Pybus Market Event Center
recurring ZOOM access -
[Or dial 253-215-8782; enter meeting ID - 484-306-077#]
Luke D. Davies, MPH is the Health District Administrator for Chelan-Douglas Health District.  He will be speaking about his work in Haiti post the 2010 earthquake. He will specifically be discussing his work managing hospitals in the Dominican Republic and Haiti as well as his work facilitating a disaster management course for Haitian nationals managing an internally displaced persons camp during Hurricane Thomas and the Cholera outbreak.
Luke grew up in Orondo, WA and graduated from Eastmont High School. Luke’s experience growing up with migrant workers in North Central Washington inspired him to pursue his studies in public health to address and reduce disparities in health. Luke received a Bachelors in Science in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from Seattle Pacific University. He earned a Master’s in Public Health in Leadership, Policy, and Management from the Department of Global Health at the University of Washington. He has over 10 years’ experience providing coordination, program management, and monitoring and evaluation to build the capacity of indigenous and international partner organizations to provide services to underserved communities. His experience includes a wide variety of local and international programs including community development, disaster management, medical education, health systems strengthening, implementation science, violence against children, gender-based violence, maternal and child health, national health surveys and mass vaccinations. He has experience supporting work across countries in the Caribbean, South-East Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa as well as here in Washington State.


The meeting was conducted at Pybus Market Event Center.
It was a virtual (ZOOM) Hybrid session, and
was opened and led by club president, Alice Meyer.
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NOTE:  All indoor meetings are currently held in venues where face coverings are mandatory.  Please honor the requirements of these establishments by wearing face-coverings properly.

AUCTION UPDATE.   "Auction Queen", Jill Leonard gave a brief overview of the auction status, and reviewed the steps necessary to find all relevant information, such as buying tickets, and creating a wish list.  She thanked Carin Smith and Ray Dobbs for their work in uploading all procurement photos.
PP dynamic duo Pete Van Well and Mike Kintner gave an exciting and humorous update. They were pleased with the procurement progress with lots of GREAT stuff, at an estimated $100K turned in thus far, which was the target.   
Additional items will be accepted for the silent auction, but the deadline has passed for inclusion in published materials. 
Dropoff continues   Ticket sales are needed, and a few more $25 gift cards would be valuable, especially for the Balloon-Pop.  Our big sponsor Cascade Auto Center was recognized with a big ovation.
ON TV:    Mike encouraged members to view the recent interview with him and Marriah Thornock on NCW Life Wake Up Wenatchee, about 45 minutes into the show with Dan Kuntz.
Terry Stuller.  Terry was recognized as a Paul Harris Fellow plus 4 , achieved during the 2020-21 Rotary year.
WATER FROM WINE.    A text notice will confirm if the wine orders will be delivered to the next meeting.
(The delivery scheduled for last week was cancelled due to a COVID complication.)
To aid the YMCA get public input, Director Dorry Foster has requested that we each complete a survey on the future of the local YMCA.   Anyone interested can take the survey here:
   YMCA survey   
TRIVIA.   President Alice closed the meeting with some trivia regarding the history of Campfire Camp Zanika, such as :
        what year was the camp built, the Rotary cabin, the lodge?  For answers, see Zanika history page HERE.
Appleseed suggestions or questions?  Contact secretary Frank -  
A glimpse at the standings is all that was allowed this week, but sitting in the top spot was DeRobles, the Destroyer, and her Shining Knights on their way to $13,000 in procurement. Yet, the Jumbo Shrimp, Reno Aces, Tacoma Rainiers and those beautiful swine, the Leighigh Valley Ironpigs were all right in there! It’s gonna be like my girlfriend in fifth grade, a real nail bitter.
Results will not be tabulated and finalized until sometime in February, so the gold cup could go to any of our magnificent teams. Of course, we know the real winners will be the kids of the Wenatchee Valley and surrounding area.
All teams and players did a bang-up job!  On behalf of myself, Magic Mike K, Jill “Auction Queen” Leonard and Jim “The Truck” Brink, thank you to our team captains: Claudia DeRobles (DeRobles, the Destroyer), Charlotte Knights; Rachel Evey (Stinger), Sugarland Skeeters; Phil Rasmussen (Razzle Dazzle Rasmussen), Leighigh Valley Ironpigs; Joe St. Jean (Joltin’ Joe), Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp; Ricardo Iniguez (Iniguez, the Iron Man), Reno Aces; Dante Zamora-Gutierrez (Striker-Z), Albuquerque Isotopes; Jessi Mendoza (Mad Dog Mendoza), Santa Fe Chihuahuas; Rich Peters (Ole), Saint Paul Saints; and Kory Kalahar (The Kala Czar), Tacoma Raniers. You put in so much effort to make this happen! 
Let’s also not forget the other members of our procurement committee: Sue Rose, Leonard Singhose, Leslie Freytag, Tom Ross and Gary Provo. Thank you for all the committee meetings (especially the one where we had a couple different ZOOM sessions taking place simultaneously). It was a real pleasure to work with you.
The entire club delivered! To see what you have accomplished, check out the auction items at and make a wish list. See you at the convention center Jan. 29!
Dr. John Gill, & wife Dianna
View ZOOM recording HERE (available for 2 weeks)
Zoom #87, Hybrid #36.

The speaker was introduced by his sponsor PP Marc Heminger (1991-92), a member since February 01, 1978, sponsored by his dad, PP Ross Heminger (1946-47).

Dr. John Gill experienced a heart transplant, 4/20/17.  He and Dianna told the harrowing story of their experience of coming to terms with the reality that a heart transplant was necessary to save his life, and all the steps preceding the actual surgery, which was performed at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles (by way of Seattle).  This is a short simplified summary of a long complex process.

John confidently declared this to be a story of a miracle, believing that God was orchestrating the process throughout.  He was surprised to discover later that many people believed he was terminal.  Symptoms began in 2012, when friends noticed while skiing that he was more short of breath than in the past.  He discounted these comments, convinced that he was merely in bad physical condition.  Finally, John had to face the fact that he needed a transplant.  But because of the special limitations of his unique blood type, the possibility of a new heart was remote.

 After languishing on the transplant list at UW Hospital for more than 2 years, they accepted the recommendation to get on the list at Cedars Sinai, but they had to temporarily relocate to that area and wait for a heart.  This meant that John was off the UW list, and starting over on the California list.   Relocating was also a long complicated process in itself.  Then it was a waiting game which finally resulted in a very successful transplant.  He felt better immediately. They are very appreciative for all of the prayers.  The donor was a woman. Watch the video for all of the details, and some interesting Q & A HERE .   

ABOUT DR. GILL.  Read his bio in previous Appleseed HERE.   

Dear AppleSauce:     I am getting so excited for the auction; how do I stand the anticipation?
                                        -   Cousin Cranny
Dear Cranny,
Ok? Who told Dear Cranberry Sauce about the Auction? Cannot Dear Applesauce get one night alone without the crazy cat lady? Oh well, Cranny, we shall see you Saturday Jan. 29 at the Convention Center promptly at 5 p.m. Suggestions for all to prepare for the big night: 1) purchase a ticket (duh!); 2) register online through the club’s website; 3) set up your bank card; 4) pre-register for fun and game like Heads & Tails and Corn Hole; 5) peruse the excellent items up for bid; and 6) make your wish list and keep repeating the mantra “Those bedazzled sneakers will be MINE”! (Oh, and if you see a tea cozy on the silent auction table, proceed with caution, Cousin Cranny can be vicious when it comes to tea cozies!)

Dear Applesauce,   Will we see you at the auction? I’ve been trying to figure out your true identity.
                                      -  Detective on Delaware 
Dear Detective,
Dear Applesauce would never miss the Rotary Auction! As for your sleuthing -- good luck with that. In keeping with the Four-Way Test of being “fair to all,” Dear Applesauce’s identity must remain a mystery. However, here is a clue: Keep your eye on the bar for your best opportunity to catch Dear Applesauce.
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  4:30 PM, ZOOM, except December. 
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"Annual meeting",
       3rd Thurs., December
January 29, 2022
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