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April 02, 2020 
  Volume LXIX - No 38  
April is Rotary's  Maternal & Child Health Month
Thanks to Ken Kohnhorst for the updated banner.
Makeup opportunities at area clubs.  (Area 8)
  • KATIE BLAIR (RYE 06-07)
  • CENTENNIAL ....#53

During the COVID-19, pandemic our regular meetings will be online (virtual) using ZOOM technology.  Schedule and access details will be announced asap.  Anyone may attend.  Invite friends. Also, many clubs in our district are doing this for the near future.  A list will soon be published for anyone wishing to visit other clubs' virtual meetings.   Our speakers list has been removed until future plans are known.   Watch for the latest updates in future Appleseeds.  Click HERE For the latest COVID-19 local health news. 

  MARCH 26  - Our first Virtual (On-line) Meeting  
This meeting was conducted via the ZOOM platform 
See previous editions of the Appleseed for other important notes
  • President Mike Kintner opened the ZOOM meeting to about 27 members as listed below, with Jill Leonard as ZOOM host..  Attempting to keep things as near normal routine as possible, Mike led the pledge (Jill provided a US flag replica); then all members waved at each other.  Click here on our Facebook page to see what this looked like if you missed it.
  • District Governor.   Peter Schultz graciously joined the first half of the meeting from his home in Kelowna, BC.  He recommends all Rotarians get their own free Zoom account, and notes that a discounted upgrade is available at Rotary Global Rewards.
  • Meeting schedule.  Over the next few weeks, our meetings will be on Thursday via ZOOM at 6 PM PDT until a better time is agreed on.  A majority of members have expressed fewer conflicts at that time.  Watch for your invitation.
  • Meetings cancelled.  All near-term gatherings have been cancelled or delayed indefinitely until further notice.
  • CSTE News.  DG Peter announced that the Club Spring Training Events will be done via ZOOM and will no-cost; details coming soon.  Paid registration fees will be refunded.  Any member may attend any of the different sessions.
  • COVID-19 News.   Click HERE For the latest COVID-19 health news.
  • Mystery Rotarian.  PP Doug Button (2009-10).  This ends the current competition cycle; the winner will be announced next week. The voting process was conducted by Jill Leonard, using a virtual ballot.  The virtual results were then cleverly displayed.  
  • Green Bag.   The March 14 food distribution report was given by Joe St. Jean.
  • Federal Reserve speaker on April 8 at PybusGil Sparks again promoted this special event and passed a signup sheet. He noted that he is visiting other clubs.   Advance tickets of $20 are available.  All 7 local clubs invited to fill the limited seating of 125.  
  • WestSide High School Spaghetti Feed.  Mike noted this annual event occurs April 9th, a fundraiser for Avery Patton, a 10-year-old 4th grade girl at John Newberry Elementary, who needs financial help due to treatments for a rare cancer.
  • Help needed for Westside HS yearbooksPrincipal Kory is seeking more sponsors to offset rising costs.  Kory also promoted the district conference again (later cancelled).
  • Next week.  Program is likely "Together Wenatchee", sponsored by the ubiquitous Jill Leonard.  We may try to have a ticket raffle.
  • Useless Trivia.   What is meant by the medical term "sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia"?  Answer - Ice Cream Headache or "brain freeze".  
Attendance:  Past presidents Pete, Gil, Doug, Sue, Raz, Ford, Allan;  Others - DG Peter Schultz, Mike, Jill, Alice, Linda, Laurel, Carin, Leslie, Kory, Leonard, Eric, Dave, Loren, Joe, Tom Arnold, Tom Everly, Mark, Britt, Dick, Ken, Frank, Chuck Jinneman.   Also future Rotarian Sagan.
     KATIE BLAIR     
Her Promised Greeting

     Hello to my wonderful Rotary family!  For those who don’t know me, my name is Katie Blair, and I'm the proud daughter of Dale and Kim Blair. In 2005, I founded Interact Club at Wenatchee High School. I was the President of the club, and never missed a Rotary meeting. You graciously accepted me as a Rotary Exchange Student for 2006-2007, where I lived in Nancy, France.

I returned to be the Interact advisor, while Jon Magnus took sabbatical. Since then, my life has been an incredible adventure. I credit Rotary for helping create me into the woman I am today. I am forever in your debt. 

My degree is Global Wine Studies. I have worked at DisneyWorld, a premium winery in Napa Valley, and ran shore excursions in Hawaii. I taught kindergarteners with special needs English in South Korea for 4 years. My journey led me to New York City, where I have been living for the past 2 years. I'm so grateful for my incredible life.  

In early March, I lost my job. It was just as Covid-19 hit New York. The next week, I got a job selling merchandise at Broadway shows, the following day, Broadway closed. I began doing work for the elderly, immune-compromised, or sick. That is, until I caught the Coronavirus myself. I wouldn’t wish this monstrous flu on anyone. It's unlike anything I've experienced before. It has been trying being completely alone, my insurance running out on the 31st, and my finances will never be the same. But, I am hopeful, and optimistic. Life has a way of working out. This too shall pass. Stay healthy. Be well. Be brave. I am thinking of all of you. You are loved.

A note from Sue Rose via secretary Frank:  Katie could probably use some encouragement during this tough time.  Her email address is .
Together Wenatchee is a grassroots response to COVID-19
This meeting will be held via ZOOM; Thursday, 6 PM
   Other programs to be announced soon  
    WEEK IN REVIEW -  MARCH 19     
With no regular meetings of any district clubs today, District Governor Pter Schultz arranged a ZOOM session with leaders of several district clubs who would normally be meeting.  It was a simple session with the goal of getting some hands-on experience using the ZOOM platform.  There were about a dozen in attendance.  Peter gave some practical tips and methods and encouraged all clubs to do this for future meetings during the period of "Social Distancing".  He also recommended that every Rotarian sign up for a free version.  Paid subscriptions are available discounted at Rotary Global Rewards .
President-Elect Kory Kalahar on his PETS Experience
                                                                                 [PETS =President-Elect Training Seminar]
Kory was glowingly introduced by President Mike.  Kory (principal of WestSide High School) first gave a brief mention of our upcoming centennial, then spoke about some of his strategies for his year as president (beginning July 01).  As an example of his planned engagement strategy, he showed a timely Jostens video (from their Harbor series) which has been used at WestSide to engage students.  It speaks of coming together as a community during this current crisis.  Kory explained how Rotary reminds him of this timely subject matter, and how we should not lose hope.  He then asked all present to post a chat about something we are thankful for, as a pop song titled Thank You played in the background.
Kory was appreciative of the many current members who have attended PETS.  Then he used a PowerPoint and spoke briefly of the many great speakers he heard at PETS during meal times, including RI President Holger Knaak, CEO John Hewko, PRIP Rick King, RI Director-Elect (Zone 28) Valerie Wafer, and motivational Rotarian Jordan Harrison, an educator with much in common with Kory (they had much to talk about).  Jordan has agreed to speak here at our Centennial!    Kory enjoyed a full schedule from Thursday night to Sunday AM, and walked us through all of the events and breakout sessions.  In the "Goal-setting" session, he presented our centennial plan for 100 projects for 100 years, and described the concept of "Smarter Goals".  Later there was a session on "Engaging a Vision", followed by a 5060 breakout session, focused on "thinking out of the box".    On Saturday there were sessions on building dynamic leadership and growing vibrant clubs, and a 5060 breakout on Sunday AM.  Overall, the conference was outstanding if a bit overwhelming. 
Bottom Line - it aligns leadership across all clubs.
One of his favorite experiences was some personal fellowship time with a kindred Rotarian also in the educational field.
Board meetings 3rd Thursday
4:30PM, Cadman Room
May 16 (10-3) via Zoom
Club Spring Training Event

Friday January 15, 2021
5-9 PM
Centennial Gala
May 13 - 16, 2021
District Conference, Wenatchee
We appreciate all of our sponsoring merchants & businesses.
For complete details, see our web site.
  • Alpine Aire H&C
  • CARPET ONE/Inside Design
  • Cashmere Valley Bank
  • CliftonLarsonAllen, CPA
  • Colonial Vista, assisted living
  • Confluence Health
  • Eagle Transfer
  • Edward Jones Investing
  • Express Employment Professionals
  • Health Alliance NW
  • JetPro Carwash
  • Lifeline Ambulance
  • Noyd & Noyd
  • Pet Hub, Inc.
  • The Paradise Restaurant
  • The Thai Restaurant
  • WV Humane Society
Plan to attend our 100-year celebration
Friday January 15, 2021
Wenatchee Convention Center
View a list of ALL past presidents here.
1973 - 1974
Wayne B. Zook
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View a list of ALL past presidents HERE.
Join Kory Kalahar & John McDarment on the Centennial Committee . Help plan the Gala to be held Friday January 15, 2021.
SPEAKERS.   Are you thinking of sponsoring a speaker?   Complete the new online info FORM.   Guidelines are posted on our website under the main menu.  Or click here.
End Polio Now/Club 60:      Our goal this year is $7500.  On March 12, Club-60-cup donations totaled   $13.05  bringing our total to $1781  or $5382 with the Gates match!   This equates to 8988 lives potentially saved to date!  Donations are interrupted during the COVID-19 pandemic.
On World Polio Day, October 24, collections at KPQ totaled. about $700 by our club.  Also, total donations at the Greatest Dinner to End Polio were about $6611 between all clubs represented, plus about $700 in pledges.  Other uncounted donations are made by members through other avenues.
                     24%     [Goal is $7500 for Rotary year]           
Note:  We continue our 10-year relationship with the Gates Foundation.  Since 2013, they have matched each dollar with $2 toward polio eradication. 
Wenatchee Rotary Officers
President 2019-20:
      Mike Kintner
Pres. Elect: 
     Kory Kalahar
Pres. Nominee:
     Alice Meyer
Pres. Designate:    TBD
     Frank Clifton
     Allan Galbraith
Dawn Davies
Marcia Henkle
Garry Sparks
Claudia DeRobles
Andy Petro
Gary Provo
Michelle Shermer
Dante Gutierrez-Zamora
Jim Brink
The mission of the wenatchee Rotary
Foundation (WRF) is to improve
educational opportunities for citizens
living in the greater Wenatchee area. 
Funding is through immediate and
deferred giving from current and past
club members.  Each club member in good
standing id also a member of WRF.
President, Jay Smith;
VP, Tom Ross
Treasurer, Tyler Mickey;
Secretary, Bill Monnette.
Committee Chairs :
   Scholarship - Joe St. Jean;
  Fundraising - Susan Albert;
   Events - Jill Leonard.
Board Members: 
Paul Pankey, Alice Meyer.
Pres. Elect (ex officio)

TRF Chair: Dan Rodgers
INBOUNDBeatrice Sandrini from Italy near Milan.
(Bay- uh-tree-chay)
Contact her to join in fun activities thru Andy Petro (509.885.8825), or see her at a meeting.
OUTBOUND - Emily in Finland
Russell Hampton
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