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Wenatchee Rotary - September 23, 2021  
Thursday noon
   Volume LXXI - # 12
  HYBRID #24/ZOOM #75 
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   September is Rotary's Basic Education
and Literacy  Month   
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JANUARY 29, 2022
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With Elisa Lopez      (ZOOM #75, Hybrid # 24)
Elisa Lopez’s passion for the outdoors started at a young age, collecting lady bugs on Stemilt Hill in Wenatchee. In the past few years, Elisa has been learning about the plants, animals, land, and waters in NCW and looks forward to a lifetime of learning our home. In 2017, she earned a bachelor of science in Zoology from WSU and has been working to connect people to the outdoors since. 
From 2009 to 2013, Environment for the Americas worked with partners across the U.S. to examine ways to improve Latino visitation to natural areas and participation in science and outdoor experiences. Team Naturaleza in Washington’s Wenatchee River Valley is a result of outreach in that area. With the support from multiple agencies, including U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and other non-governmental agencies, the community works together to introduce youth and adults to the Valley’s natural resources.
Team Naturaleza invited the Latinx/Hispanic community to outdoor recreation events such as birding at the Horan Natural Area or hiking up Ski Hill. Staff provide bilingual environmental education for all ages so people can learn about nature in the language they need. Our goal is to increase our participant’s knowledge about the trail systems so they can return to the sites independently.  See also the local Facebook page.



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The Hybrid/ZOOM meeting was opened and led by president Alice Meyer, with Thomas Everly as ZOOM host at the Pybus Market Event Center.  Masking was advised due to recent CDC guidance. 


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FOOD SERVICE.  President Alice will provide a lunch snack for a donation at the Museum.

APPLE CENTURY BIKE RIDE REGISTER HERE for September 25th.  Sunrise Rotary 34th annual event begins in Wenatchee continuing to Lake Wenatchee and returning for the full 100 mile experience, or riders can opt to return once arriving in Leavenworth.   Registration fees help support our Challenge Scholarship Program, focusing on at-risk high school students. Our club, while working with school counselors, identify 10th grade students that are at risk of not graduation high school.  See last week's Appleseed for more on the program.


NEXT WEEK.  Carin Smith presents Team Naturaleza, with Elisa Lopez, a hybrid/ZOOM at WV Museum and Cultural Center.  See above.  Weekly text reminders will continue.  On October 7, we meet at Wenatchee Valley College; more later.
PEACE ESSAY CONTEST.  See home page (
GUESTS.       On ZOOM we welcomed Linda Kaminski of Yakima Rotary again.  She is beginning to seem like part of us.
WVC OPPORTUNITY  Rachel Evey announces that the WVC Foundation is currently seeking to hire a coordinator.
Pass it on. Find details HERE.   
PLAQUE.  The Sargent-at-Arms Team (led by Dick Reed) continues doing excellent unheralded setup work for our meetings.  Now they have arranged to post a plaque at Pybus showing when we meet there.
TRIVIA .  President Alice again closed the meeting with some baseball trivia, in keeping with our auction theme.  Ken Griffey Jr. and Sr. hit back-to-back home runs for Mariners On Sept. 14, 1990, Ken Griffey Jr. and Ken Griffey Sr. made history when they became the first father-son duo to hit back-to-back home runs in a game against the California Angels. 
APPLESAUCE On vacation.
Rotary District Training.    Visit the D5060 home page  site and view the "Upcoming Events" panel on the right side of the page.  Click the link to register for any event.
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SEPTEMBER 16, 2021
ZOOM #74, Hybrid # 23;  AUCTION UPDATE
With PP Mike & Pete
Plus unexpected presentations by
two members : Gary Provo and Michelle Shermer
  1. ZOOM VIDEO HERE (only available 2-3 weeks)
  2. All speakers are on the video - don't miss it!
  3. Previous APPLESEED (Sep. 16).
PP Mike gave an overview of some of the details of the auction preparations, especially urging everyone to save the date of January 29, and plan to attend.
Three-part procurement slips should be completely filled out.  Turn in the white copy to Pete, Jill or Mike, give the pink copy to the donor.  The yellow copy stays with the item, which can be stored according to instructions from Mike.  Jill assigns the item ID number.  If downloading the forms, print 2 copies, one for the donor.  Sponsors are still being sought.  Table sponsorships cost $600.
Event tickets will be available in November at $75 per person.  If COVID prevents a gathering, preparations are considering an on-line event.
Mike then recognized PP Pete, dressed as the "Cool Aid Man" on the beach at Westport, where the weather was COLD!  This was to be the first event that Pete would do as the seed money pledges reached the minimum threshold.  Amazingly the goal was exceeded raising $11,350,  The members cheered as Pete took the 'Polar Bear Plunge'.  What will Pete do next!?  Stay tuned.

Gary Provo gave some background on himself and wife Jane, beginning when they arrived in Wenatchee in 2013.  Recently distracted by personal matters, he promised to become more active as soon as he steps down (in January) from leadership in another organization which has helped him.  He is honored to be part of this great Rotary club.  (Watch the video)

Michelle Shermer also spoke about her current life in and out of Rotary, showing some family photos as well as a video related to her involvement with the international "ONE Campaign".  She raised 5 kids, including one set of twins, and has just recently become a grandma.  In recent weeks, one son was married, and one had a new baby in New York.  Thus she and husband Ken travel there next week (after a brief stop in Dublin, Ireland,  to visit their daughter and her fiancee, and perhaps see her favorite band, U2, which the club may be greatly exposed to during her year as president, 2023-24).  She also encouraged the members to continue supporting the Migrant Camp Outreach.   This lady is a force of nature!.   Watch the video.
She also addressed:
  •  THE ONE CAMPAIGN, with which she has been heavily involved for many years.
  •  A video showing COVID impacts on The ONE Campaign
  •  A petition in support of expanding COVID vaccines to deprived regions
  •  Her Peace committee which she recently formed & chairs
    •  Her plans for a Peace-Building Essay Contest in local high schools (starting on World Peace Day 9/21, ending on Polio Day)
    •  Complements to Pres. Alice for arranging for $500 in prize money
    •  Peace Poles in Rotary Park
  •  She hopes to find time someday to watch the Seahawks!
Michelle's images -
The Shermer wedding
The new Shermer baby
Where daughter is
The party in Dublin
The ONE Campaign
The ONE petition
The new D5060 committee
Attendance  (Advise secretary if you were not counted).
  ZOOM ZOOM Pybus Pybus
1 Bossenbrock Nelson Albert Heminger, PP
2 Campbell Parlette Anderson* Jinneman*
3 Cooper Peters,PP Andrew Kintner, PP
4 Corcoran,PP Provo Barrett, PP Kulaas
5 De Robles Rodgers Bridges McCants
6 Dudek Scott Brink Meyer
7 Gillum Smith,C Button, PP Monette
8 Jourdan Smith,J  Clifton Myers, H
9 Kalahar,PP Sparks Everly Rasmussen, PP
10 Mendoza St. Jean Evey Reed
11 Mickey Van Well,PP Galbraith, PP Robertson
12       Rose,PP
13 GUESTS *Honorary   Ross
14 Linda Kaminski PP=Past Pres.   Shermer
15 Yakima      
  Board meetings 2nd Thursday
  4:30 PM, ZOOM.
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