Wenatchee Rotary  - Noon Thursdays at Red Lion  
       May 30,  2019          
                  Volume LXVIII - No 48                
   May is Rotary Youth Service Month    
Makeup opportunities at area clubs.  (Area 9)
   Important needs and opportunities within our club today :   
  • The club is urgently seeking host families for incoming Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) student Beatrice arriving in August from Milan, Italy.  Volunteer for short term or long term.  See Andy Petro.
  • Signup to volunteer for work at the Gorge Amphitheatre and help raise much-needed funds for Wenatchee Rotary.  On our Home Page, click the "Gorge" tab or here.
Please try to arrive by 11:30 AM. 
Future schedule tentative because new members are asked to greet. But all members are always welcome to greet.
If unable to attend, please greet at your next meeting.
  Stan Alicia Tyler Charlie
Date Future Weeks Looking Ahead
6/06 Noyd Nelson, E Mussen Myers, D
6/13 Pankey Parks Nelson, P Myers, H
6/20 Parlette Peters Rounds Olson
820 N. Chelan Ave.,
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Menu and meeting roomWenatchee/Cascade Rooms; Chicken Ranch Wrap W/Grilled Chicken, Shredded Cheese, Diced Tomatoes, Sliced Olives, Shredded Lettuce, Bacon Bits & Creamy Ranch Sauce, Pasta Salad, Tossed Greens W/Dressings and Condiments, Chef’s Choice Dessert & Coffee Service.
With Randy Lewis and Gil Sparks
Colville Confederated Tribal member Randy Lewis (K’ayaxan) is a descendant of the Wenatchi/P’squosa, Methow, and Okanagon bands as well as Sam Miller, owner of the first trading post in Wenatchee. 
Randy grew up listening to a wealth of stories and knowledge given to him by his grandfather, Jerome Miller and his mother, Mary Marchand. Teacher, civil rights organizer, historian and storyteller, Randy has been in the forefront of the Pacific Northwest’s political and cultural life since the late 1960s. Randy now lives in Wenatchee, Washington. He is author of the Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center's new publication, Red Star and Blue Star Defeat Spexman, a book that tells the stories behind the cultural landmarks of the Wenatchee Valley.
Randy's presentation to Rotary on May 30th will focus on the confluence of the Wenatchee and Columbia rivers. This special place was a major village site to P'Squosa/Wenatchi people. It also was a highly significant council grounds to tribes throughout the plateau, where great  gatherings were held that included trading, exciting horse races, and councils that addressed pressing issues of the day. Randy has been engaged by the City of Wenatchee to lay groundwork for a project that envisions a place where a commemoration/memorial project can be created that honors the presence of Indian people who have lived here from time immemorial.

    JUNE 6  
With Ashley Gillum and Charlie Miracle

     WEEK IN REVIEW - May 23, 2019      
Steve Wright, General Manager, Chelan PUD (since 2013)
The Columbia River Treaty is a 1964 agreement between Canada and the US on the development and operation of dams in the upper Columbia River basin for power and flood control benefits in both countries. Four dams were constructed under this treaty: three in British Columbia, Canada (Duncan Dam, Mica Dam, Keenleyside Dam) and one in Montana in the United States (Libby Dam). The treaty provided for the sharing with Canada of one-half of the downstream U.S. power and flood benefits, and allows the operation of Treaty storage for other benefits. Steve's map here shows all dams in the basin.

The long-term impacts of the treaty have been mixed: while the dams have provided enormous economic benefits to British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest through hydroelectric generation and flood control, there are longstanding concerns regarding social and economic impacts to the local communities, and the environmental effects associated with the construction and operation of large dams. The United States and Canada began negotiations to modernize the Treaty in 2018.


A few highlights from Steve's PowerPoint --

  • Ave. residential Chelan rate - 3.2 cents per KwH - no increase in 7 years
  • Reliability in 2018 = 99.99%
  • Chelan PUD debt cut by half since 2010
  • 9.4 million MWH from 3 dams in 2018 - all carbon-free
  • New contract with the Stemilt diamond foundry expects 19 MW load
  • 60% NW power is from hydro (national ave = 7%)
  • Grand Coulee is largest power-generating plant in N. America (6,809 MW)
  •  Grand Coulee is largest water storage area in the basin
  • Treaty benefits have far exceeded expectations; renewal is scheduled in 2024 
  • Payments to Canada are determined through complex assessments of US benefits
  • Benefits to Canada do not apply to dams built after 1961
  • New progress in negotiations has occurred in last 3 weeks
  • Listen to Steve's program here
  • View Steve's PowerPoint here

Bob Bugert Steve Wright

President Pete Van Well extended a welcome to the "Mighty Columbia" of Rotary Clubs! So roll on Columbia, roll on!  Pete made or allowed the following announcements.
  • Carmen Bossenbrock was with us today, and placed $700 in her polio cup!  We were pleased to have Penny Carpenter for the occasion, president of Leavenworth Rotary.  Carmen turns 91 next Wednesday May 29, sharing her birthday with Tom Ross and Tyler Mickey.  See photo below.
  • Mike Kintner bragged that his daughter Sarah just graduated from Seattle U. law School.
  • Tom Everly bragged at being nominated anonymously for the 30-under-35 recognition in Wenatchee World, and thanked those who helped at Camp Zanika last week   Frank Jorgensen, Gary Provo, Rich Peters, Dan Maher.  Tom leaves for camp next week.
  • Gorge Amphitheatre concert concession events were available for signup, and will be on the entry table for the next few weeks; on-line signups available now.  Click on the "Gorge" tab on the home page to signup online.   The first of 9 concerts will be July 13.  See recent World story on Gorge history.
  • Chaplain Report - Thoughts and prayers should be directed toward several members: Gerry Brink and the Brink family, Stan Hoyt and wife Bev, Carmen Bossenbrock, Karen and Jim Russell, and Jerry Copp.  Jim Brink expressed a need for a boat dock his son could use to dock his sailboat at Chelan for the summer.  Email Jim.
  • Andy Petro our Youth Exchange coordinator,  is approaching panic mode in seeking host families for our newest RYE female student Beatrice arriving in August from Milan, Italy.  She can be hosted short term or long term (i.e. she can be moved around).
  • The WV Museum found a host home for their summer intern!
  • Auction Funds ($104K) from our successful Building Communities Auction in January have been divvied up: $50,000 for Lincoln Park, $20,000 for our scholarship fund at Wenatchee Rotary Foundation, $17,000 for Milot and HANWASH water projects, $8,500 for community outreach grants, and $8,500 to Wenatchee High Interact.
  • Gary Provo reported on the Judge Small book signing at Warm Springs Inn last week, and allowed that it was enjoyed by all who purchased the event at our auction.
  • Carin Smith reported on our invitation to the graduation party for Isabel Pelayo, our outbound exchange student of a recent year, for her WHS graduation party at her home, 1950 Castlerock; June 8, 1-4 PM.
  • Kory Kalahar requested volunteers to help slice cake at the graduation event for WestSide HS, Thursday June 13 at the Convention Center, about 8 PM. Those who raised hands were Alicia Nakata, Tom McNair, Alice Meyer, Dawn Davies, Michelle Shermer, Allan Galbraith, who may also attend the ceremonies at 7 PM.  This has become a tradition for our club.
  • Alice Meyer, also on June 13, will do the work of 3 men, when she presides over our meeting!
  • "Bring a Friend to Rotary Day".  June 6.  No friends?  Bring an enemy and make them your friend, as suggested by Abe Lincoln.
  • Rotary Park - There will be a symbolic tree-planting on May 30 after our meeting, 2 PM. as part of our peace pole project. All are encouraged to attend. The tree, a Kousa dogwood, donated by the Arbor Day Committee will represent all our three Wenatchee Clubs. On hand will be District AG Carol Adamson and incoming District AG Karl Ruether.
  • Gary Provo and his crew up at Camp Zanika were recognized for good work last week.
  • Late-breaking .....Proposed new member Jessica Kendall, Associate Director of Chelan-Douglas Land Trust (by Lorien Clemens) has been approved by the board.
  • Good News - Memorial Day.    "Originally known as Decoration Day, it originated in the years following the Civil War and became an official federal holiday in 1971. Many Americans observe Memorial Day by visiting cemeteries or memorials, holding family gatherings and participating in parades. Unofficially, it marks the beginning of the summer season. But that is Monday. Today’s good news is it is Brother’s day and National Taffy Day."
May 30, 2 PM
Tree planting at Rotary Park
June 1-5
RI Convention - Hamburg
June 8
Isabel Pelayo Graduation Party
June 13, 7 PM
WestSide Graduation
July 13 at the Gorge
First concert for concessions
January 25, 2020
Building Communities Auction
January 16, 2021
Centennial Gala
We appreciate all of our sponsoring merchants & businesses.
For complete details, see our web site.
  • Alpine Aire H&C
  • CARPET ONE/Inside Design
  • Cashmere Valley Bank
  • CliftonLarsonAllen, CPA
  • Colonial Vista, assisted living
  • Confluence Health
  • Eagle Transfer
  • Edward Jones Investing
  • Express Employment Professionals
  • JetPro Carwash
  • Lifeline Ambulance
  • Noyd & Noyd
  • Pet Hub, Inc.
  • The Paradise Restaurant
  • The Thai Restaurant
  • WV Humane Society
Our 19th club president
Edwin Smith- 1939-1940
READ MOREPart 1   Part 2 
Lingering effects of depression caused many members to be delinquent in dues.
Join Kory Kalahar & John McDarment on the Centennial Committee . Help plan the January 16, 2021 Gala.

CAROL NORTON -  Loved, respected servant of this club and Rotary for 42 plus years. She served as Executive Secretary 42 years beginning in in 1967, and honorary member until her passing on March 26, 2019. 
Thanks very much to those of you that have given toward the new Carol Norton WSU Scholarship fund.  So far we are near halfway to the initial goal of $10,000.  Gifts are tax deductible and there are many ways to give:  
  • One time cash or check
  • Pledge and budget over two or three years
  • Bequest - Include an amount in your will 
  • Help in reaching out to Legacy Members or PR in the community

Keep up to date with Karen Russell on her personal Caring Bridge page.
PP Jim (2016-17) is an Honorary member.

SPEAKERS.   Are you thinking of sponsoring a speaker?  Guidelines are posted on our website under the main menu.  Or click here.

End Polio Now/Club 60:    Our ambitious goal was set by President Pete at $10,000.  On May 23, donations by club members to the Club-60 cups were $767.83 bringing our total to $8,296, or $24,888 with the Gates match!  This equates to 41,563 lives potentially saved!   Thank you Carmen!
Note:  We continue our 10-year relationship with the Gates Foundation.  Since 2013, they have matched each dollar with $2 toward polio eradication.  Collections at KPQ on Polio Day were $1,133.  Read about 2018 World Polio Day, October 24
Wenatchee Rotary Officers
President 2018-19:
     Pete Van Well
Pres. Elect: 
     Mike Kintner
Pres. Nominee:
     Kory Kalahar
Pres. Designate:
    Alice Meyer
     Frank Clifton
     Allan Galbraith
Michelle Shermer
Dante Gutierrez-Zamora
Joe St. Jean
Dawn Davies
Marcia Henkle
Garry Sparks
Claudia DeRobles
Andy Petro
Gary Provo
Dan Maher (July '19)
The mission of the wenatchee Rotary
Foundation (WRF) is to improve
educational opportunities for citizens
living in the greater Wenatchee area. 
Funding is through immediate and
deferred giving from current and past
club members.  Each club member in good
standing id also a member of WRF.
President, Tom Ross;
VP, Jay Smith;
Treasurer, Heidi Myers;
Secretary, Bill Monnette.
Board Members: 
Joe St. Jean, Ruth Esparza,
Alice Meyer, Susan Albert,
Dee Curcio,
Pres. Elect (ex officio)
Carmen returns!
May 30, 2019
Colville Confederated Tribes
Jun 06, 2019
Classification Talks
Jun 13, 2019
Stop The Bleed
Jun 20, 2019
News from the YMCA
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