On February 1, 2021, Wenatchee Rotary began our second 100 years of service to the Wenatchee Valley and the world. 

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February 18, 2021     Volume LXX - # 32
February is Rotary's Peace/Conflict Resolution Month
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February 18: Hearing Loss - the Silent Epidemic  
With Monique Hammond-ZOOM #44, 
(details below in "Upcoming Programs")
Plus - Things we don't know about Allan Galbraith 
                 Thursday noon
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    WEEK IN REVIEW -  Feb. 11, 2021 (ZOOM #43)      
Part 1 - Speaker - Wenatchee Valley Museum &
Cultural Center (WVMCC) with
Keni Sturgeon, Executive Director
See ZOOM video HERE .  [password = #28february11Keni ]
  1. ZOOM videos are only available for 2-3 weeks.
  2. Permanent alternate video HERE.
  3. Previous APPLESEED (Feb. 11), contains speaker's bio.
  4. View Keni's PowerPoint slides HERE. A few images are shown below.
Following a glowing introduction by Andy Petro, a member of the WVMCC Trustee Board, Keni expressed appreciation for the efforts of Andy, Tom McNair, and Mark Kulass (all club members).
Keni made use of an excellent and informative PowerPoint to give a very clear overview of the purposes of museums, how our museum meets these purposes both in normal years and in this challenging one, and a look ahead for 2021.  Much of the information presented can be found on the museum WEBSITE.
She explained how the museum board had developed a pre-pandemic strategic plan through 2025, then how it was later impacted.  The plan includes 3 core principles:   1) Update the guest experience, 2) Create deep connections, 3) Strengthen organizational capacity.  She reminded us of some of the ways the museum achieves it mission.
Keni also reviewed some of the exhibits available during early 2020 and the number of visitors, and shared that things were looking very good before the pandemic struck March 14! All exhibits have now been virtual  for almost a year.  After the closing, the annual regional high school art show was produced virtually and was viewed by more the 6,000 students and teachers, a record.  The planned summer exhibit “TOMFOOLERY” was also presented virtually, months after being setup for in-person viewing.
Innovation was needed for a wide variety of virtual community forums, such as the Women’s Suffrage Centennial, a Chelan-Douglas vaccines series, and a Social Justice series, all requiring contributions from many community leaders.  The latter resulted in a coveted award from the City of Wenatchee.  Some of the popular money-making business-related tours were done virtually through creative planning. 
Planned facility physical upgrades were described for the Community Space, including the A/V system technology, and stage acoustics.  A feasibility study is planned for a capital campaign intended to upgrade the building structures, including more useable space.    She also described the current membership and financial positions.
Several members gave verbal appreciation and commendations to Keni for her work :  Kory, Dawn Davies, Rachel Evey, and Tom McNair.
Strategic Plan thru 2025
Some plan details
Some methods
Some exhibits
Some 2020 exhibits
Early in-person exhibits 2020
A favorite virtual Community Forum
2021 Quick Look




See previous editions of the Appleseed for other important notes
The meeting was opened and led by president Kory Kalahar, as he welcomed all members and guests. 
  • The TOAST.  Kory reflected on last week's gathering; it was fun and inspiring.
  • Women in Rotary month.  Welcome women; thanks for all you do, especially with today's all-female program.
  • Thank-you notes.  Repeating, our club can write cards of appreciation and thanks to the first responders who are working at the TTC administering the vaccine.    Cards/letters can be dropped off at the TTC or mailed to TTC First Responders, C/O Town Toyota Center, 1300 Walla Walla Ave  98801.   
  • Scholarship Readers.  (Deadline Feb. 15).  An ask from the Community Foundation scholarship program for scholarship readers.  Great service opportunity for anyone in our club who has the time and interest.  This is not tied to our Wenatchee Rotary Foundation scholarship program as we have our committee set for this  scholarship season.  Thanks,  Joe or Julie Mott <>  Questions?  ask Joe St. Jean.
  • Fellowship Opportunity:   Repeating, Paul Jones (PJ) from Sunrise Rotary, asked me to put out to you that anyone who wants to meet/ski at Mission Ridge as a Rotary get-together just show up every Wednesday at 1pm. At the base in front of big trail map sign next to stairs up to lodge. 1:00 pm Wednesdays.
  • Kory on NCW Life TV.   Repeating,  Marc Heminger and Kory on "Street Talk with Mike 'Madog' Magnotti" talking all about Rotary!  They discuss what Rotary is and how important this year is for us all!  Watch it HERE
  • Judy Conner.  Ten things we did not know about a fellow Rotarian.  See below.
  • Not so stupid.  Kory shared about his 3 amazing kids, focusing on daughter Emma, age 23, married to Kris, age 25.  See photo below of holiday card, they are circled in red. Emma is an intelligent and beautiful 23 year old with a BA in psychology who works for Children’s Home Society as a social worker at Newbery Elementary.  Kris is former US Air Force who works at Town Nissan. 
  • IMPORTANT DISTRICT TRAINING.   Excellent no-cost Rotary training opportunities are upcoming on ZOOM, especially for new members (but all Rotarians can benefit). View the list and register HERE.   [this item added later]
Ten (or more) things we didn't know about Judy Conner  
Photos show Judy then and now.
  1. I am Dutch.  My Mom was one of 9 kids. My grandparents spoke only Dutch.
  2. I was born on, and until I left for college lived on, the Yakima Indian Reservation.  I attended all 12 years at White Swan High School.  Small school – 200 in 4 year high school.  My freshman class started with 72 students and we graduated only 37.
  3. During High School I earned money lighting smudge pots.
  4. My church youth group had a strange activity.  After youth meetings on Sunday night we took 3 or 4 pickups, chased and clubbed jack rabbits in sage brush fields around the church.
  5. Went to CWU – I started with a major in Home Economics –I moved into accounting, passed the CPA exam when I was 20 and graduated at 21.
  6. I married my husband Irv in 1969, we moved from Moses Lake to Wenatchee in 1970.  I was the female CPA in Wenatchee.
  7. I worked with Washington State Senator George Sellars as his campaign treasurer for 28 years.  That was where I met Linda Evan Parlette.   She eventually succeeded him in that office.
  8. You all know I joined Rotary in 1987. I was sponsored by Ken Housden.  He was the elected Auditor for Chelan County.  Shortly after I joined he quit his job and left town.
  9. When I first joined Rotary, because I was the only woman in the club, I got a call before the meeting every week from one of our members to run by me the joke he intended to share at the rotary meeting to be sure it was not offending. 
  10. When I joined Rotary a client of my husband came to him and told him that he was resigning from Rotary.  He wanted Irv know that it was no offence to me but he just disagreed with the admission of women to the club.  One of my proudest moments while I was president (1994-95), about 7 years later was when he rejoined the club. 
  11. I worked for the same company (through several mergers and acquisitions) that eventually became Cordell Neher and Company for 49 years and 42 of those years was with my husband working in the office next door.

Next meeting - PP Allan Galbraith (1995-96).  These members have already told their story :

Kory Kalahar
Leonard Singhose
Jil Leonard
Laurel Turner
Tom Ross
Rich Peters
Gary Provo
Linda Parlette
Dawn Davies
Gene Anderson
Alicia Nakata
Dorry Foster
Claudia DeRobles
Ford Barrett
Tom McNair
Mark McCants
Sean Cooper
Russ Speidel
Andy Petro
Pete Van Well
Frank Clifton
Sue Rose
Judy Conner


      With Monique Hammond
Hearing & Health consultant, author and writer at Ralph D. Thomas & Associates
      With Teresa Bendito
"One of the remarkable emerging community leaders in the Wenatchee Valley is Teresa Bendito-Zepeda, who is prime organizer of the Parque Padrinos, a group of more than 100 neighbors in South Wenatchee dedicated to making sure that the redeveloped Kiwanis Methow Park is fully programmed and cared for.

I stand in awe of this 20-something young woman who is dedicated to building a better community, building bridges between not only Latinos and Anglos in our valley but also folks of all ages and backgrounds.

Last Thursday, Teresa was one of three outstanding young leaders from the state who were honored with the Forward award by the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition at the Westin Hotel in Seattle. The bipartisan organization was launched by former governors Dan Evans and the late Mike Lowry in 1989 and in 30 years it has created common ground that is desperately needed these days. We all have a stake in clean air and water, healthy habitat for fish and wildlife and recreation opportunities for everyone."

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Feb 18, 2021
Hearing Loss, The Silent Epidemic
Feb 25, 2021
Parque Padrinos
Mar 04, 2021
Landscapes and Wildfires
Mar 11, 2021
Washington Business and Economic Developement
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