Volume LXXII (72) - # 05:  August 04, 2022
THE GOOD NEWS.   This week is going to be an exciting program sharing examples of how different people within our community are dreaming BIG and Imagining Rotary.   This is the week to invite those who want to make a difference in the community and see what Rotary is about, and how we are jumping into action!    
There will be laughs, fun and connections with our fellow Rotarians and guests.  We may even induct a new member!
THE SAD NEWS - CARMEN BOSSENBROCK, May 29, 1928 - July 31, 2022
It is with a heavy heart that our club has lost an iconic member of the club.   Carmen Bossenbrock passed away at the age of 94.   Sponsored by Earl Tilly, Carmen was one of the first females to join the club in December 1987.   During her tenure with the club, Carmen was a strong supporter of Polio eradication.   She worked alongside Dr. Ed Cadman as a Physical Therapist.   After she retired, she continued to support the End-Polio Cause.     Carmen will be missed by so many in our valley.     At left is the final photo of Carmen, taken by her great friend, Pete Van Well, only a few weeks ago.  Her graveside memorial service is planned for August 9 at Cashmere Cemetery, 11 AM.
The photo on right was taken at the district conference in May 2022.   Carmen was our oldest member with the youngest member, Veronica Arroyo-Perez.    During the District Conference, Carmen's caregiver and lifelong friend, Alice Neiman, was presented with a Paul Harris Fellow award. 
Prior to Carmen's passing, President Jill was planning to declare the first Thursday of the month as "Fill the Cups" for Polio.   Bring all your spare change, dollar bills, and large checks.   Let's fill all the cups in honor of Carmen and her fight against Polio. 
The Program Last Week 
The speaker Vernon Nelson, was sponsored and introduced by Carin Smith.  Vernon is president of Chelan County Mountain Rescue and also a Social Studies teacher at Eastmont High School.  He started climbing in college and fell in love with the sport.   Vern came to the area from Sultan, due to his love of ice climbing.

They are a 501c3 all-volunteer group working with the Chelan County Sheriff’s office, which will call them when needed. Their mission is to save lives through search, rescue, emergency medical care and mountain safety education; their focus is alpine areas and technical rescues, most often in the Enchantments. Other groups coordinate with the Sheriff, such as the Swiftwater Rescue group, Search and Rescue, and the Sheriff High Angle Rescue (for highway or close to town).

Vern described a few rescues off Mt Stuart, where climbers either were injured or became exhausted.  Their group had 14 missions in 2021 (756 hrs) and so far, 12 missions (347 hrs) in 2022.  Certain missions eat up a lot of hours, such as one on Mt Stuart with 241 total team hours.

NAWSI is the Whidby Island Naval Station which sometimes sends in their helicopter to assist (which although it costs $18,000/hour to fly, counts as training for them, so it is a win-win). However, in hot weather or adverse conditions the chopper cannot operate.  Vern’s reason to volunteer is to give back. It is sometimes fun, sometimes not.  CCMR holds training 1-2 times each month for their approximately 25 members who are hikers, skiers, climbers and medical professionals. This is a good number; they may get/lose a couple members a year and are always looking for volunteers.  Their missions only require a certain specific small number of people, so they need enough but not too many.  In contrast search and rescue is lots of people.

He was featured by Wenatchee World as a "30 under 35" last year.  You are encouraged to watch the ZOOM video recording here.

Vern used a PowerPoint to explain briefly who is in the CCMR and what they do and why.  He then highlighted some of their recent adventures, mostly in the Enchantment mountains, but also in other counties if asked to provide support.  Below are some summary images.  Previous Appleseed.
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Aug 04, 2022
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Aug 18, 2022
Fentanyl use in Chelan County
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IMAGINE ROTARY - CONNECT.   One of the goals this year is to connect with other members.   Kudos to Tom Ross and Lauren Scanga for connecting last week.   Who will you connect with this week?   
ROTARY RLI TRAINING.   Want to learn more in depth about Rotary?   Maybe you have a vision of leadership?  Or just want to hang out with some cool people? 
This is the place for you!   September 17-18 in Wenatchee!  You are sure to find many ideas, learn new things and meet other from around the district.
Space is limited so register today.   
Plus, President Jill will buy lunch for all those who attend from our club, and the TRF committee will award 200 bonus points!
Program is limited to 25 participants, sessions are all fun and interactive and you will discuss everything from membership, to leadership, to the Rotary Foundation, to public image... and more!  Runs full weekend, all inclusive.  See agenda here.
Saturday (8:00-5:00) & Sunday (8:00-3:00), September 17-18, 2022
Cordell & Neher Accounting Offices, 175 E. Penny Road #1, Wenatchee
Sponsored by the Wenatchee Musuem and Cultural Center.
Joe St. Jean (and others) were quick to identify the location of this beautiful Wurlitzer pipe organ, which was installed in Wenatchee’s Liberty Theater in 1919.  It accompanied silent movies for about 10 years. With the advent of “talkies,” the organ was played during intermission and for other events. Its use gradually decreased, and it went silent in the 1950s.  With neglect, the pipe organ deteriorated. Theater owner Dave Gellatly Sr. offered the instrument to the museum under the condition that it be repaired, maintained and played for public enjoyment. The museum undertook a capital campaign in the 1980s and raised $60,000 to move and restore the organ. Wenatchee Rotary raised $5000 to move the organ from Liberty Theater to the Museum.   The console was refinished by Wood ‘n Things. The tremulants, regulators and keys were rebuilt by Balcom and Vaughan; the rest of the rebuilding work was done in Wenatchee by volunteers led by Bill Starkey.
F.I.N.E.    Mark Kulaas announced that excavation is underway on the Peace Pole Project at Rotary Park and invited all to come out and help with the work early Saturday morning.  Get the latest update and see the stunning photos at the August 4 meeting.   Fundraising continues and you can contact Ken Robertson or Mark Kulaas through the ClubRunner app for ways you to contribute to this signature project. 
Also find more info here - Peace Pole Project
QUOTE OF THE WEEK.   Herb BrooksHead coach of the 1980 gold-medal-winning U.S. Olympic hockey team at Lake Placid.
GUESTSTom Leonard (Jill's spouse), Bill Sullivan, Steve Wilkinson, Elani Scott and her dad, Daniel
Steve is Executive Director of Wenatchee Chamber of Commerce and serves on the WVC Foundation board.  Bill owns American Land and Water Consulting.
Elani is our outgoing RYE student to Argentina, leaving August 10.  In answer to Jill's questions:
She is most excited about meeting her host family and host club, and most fearful about the language (even though she has had 3 years of Spanish, including one WVC course).  Jill says we should keep her mom in our prayers since her baby is leaving the nest.
COMMITTEE SPOTLIGHT (Last week). Our Rotary Foundation (TRF) Committee chair (and club secretary) Frank Clifton gave an overview of the TRF and steps to accelerate achieving the Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) Award.  Get the story and details on our website home page, and learn how to earn bonus Foundation points, or CLICK HERE.
Don't miss reading this week's email on TRF history from Pete Erickson, District 5060 Foundation chair.  We look forward to Pete being our speaker in November, RI Foundation month.
VENMO IS HERE.   Scan the QR code to get the app.
We can now use Venmo for in-club purchases or donations, such as to pay for lunch, make a donation to TRF and WRF, or even “Where in the World.”
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Check out the upcoming events for the Club, District 5060, and Rotary International

August 18 - WRF Ice Cream Social
Sept. 16 - Youth Exchange Inbound Orientation Welcome BBQ- Rotary Park 
Sept. 21 - Celebration of Peace, Rotary Park
October 24 - Polio Awareness Day
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Dear Applesauce.  I bought some blueberries and they are purple.  I’m the one who asked you, if an orange is named orange, why is a lemon not named yellow!  I’m really having trouble with the fruit stuff.  Any thoughts?
                                 --- Minute Maid

Dear Minute Maid.  Humph! Since young Mr. Michelsen can’t stop you, DA will have to go over his head and write a letter of complaint to the Coca-Cola big guns in Atlanta. In the meantime, eat half the carton of berries then return the other half to the store for a full refund. If they give you any guff, scream loudly, “FALSE ADVERTISING!”   It works every time for DA, although now yours-truly is banned from Albertson’s (and Safeway, Wal-Mart, Costco, Fred Meyer, and The Plaza Superjet. Luckily, WinCo is relatively new and hasn’t caught on yet).


Dear AppleSauce:   I saw on my instant Ice tea that the lemon flavor is artificial, but my dishwashing soap is made with real lemons.  What’s with that?
                            --   Minute Maid

Dear Minute Maid.   Oh heavens, not you again! Matthew Michelsen drinks are on you next we meet (something stronger than cola, si vous plait). The fact that you consume powdered ice tea has sent my dear editor, one Mr. Frank Clifton, into apoplexy. Being the fine Southern Gentleman he is, Mr. Clifton suggests you skip the Lipton’s and drink the dishwashing soap instead.


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