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June 16, 2022
June is Rotary Fellowships Month
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With Lynda Pheasant
Sponsored by Britt Dudek
At Pybus Public Market
Attend in-person at Pybus or ZOOM
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From PAWPRINT – May 15, 2022
WKC Ag Dog teams are amazing everyone—horticulturists, researchers, and dog lovers everywhere!  The Canine Little Cherry Disease (LCD) Detection research project is on fast forward as dog and handler teams prepare for transition into field settings. The sniffer dogs are refining odor recognition skills while handlers are learning to trust their dogs to correctly identify samples of LCD infected cherry plant materials. 
After running multiple sets of 3 samples (cans containing positive/negative/empty or novel samples) in a controlled classroom setting, teams tackled a “field” event hosted at the WKC Training Center.  Detection dogs were able to identify up to 10 positive samples among 30 cans strategically placed around the Training Center parking lot. Dogs also tackled a special detection challenge locating chunks of LCD diseased wood.  The Ag Dogs passed with flying colors!
The sniffer dogs could be testing their LCD detection skills in real cherry orchards and nurseries by the end of May, according to project coordinator Lynda Pheasant. Fruit impacted by Little Cherry Disease can be observed by humans about ten days prior to harvest. In the Wenatchee area cherry harvest begins during June, peaking around the Fourth of July holiday, with higher elevations extending into August.  Earlier detection by skilled canines would provide an efficient tool for management of Little Cherry Disease.
--Lynda Pheasant 5/15/2022
Lynda Pheasant is project coordinator for the Wenatchee Kennel Club (WKC) Agricultural Detection Dog program. Inspiration came from the amazing performance demonstrated by professionally trained canine detectors of citrus greening disease in California and Florida orange groves. WKC members noted similarities with Little Cherry Disease (LCD) in Oregon and Washington orchards, prompting exploration of whether their own talented “companion” dogs could be trained to identify the pathogens of Little Cherry Disease.
Established in March 2021, the all-volunteer WKC Agricultural Detection Dog pilot project quickly garnered support from detection dog professionals, researchers, and the tree fruit industry. The focus for this 2022 research project is to increase proficiencies and transition canine LCD detection skills from classroom to orchard and nursery field settings.
The WKC research project “Canine LCD Detection Skills Applied to Nursery and Orchard Settings” is sponsored by the WA Tree Fruit Research Commission, the Oregon Sweet Cherry Commission, and the Northwest Nursery Improvement Institute. The goal of this citizen-led research project is to demonstrate “companion” dogs can be trained as early and efficient detection tools for management of Little Cherry Disease.
PowerPoint Presentation:  “A DOG’S NOSE KNOWS”

FARM SHOW Magazine Story  




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PRESIDENTIAL TRANSITION MEETING & ROAST  (AKA President Alice Meyer End-of-Year Celebration).  PP Kory Kalahar announced this special event planned for Thursday June 30 at Highlander Golf Club in East Wenatchee, 6-8 PM with 5:30 social time.  Cost is $25 per person. This will be a FUN event.  No noon meeting.
Register via Kory's recent email, or  REGISTER HERE.
NEW MEMBER PROPOSAL.  Jill Leonard introduced our guest and latest proposal for membership, Xavier Arinez , who is employed by CVCH and sponsored by Rachel Evey.  The board has approved his application along with those of Clover Simon (sponsored by Michelle Shermer), and Jamie Quinteros (sponsored by Ken Robertson), both previously introduced.  Xavier (pronounced ha-vee-air, sort of)  is a former Rotarian of two clubs:  Warwick, RI, and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).  He told an interesting story of how he decided to join Rotary.  WATCH VIDEO
WELLS HOUSE WINE PARTY The final event of the 2022 For the Kids Auction was held Friday June 10 at the Historic Wells House at Wenatchee Valley College, hosted by Marriah Thornock and Joe St. Jean.  Many wine varietals from the State of Washington were featured including several from our local wineries finding favor with our guests.    The wonderful buffet was prepared by Chef Richard Kitos of the Wenatchee Valley Tech Culinary Center.   For the full story and photos...   SEE MORE HERE.
MEMBER SURVEY.    President-elect Jill Leonard would like for all members to complete her survey regarding the coming Rotary year.  Members - this is your chance to express yourselves!  This survey will run until all members respond.
MEET UP WITH JILL.   Book a meeting here -
PEACECOMMITTEE ACTIVITIESKelli Scott announced the current need for more members on the Peace Committee led by Michelle Shermer until Kelli takes over on July 01. Kelli declared the purpose of the committee is to promote peace locally and globally.   WATCH VIDEO 
Michelle highlighted the past activities and some future plans.
  • Becoming a Peace-builder club
  • Peace Pole initiative 2022
  • Peace High School Essay competition 2021 and 2022
  • Peace Fellow sponsorship opportunity
  • Peace Pole at Rotary Park, celebration on Sept. 21 - For information and to make a donation.
                      "We not only imagine peace, we work at it!"
BRAGS.  Judge Robert Jourdan was featured in the Wenatchee World.
Pete Van Well's daughter Grace competed in the National Special Olympics. See story.
Last week, Ken Robertson bragged about his son Scott, a navy MH60 helicopter pilot and squadron leader on the USS Tripoli, who on Memorial Day, conquered Mount Fuji in Japan.  The photo arrived too late for that Appleseed, but not for this one.  Scott is second from left.  Click image for full size photo, also available on Instagram here.
Repeating...The amphibious assault ship USS Tripoli arrived at Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan, May 29, 2022, the second stop of its maiden deployment to the Indo-Pacific region.  Click link for amazing story and photos.
Carin's Report from the RI Convention in Houston .  Carin is back home from the RI Convention in Houston.  View her Facebook page here with photos, video and commentary.
Carin's Reasons to attend an international convention:
  • Listen to world-class speakers! For example, we heard from the Prime Minister of India, and the astronauts talking to us from the International Space Station, and an OB-GYN physician from Ukraine who talked about treating gunshot wounds instead of pregnant women). 
  • Hear from many other hugely inspiring speakers. (I am cynical about “inspirational speakers” who have good voices and just say “you can do it!”… these speakers instead are inspirational because of the stories they tell about what they and their clubs have done… then you conclude, “we can do it!”)
  • Hear about fascinating projects happening world wide! Talk to others who have interests similar to yours. Meet some of them in person after you had seen them just via Zoom. (I spent much of my time in “side meetings” for the HANWASH Haiti project, well worth being there!)
  • Find out about projects, interest groups, and fellowships at the House of Friendship, which by the way is the Exhibit hall. (Took me a year of asking and then finally, once there, I said OH! The H of F is the exhibit hall, which makes sense if you have been to business meetings)… but this one is half interest groups (like fellowship of skiing Rotarians, or Water/ WASH, or Peace, or Engineers Without Borders) and half sales of products (some that might be used in projects, like water filters, others clothing, jewelry etc)
  • Go to a cool place and be a tourist, where you meet Rotarians from around the world. You can go on tours created by the convention, or go on your own, where you will bump into Rotarians anyhow since there are so many in the city at once. (In fact a few of us went to the Johnson Space Center on our own, and we were glad we had, when we saw the huge lines for buses to go there on the tour the next day)
  • Feel like crying a lot of the time, from hearing amazing stories of good actions.
  • Eat really good food, share laughs and stories and make new friends.
   With Rod Molzahn
    (available for a short time, 
         includes entire program)
A glowing introduction of the speaker was delivered by sponsor and friend PP Marc Heminger.
Rod spoke candidly about the history of the NCW region, and also read fascinating selections from his recent book "What They Found" which he describes as a collection of historical stories.  he took a few questions.
  • Description of how local geology evolved millions of years ago
  • 1855 - First governor of Washington territory, Isaac Stevens and his treaty negotiations with native American chiefs
  • 1890s - Cattle Drives from Goldendale to BC, to feed the miners along the Fraser River, led by Jack Swan through this area
  • 1881 - Alexander Brender of Yakima who developed farmland near Cashmere; son Richard of E. Wenatchee died in January, and was a good source of family history
  • Homesteader practices of the 1800s
  • Stories of some people of the Okanagen region

Dear AppleSauce:  What are three things you could buy at a grocery store to make the cashier give you weird looks?

                           -- Winnco Wanda


Dear Wanda.   Try this to raise an eyebrow or two: briquettes, hamburger buns and toilet bowl tablets. Then say loud enough for everyone in line to hear, “Darn, I forgot the Kraft singles. They taste so much better with cheese.”

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June 30 - End of Year, Presidential Transition
Sept. 21 - Celebration of Peace, Rotary Park
Board meetings 2nd Thursday
  4:30 PM, ZOOM, with exceptions
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Jun 16, 2022
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Presidential Roast
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