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Wenatchee Rotary - June 24, 2021  
Thursday noon & 7 PM
   Volume LXX - # 50
  ZOOM #62 
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   June is Rotary Fellowships Month   
Two meetings this week!
Noon meeting is 100% ZOOM
Celebration at 7PM in-person only (Red Lion)
recurring ZOOM access -
[Or dial 253-215-8782; then enter meeting ID - 484-306-077#]
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This week : Noon - Annual Presidential ROAST (Peaceful Transfer of Power)
End of Year, Peaceful Transfer of Power, Presidential Roast/Recognition/Tribute, Installation of officers - some of the names traditionally assigned to the final meeting of the Rotary year as we transfer the leadership reins.  Will there be more Stupid/Not-so-Stupid Stuff?  More dancing around on ZOOM?  Not likely, since the meeting will be controlled by the dreaded Past-Presidents Committee.
Don't miss the laughs and fun of this transition meeting - always sure to entertain!
6:30 PM - Celebration and Watch Party;  Red Lion Grizzly Lounge
And don't miss the meeting of July 01, as incoming President Alice Meyer gives her vision for the coming Rotary year!
WEEK IN REVIEW -  June 17, 2021 (ZOOM #61)  
With Dr. Paul Gordon
[password = #46June17Gordon ]
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President Kory introduced the guest speaker as a dynamic and passionate educator. "It has been under his leadership, courage and educated risk-taking that we have been able to successfully navigate through this pandemic to create what the 20/21 school year has been for all of us. For almost two years, Dr. Gordon has guided our district through some of the most treacherous and unknown waters that educators, students and families have ever tried to navigate. His relentless energy for making decisions that are best for our students has allowed for the success of the entire district. Quick reminder, he is also my boss, so let’s make this good folks."
Dr. Gordon praised the region and all the people he has met and dealt with since recently relocating here to become superintendent  of schools; he especially appreciates the partnerships formed with various business entities during the past year.  He then gave an impassioned assessment of Chelan County schools after having navigated a very difficult 18 months.  He began by naming several key dates fixed in his mind as the COVID-19 pandemic began in early 2020 and declared it to be a difficult time for educators, most of whom were not proficient in virtual teaching.  Many were required to teach to a blank black computer screen!  He admires how they managed to figure it out, along other staff members.
He thanked all those educators who went the extra mile to make home visits, including making sure students were learning and also getting the nutrition they needed for their secure future.
Some challenging questions were raised but you will need to watch the ZOOM video to see the answers.



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The HYBRID/ZOOM meeting was opened and led by president Kory Kalahar, making his first and only in-person appearance at a club meeting during his year as president! 
He welcomed members and guests, with Jill Leonard and Thomas Everly co-hosting ZOOM. 
In-person guests included PDG Pete Erickson (Moses Lake RC), Jackie Rector (Sunrise RC), and Amber Frodsham.  The ladies are shown here with new member Lauren (left), and Jackie (center).  Michelle Shermer on ZOOM introduced her dear friend Kimberly Andrew, owner of Chateau Faire Le Pont winery (where we have held some meetings), and also Amy TaulangoJust Right Cleaning and Construction (JRCC), back for her third visit.


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AWARD FOR PP PETE VAN WELL  . PDG Pete Erickson (D5060 Foundation chair) visited the club to inform us about fundraising statistics for The Rotary Foundation (TRF) and to recognize Pete for his dedication and effectiveness in raising money for PolioPlus, by presenting him with the Foundation District Service Award.
Watch video HERE.
NEW-MEMBER INDUCTIONS.  PP Mike Kintner delivered the traditional new-member charge (in a very non-traditional manner) to the three who were in attendance:  Lauren Scanga, Ray Dobbs, and Dr. Terra Winston.
See the text of his remarks below, and the video HERE.
Meeting changes
  • June 24 Noon - 100% ZOOM (president's Roast)
  • June 24, 6:30 PM - in person celebration at the Red Lion Grizzly Lounge, when NCW LIFE TV presents a news special on our 100 years at 7 PM;  a watch party and more.   Please Click HERE to register if not already done. 
  • July 01 Noon.  New president Alice Meyer will conduct the hybrid meeting at Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center (more later)
As always, text reminders are sent each Thursday morning to all members.
WRF Bylaws Update  The updated bylaws for the Wenatchee Rotary Foundation were approved by earlier online vote as announced by incoming WRF president Tom Ross.   To view the update, CLICK HERE.
Not so Stupid.  President Kory stated his belief that his family has benefitted greatly by surrounding themselves with 5 pet dogs.
Click HERE and/or HERE for the latest COVID-19 local health news.   
Attendance  (Advise secretary if you were not counted)
1 Albert Robertson Anderson Mickey  
2 Barrett Rose Bossenbrock Monette Amy Taulango
3 Bridges Ross Brink Murray Jackie Rector
4 Clifton Scanga Conner Nelson     Sunrise RC
5 Everly Singhose Corcoran Parlette Amber
6 Gutierrez-Zamora Smith,J  Dobbs Peters Kimberly Andrew
7 Heminger Stuller Dudek Price  
8 Jinneman Van Well Evey Rounds  
9 Kalahar   Flarity-White Scott  
10 Kintner   Foster Shermer SPEAKER
11 McCants   Galbraith Smith,C Dr. Paul Gordon
12 Meyer   Gillum St. Jean  
13 Petro   Leonard Stach  
14 Provo   McNair Sturgeon  
15 Rasmussen   Mendoza    
Past-President Mike's Charge to new members, June 17, 2021. 
Watch the video HERE.
What is your Rotary value proposition?  What is it that you hope or expect to receive in return for your investment of time, talent and treasure with this Rotary club?  Surely you are busy people with many choices on how to spend your precious resources.  For some of you, Rotary is a means to a professional end- “perhaps I can make connections with people who ultimately will become clients/customers.”  Or perhaps Rotary will provide a fellowship/friendship opportunity with other like-minded people who believe in making the world a better place for all.  Maybe it represents an opportunity to give back to the community and world for blessings you have received along the way.  For some, Rotary membership is a badge of accomplishment and acceptance.
Whatever your Rotary value proposition equation is, my charge to you is this- Get to know, and I mean, really know- your new Rotary family members.  Like all families, we experience great joys and also sorrows.  You’ll discover that we have an amazingly diverse family with an incredible array of talents, passions and experiences.  As you grow more deeply in your Rotary connection, you’ll discover the richness of life that is part of our Rotary family. 
Treat this as a bit of a metaphoric scavenger hunt.  I’m going to tell you that among our membership are people who are skilled at woodworking, bike riding, wine connoisseurs, musicians, trivia buffs, conservationists, fly fishers, greeting card makers, numismaticists, groupies of specific rock bands, golfaholics, travel buffs.  You’ll discover that we have incredibly deep thinkers in politics, theology, education, law, business.  Among our members are directors of many of the community-facing organizations that make our Valley a special place to live. 
I charge you and challenge you to get to know your fellow Rotary family members- and I assure you they will want to know you as well.
Here are a few of the Rotarians you should get to know on your virtual Rotary scavenger hunt-
  1.  Bill Murray- oenologist/wine lover, passionate about mental health in our community, a gentleman with a generous and caring heart.  I challenge you to find out his favorite wine varietal.
  2. Michelle Shermer- Your President-elect Nominee Nominee.  A lover of U2 and advocate of the Rotary Peace Initiative.  Very active in the One organization (if you don’t know about that group, ask her!).  Outdoor enthusiast and a  global traveler.  Your charge with Michelle is to determine which of the many countries she has traveled to that she would return to visit first!
  3. Sean Cooper- Like you, one of our newer members.  Sean is a published author, skydiver, mountain climber.  Sean is a Denver University graduate – which likely makes Sean and me the only two in the Wenatchee Rotary that can make that claim).  With Sean, you should discover what his pet of choice is- and here’s a hint- its not a dog, cat nor goldfish!
  4. Joe St. Jean.  Educator, philanthropist, ......
  5. Carin Smith- The remarkably energetic, purposeful and insightful Carin who has driven the HANWASH clean water project in Haiti forward ......
  6. Marriah Thornock- Quietly effective and has a keen insight for electronic media.  A terrific coordinator of marketing efforts for our Centennial Celebration and the upcoming Rotary Auction “For The Kids” in January 2021,.....
  7. Jim Corcoran- One of the most interesting people you’ll hope to know.  Broadcaster, publisher, baseball team owner. ....
  8. Linda Evans-Parlette- Brilliant public servant, devoted to making our region even more vital.....  
  9. Dan Rogers- A quiet but intensly decent Rotarian and man. ....
  10. Bryan Campbell- A gentleman who is involved with a remarkable number of areas in our community including law enforcement, fire- fighting, Wenatchee City Council and Applearians.....
You are joining an amazing family with a depth of knowledge, experience and foresight that will become more and more remarkable as you become more involved and get to know us.  We’re thrilled to welcome you to our Rotary family- and look forward to getting to know you as you get to know us.  Welcome to the Wenatchee Rotary Club!
To see Mike's entire amazing charge .....  READ MORE  
See video HERE.
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End Polio Now:      Our goal this Rotary year is $7500. 
                   Actual=7662 = 121%                                          
Total with Gates* match = $22986 (38K+ lives potentially saved)
RI Annual Fund   Our goal is $4500


* Note:  We continue our 10-year relationship with the Gates Foundation.  Since 2013, they have matched each dollar with $2 toward polio eradication.    
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