Volume LXXI(71) - # 42
April 21, 2022
Milestone - Our 100th ZOOM meeting!
April is Rotary's Maternal and Childcare Month
Sponsored by Alice Meyer
ZOOM #100, Hybrid #49
Attend in-person at Pybus Market or ZOOM
   recurring ZOOM access -
   [Or dial 253-215-8782; enter meeting ID - 484-306-077#]
Also this week...
Throughout April, we will be hearing testimonies from recipients of our AUCTION proceeds, and how the funds will be used to change lives.  At the meeting, learn how the $128,000 will disbursed and why.
Last week we heard from Dorry Foster, YMCA


The meeting was conducted at Pybus Market Events Center, and
was opened and led by club president Alice Meyer, 
who first led the club in our Pledge of Allegiance.
View ATTENDANCE HERE for this and recent meetings.  
See list of important dates below.
SAD NEWS.   39-year active member Jim McDonald passed away this week. 
Jim joined this club in December 1983.  He was a Paul Harris and Paul Scea Fellow.
Our thoughts are with his wife Pat.
View pictorial list of recently deceased members.
AUCTION FUNDS DISBURSEMENT   President Alice presented a check in the amount of $64,000 to the Wenatchee Valley  YMCA , a gift from our "For the Kids" Auction and Wenatchee Rotary Foundation.
Accepting was Dorry Foster, Executive Director.
Alice closed the meeting with a trivia question:
When was the local YMCA established?   1910
[Ed. note:  Internationally the YMCA was begun in 1844 in London as "The Young Mens' Christian Association", and is now in 120 countries, and >10K communities according to the local website.]
April 23 - Service project at Rescue Mission; Contact Matthew Michelson
May 02, 21 - Service project opportunity at Pybus, Nick's Bricks (See below)
May 4 (Wednesday) - All-Service Club Luncheon (Steve Raible, speaker); no regular meeting
May 7 -  Grand Parade, Sunrise Rotary raffle "Road Apple Roulette"
May 12-15 - District Conference in Wenatchee
May 21 - Rotary Pig Roast at Rotary Park, 3 PM.  Contact Pete
June 10 - Rotary Party at Historic Wells House.  Contact Pete.
POLLINATOR HIGHWAYMichelle Shermer reports on the DGE Karl Ruether's ambitious goal for planting a highway of pollinator trees across the district (Kamloops to Prosser).  Watch Michelle's video
See the report in the April FIFTY-SIXTY NEWS.
ROTARY GRANTS AVAILABLE.      Your Wenatchee Rotary Community Outreach committee is excited to announce that they will be accepting spring grant applications starting April 1.  The committee members, Susan Albert, Eric Nelson, Ray Dobbs and Joe St. Jean, are pleased to help our local community as we have in the past.  The ideal projects for your committee to consider are those that provide a needed service or those that support a worthy cause.  
The Community Outreach updated grant application can be found under “Grants” on the header section of Wenatchee Rotary’s website starting April 1.  This year’s deadline for application will be April 30 with awards announced before the end of May.
RESCUE MISSION PROJECTMatthew Michelson is coordinating two service projects.  He repeated his announcement of a project to assist the Wenatchee Rescue Mission, and passed around a sign- up sheet, anyone can also email Matthew to be added to our group of volunteers.  On April 23rd at 8:00AM we will be gathering to help support the Mission. We will be outside completing two projects:

The second project is Nick's Bricks.  See below.


WRF SEEKS BOARD MEMBERS  The Wenatchee Rotary Foundation (WRF)  Board of Directors is seeking Rotary Club of Wenatchee members to serve on the Board of Directors, starting July 1, 2022. 
If interested. please e-mail or call Tom Ross (; (509) 630-5965) or Ken Robertson (; (804) 201-6839, by Friday, April 15, 2022.   [View WRF bylaws requirements ]
DISTRICT CONFERENCE.  May 13-15, Wenatchee Convention Center.  Everyone should attend at least a portion.  The options are
  • Full conference, including Friday "Home Hosting"
  • Thursday night Welcome Salmon Feed dinner
  • Saturday night banquet.
  • Various tours and activities (free)
PP Pete Van Well says, "Consider volunteering as a Home Host", where you will entertain a few Rotarians from other areas with Friday night dinner at your home or other venue (such as Country Club).  Our club is coordinating this activity for all local clubs.  Contact Pete .
BONUS PHF POINTS.  Certain club members (Paul Harris Fellows) are offering PHF points as incentives to attend upcoming district events.  The Paul Harris Fellowship award requires 1000 points, from donations or gifts from others.  Each PHF point is earned by donating $1.00 to The Rotary Foundation (TRF).   These points can be given to others (their only purpose).  Here is how you can earn points toward your next PHF award. 
District event
Bonus PHF points
Attend the District Conference 5/12-15 (Wenatchee)
Serve on a District committee 200
Attend RI Convention, Houston, 6/4-8
Notify the club secretary if you have accomplished any of the above.

NICK'S BRICKS.  Another proposed service project by Matthew Michelson:  We are looking for volunteers to help with assembling the kits Monday, May 2nd from 3PM-6PM. Here are some of the details. Any interested folks can email me, we just need their name, email address and cell phone number.  SEE COMPLETE DETAILS.  

Saturday, May 21, 2022, will be the 4th year of this event in Wenatchee, Washington. Nick’s Bricks is an inclusive large event where children young and old gather to play and have fun with Lego “bricks”. It has become a Premier event at the Pybus Public Market.

Monday, May 2nd 3-6pm Lego Kit Making Pybus Public Market – Local Tel Events Center · Volunteers needed for an assembly line type packaging of the sealed Lego bags to give away at Nick’s Bricks. Need approximately 40 volunteers. We will be packaging 800 kits for give away. No experience needed! Training will be on the job! · We will need about 4 people with trucks, to transport the boxed loose Lego’s to the event center that day, from about noon-2pm. They are stored in a nearby mini-storage facility.


1. Classification - Natalie Williams
2. Jewish Community of Greater Wenatchee (below)
     (available for a short time)
   Includes the following features
  • Thank-you message from Dorry Foster (YMCA)
  • Amanda Taub - All about Jewish Passover
  • Natalie Williams - Classification

Natalie was introduced by her Rotary sponsor, Meliesa Tigard.  Some of Natalie's photos appear below.  View ALL here in her new PowerPoint.
Natalie was born in Fairbanks Alaska in 1959 to a hunter and bookkeeper.  She learned root vegetable gardening, hunting and fishing at an early age.  Her father taught her the importance of clean water for healthy fish, good soil for a bountiful garden, and protecting the forest for healthy moose (the only source of protein for her first 13 years).  Born with super-keen sight, smell and hearing, she was a prized companion of hunting parties.  Natalie was fascinated by dynamics from childhood.  Largely due to her father’s low tolerance for compromised quality in the workplace, (and perhaps less than diplomatic social skills).  Natalie attended 12 schools by the time she graduated.  From her father, she learned to be intentional in her actions, direct in her speech, situational awareness, analytical thinking, adaptability and grit.  She learned to build on what she already knew when faced with new problems.  In 1973, her mother left Alaska, and took up residency in Washington state.  Natalie continued in music and took advantage of the new opportunities in sports and academic competition.
She graduated in 1978, accepting a scholarship to Northwest Nazarene University.  She graduated with a degree in Physics in 1982, moved on to University of Texas at Austin for an M.S in Aerospace Engineering in 1983, and went to work as a NASA contractor through McDonnell-Douglas Astronautics.  The programs she supported in her 34 year career are discussed in more detail below.  She was motivated to be part of a motivated, dynamic team that supports the security of our nation and allies.

Between 1983 and 2015, Natalie was employed primarily by  McDonnell-Douglas Astronautics Co. and Boeing Aerospace, in a variety of positions and programs.
Her work history includes 34 years operational experience in space and defense related mission planning and system engineering:

  • 10 years on airborne surveillance programs ....
  •   2 years on Korea AEW&C proposal liaison for the Chief Engineer office to the Program manager ...
  •   5 years on Sea Launch; including mission management, system engineering .....
  •   8 years on Airborne Surveillance Testbed ...
  •   1 year on Teledesic; system architecture, requirements analysis ....
  •   4 in IUS guidance; mission specific work in design, algorithm optimization and operations.  Pivotal work: Galileo mission.  
  •   4 years on Space Shuttle; customer interface, requirements definition, trajectory design, analysis, mission integration, crew training, and operations. 
  •    Pivotal work: Pioneer mission for targeted proximity operations

Some of Natalie's photos.  View ALL here in her new PowerPoint.


I was fascinated by dynamics from childhood. (Photo 1961).   
I learned hunting and fishing at an early age, along with
root vegetable gardening, and the importance of
clean water for healthy fish and more.... (Photo 1970).
Born with super-keen sight, smell, and hearing,
I was a prized companion of hunting parties.
My dad and I at my great-grandmother's 110th birthday
in 1982.  I was working on my M.S.; he was so proud.




With Amanda Taub
Amanda Taub was introduced by her good friend Mark Kulaas, a long-time member of our club.  She has been a 5-term president of the community which includes 20-25 families.
Amada was invited to explain the meanings and traditions of the Jewish Passover celebration, which was beginning this week.
She displayed and explained many of the terms, protocols, food and other objects which play a role in the celebration. 
Their  Facebook Page explains that "  Members of the Greater Wenatchee Jewish Community (GWJC) meet to celebrate Jewish holidays and have since the early 1980s. Our members live in Chelan, Douglas, and Grant Counties in Washington State. We share jokes and news pertaining to Judaism and Israel."
We do not have a website. We use an email list and this Facebook page to keep our members informed of our doings. 
Dear AppleSauce:    If an orange is called orange, why isn’t a lemon called yellow or a lime called green?
                                         --- Minute Maid
Dear MM;  because lemons are not cowards and limes are not naïve. Doesn’t everyone know this?
(PS, If you persist with these insipid questions, Minute Maid, Dear Applesauce will have to request a 15% consulting fee. As Minute Maid is a subsidiary of the Coca-Cola Co., Matthew Michelsen, DA will be waiting on you to Vimeo the proper accounts.)
Dear Applesauce,  Why are manholes round?
                             -- Square Simon
Dear Simon, The ones in the cemetery are not!
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Board meetings 2nd Thursday
  4:30 PM, ZOOM, with exceptions
   Meeting ID:92794079436
April 23 - Service project at Rescue Mission; Contact Matthew Michelson
May 02, 21 - Service project opportunity at Pybus, Nick's Bricks (See below)
May 4 (Wednesday) - All-Service Club Luncheon (Steve Raible, speaker); no regular meeting
May 12-15 - District Conference in Wenatchee
May 21 - Rotary Pig Roast at Rotary Park, 3 PM.  Contact Pete
June 10 - Rotary Party at Historic Wells House.  Contact Pete.
Listing of officers and directors may be viewed on website home page.
Wish to propose a new member?  Download the form HERE.
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