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Wenatchee Rotary - October 21, 2021  
Thursday noon
   Volume LXXI - # 17
  HYBRID #28/ZOOM #79 
Watch here for any changes.
   October is Rotary's Economic &
Community Development  Month   
Attend via ZOOM OR in-person at
Pybus Market Event Center
recurring ZOOM access -
[Or dial 253-215-8782; then enter meeting ID - 484-306-077#]
JANUARY 29, 2022
Listing of officers and directors may be viewed on website home page.
Wish to propose a new member?  Download the form HERE.
With Dr. Malcom Butler
Presented by PP Allan Galbraith
    (ZOOM #79, Hybrid # 28)

Partnering to achieve optimal health and wellness with compassion and respect for all.

CVCH is a valued and sustainable community partner providing high quality, integrated, innovative and barrier-free healthcare. We practice and model healthful living and provide an environment where patients and employees feel inspired, welcomed, supported, and respected. 

Malcolm Butler, MD, Chief Medical Officer at CVCH

Medical School: University of Washington School of Medicine
Residency: Ventura County Medical Center
Fellowship: Ventura County Family Practice
Hometown: Bellevue, WA

Dr. Butler is a board certified family physician who has practiced in Wenatchee, WA since 1993. He has served as the Medical Director (currently Chief Medical Officer) of Columbia Valley Community Health since 1995.





See previous editions of the Appleseed.
The Hybrid/ZOOM meeting was opened and led by president Alice Meyer, with Jill Leonard & Thomas Everly as ZOOM hosts at the WV Museum/Cultural Center, Event Center.  Masking was required. Alice invited all to attend the board meeting later via ZOOM.  Access is in the calendar at bottom of newsletter.


[All announcements are repeated in the Appleseed.]
OKTOBERFEST 10/21.   PP Don Myers and Heidi host this event again outside at their home.  RSVP number attending?  Text Don    509 669 5500.
1030 Canyonside (#2 Canyon), 5:30 PM. Bring a side dish and a favorite beverage.  They will provide brats, buns and trimmings, and yes, even saurkraut. 
Bob Rowe Bob passed away  September 29, at age 95.  He was an active member 40+ years, becoming honorary in 2014.  Services are TBA.   See a pictorial list of deceased members HERE.
UPCOMING.All remaining 2021 meetings are Pybus except November 18 at Wenatchee Valley College (lunch snack provided); more later.   See above for next meeting.
Women in Rotary -   October 26, 5:30-7:00pm, Hilton Gardens on Worthen. See details and wish list below.
Weekly text reminders will continue.  
November 11.  Two things:
1)  Interact work party at Jacobsen Reserve, with president Susan Ballinger
2)  Sign up to take a veteran to lunch or dinner.  See Ford Barrett.
POLIO DAY FUNDRAISERURGENT.  Deadline for meal order was Monday 10/18, but is now extended to Thursday!
We join with all Rotary Clubs of the valley in raising funds for Polio-Plus by providing "From Scratch by Us" dinners at the close of Make-A-Difference Day (MADD), 10/23.   
Order online here - HERE , easy peasy.    Poster link . 
Volunteers needed 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. We will need people to help bag, label and carhop. The action is Saturday, Oct. 23 at Wenatchee Valley College Sexton Hall Parking Lot and Van Tassel Hall. To volunteer, sign up HERE.  We also need to buy more lasagna dinners for pick up that night. See above.
AUCTION UPDATE PPs Mike Kintner & Pete Van Well gave a progress report.  Another "What will Pete do?" is confirmed with donation of $1,000 by reliable Chuck Jinneman.  So, will it be liver and onions?  Also, Pete has an additional $3200 in procurement items, but LOTS more is needed, especially big items for the LIVE auction.  COVID contingency plans are being studied.
YOUTH NEWS.   Michelle Shermer reminded us about the essay contest deadline Friday 10/15, and encouraged getting some youth involved.  Extend deadline?
Laurie Flarity-White : "The Interact Club is participating in the “Be The Light Walk” to combat teen suicide. It is scheduled for November 5th, after school. I will announce the time, place and more details in the Appleseed as soon as I have them. Rotarians are welcomed and encouraged to attend and watch the wonderful Interact Club in action! 26 students in regular attendance currently!"
AFGHAN REFUGEE ASSISTANCE.   Kelli Scott"In the Peace Committee we have been talking about ways that we can help Afghan refugee families who are being re-settled in Washington state. I have rounded up some good resources ...  ways to donate, volunteer, etc.   
In the meantime, I am also in conversations with the state, Afghan service orgs, and with Earl Tilly about a larger initiative to invite Afghan families to settle in the Wenatchee Valley. That may not be feasible, but I will have updates on that in the coming weeks."   READ MUCH MORE HERE.  Contact Kelli HERE
GUESTS.       In person, we welcomed Marcela Covarrubias of Stemilt, and president Alice's daughter Alyssa Schroyer.
On ZOOM, Kathleen McNalty, president of Wenatchee Sunrise Rotary, in photo.
CHELAN GLASS RECYCLING Joe & Teri St. Jean visited Chelan Rotary's new operation.   
See "Just So Ya' Know" below.
NEW-MEMBERNatalie Williams has been approved by the board for membership.  She is proposed by Meliesa Tiegard.  She will be inducted soon.
APPLESAUCE 'Dear Applesauce' has returned.  Scroll way down.
DID YOU KNOW?   All meeting minutes of the Board of Directors are stored in our website archives?  To access, click HERE,   Login required.  The board met last week, largely focusing on disposition of our investment in the Milot, Haiti clean water system.
Rotary District Training.    Visit the D5060 home page  site and view the "Upcoming Events" panel on the right side of the page.  Click the link to register for any event.
Click HERE and/or HERE for the latest COVID-19 local health news.   
OCTOBER 14, 2021.
With Kevin Williams & Ken Robertson
Presented by PP Tom McNair
    (ZOOM #78, Hybrid # 27)
  1. ZOOM VIDEO HERE (only available 2-3 weeks)
  2. View YouTube video HERE.
  3. Previous APPLESEED (Oct. 14).
The speakers were introduced by sponsor Tom McNair.  Tom spoke glowingly about long-time friend from Tr-Cities, Kevin and their mutual interests.  Below are highlights from Kevin's talk on Long-Term Care Planning.

Washington state enacts first public long-term care insurance program
The WA Cares FundSM creates a publicly funded long-term care benefit for
Washingtonians that provides a basic level of long-term care protection
for working residents.
What we know.   The program is funded through a payroll tax.   Based on current expectations, employees are required to contribute 58 cents per every $100 of income through a payroll deduction.
Once vested, total lifetime benefits are $36,500/person that is adjusted for inflation
LTC benefits are only available to eligible participants in the state of Washington and are not transferable.
Individuals that own a private long-term care insurance policy are able to permanently opt out of the program by applying for an exemption with their employer.
To qualify for an exemption, the policy must be purchased by November 1, 2021, and the policyholder must apply for the exemption from October 1, 2021 to December 31, 2022.

When it’s effective.    The tax will be collected beginning January 1, 2022, unless the employee has opted out.  Benefits become available to eligible employees and retirees starting in 2025.  State employer education began in 2020 and is continuing.   .
Who it impacts .   All Washington workers
An option to participate is available for self-employed workers.
Note that employers are not required to make contributions.
Residents that move out of state for longer than five years will forfeit benefits and premiums.
See website HERE.   Get the FACTS HERE.
Donating to a Charity Using a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD)
See Ken's images below including typical scenarios.
Wenatchee Rotary Foundation (WRF) is a qualified charitable organization that can accept donations into its Operating account (Unrestricted) or its Endowment account (Restricted). Contributions through the WRF Legacy Society enable contributors to be founding members, if the contribution is made before July 1, 2022. 
If you are looking to make a non-deductible donation to charity, you may want to consider a QCD. If you are age 72 or older, IRS rules require you to take required minimum distributions (RMDs) each year from your tax-deferred retirement accounts. A QCD is a direct transfer of funds from your IRA, payable directly to a qualified charity, as described in the QCD provision in the Internal Revenue Code. Amounts distributed as a QCD can be counted toward satisfying your RMD for the year, up to $100,000. The QCD is excluded from your taxable income.
The account types that are eligible for QCDs include:
  • Traditional IRAs
  • Inherited IRAs
  • SEP IRA (inactive plans only*)
  • SIMPLE IRA (inactive plans only*)
 If you are 72, own an IRA, and donate to charity, QCDs may make sense for you; consult a tax advisor regarding your specific situation.
Attendance  (Advise secretary if you were not counted).
  ZOOM Museum Museum Guests
1 Bossenbrock* Anderson* Shermer Kevin Williams
2 Brink Barrett, PP Singhose Speaker
3 Cooper Bridges St. Jean  
4 De Robles Button, PP Stuller, PP Alyssa Schroyer
5 Dobbs Clifton Thornock Marcela Covarrubias
6 Flarity-White Everly Tigard Kathleen McNalty
7 Gellatly Heminger, PP Van Well, PP  
8 Jourdan Henkle    
9 Mendoza Jinneman*    
10 Michelsen Kintner, PP   *Honorary
11 Murray, PP Kulaas  
PP=past president
12 Nelson Leonard    
13 Parlette McNair, PP    
14 Peters, PP Meyer    
15 Price Monette    
16 Russell, PP* Petro    
17 Scott Provo    
18 Sharp Reed    
19 Smith,C Robertson    
20 Smith,J  Rose,PP    
21 Stach Ross    
22 Turner Rounds    
  Women in Rotary  
October 26, 5:30-7:00pm
Hilton Gardens on Worthen
Jill Leonard's details and WISH LIST.
No host beverages and time to socialize.   
As part of a service project, we will be collecting donations for the Women's Resource Center.   Bring items to the meeting and we will get them distributed.   
Wish list for Bruce Transitional Housing - Important Needs.
  1. Gifts or Gift cards to buy teens and tweens presents for Christmas and Birthdays. We have a stash of toys for kids 9 and under but we don’t have anything for the older kids and teens when the parents do not have the means to provide gifts.
  2. Two cordless hardwood vacuums or stick vacuums.
  3. Curtains for windows in resident rooms. We have 50 windows that need curtains size 42x84
  4. 30 kitchen size trash cans for resident rooms and also trash bags.
  5. Gift Cards to buy an interview outfit or clothing items they need when they find work (such as non-slip shoes or work boots).
  6. Gift cards for Supercuts or Great clips for job interviews or back to school haircuts.
  7. Laundry soap and dryer sheets.
  8. Hair brushes, combs, Shampoo, Conditioner, and bodywash.
  9. Tampons.
  10. Winter gloves and Beanies for men and women and children.
  11. Gift cards to buy snow pants and snow boots for kids.
  12. 3 electric can openers.
  13. Multipurpose cleaner.
  14. Diaper rash cream
    Just so ‘ya know…#30
Community Outreach with Joe St. Jean
#30 – Just so ‘ya know... Glass Rescue Project update (Photos below)
My title could have read “Lake Chelan Rotary’s Glass Rescue Project is a ‘smashing’ success”,
but I restrained myself.  I want to give a follow up report on Lake Chelan
Rotary’s Glass Rescue project while encouraging all Wenatchee Rotarians to support
this effort when possible.  You will recall that Julie McCoy of the Lake Chelan’s Rotary Club treated us to an informative program on their project at our July 22nd meeting.
This past Saturday the St. Jeans made the short trek to Chelan to recycle the glass
we had been collecting over the summer.  As you know, it is not possible to recycle
glass any longer in the Greater Wenatchee area and this seemed like an earth friendly solution
that might include a fun stop in Chelan.
We arrived to find a group of dedicated and enthusiastic Rotarians carrying out the glass rescuing project.  We drove up to their station, across the street from the Walmart entrance,
they unloaded our glass, weighed it, and carried it off to be recycled into glass sand and glass mulch.  Then we paid a small fee, ours was $1, for what I think was about 50 pounds of glass.
Teri and I stayed a while longer visiting with Julie about the program and watching the
process from start to finish.  While there we saw quite a few cars and trucks coming in, one of which was from Rio Vista, one of our favorite wineries, dropping off cases of empty bottles from their tasting rooms.  Julie reports that the club can handle more glass than they currently receive.   Recently the Glass Rescue project has received orders for glass sand to be used under some play equipment and that several orchards and vineyards are experimenting with the glass mulch/sand mixture as a good alternative to conventional mulch.  Let’s support this great effort by the Lake Chelan Rotary Club.  Their October hours are Saturday from 8 a.m. ‘til Noon, then in November hours from 10 a.m. ‘til Noon, weather permitting.
Yours in Rotary,  Joe St.Jean
Wenatchee Rotary Foundation, Scholarship Chair
Dear Applesauce:   How does a flock of Canada geese know where it's going?
               -- From: Love Them Honkers
Dear Honker Lover, thanks for your question.  All Canada geese are equipped with Gaggle maps, of course!  Keep looking up, and, all the while, watching where you step!



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