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Meeting of July 12 2018 - Volume LXVIII - No 02   
July begins the new Rotary year.
  • FRIEND-RAISER - 2018
     THIS WEEK - Parkside Mental Health, w/Dr. Julie Rickard     
Dr. Julie Rickard, the Program Director for American Behavioral Health Systems – Parkside, a new mental health residential treatment and crisis stabilization center here in Wenatchee, will speak to us about her work in the area of suicide prevention. 
Dr. Rickard founded the Suicide Prevention Coalition of North Central Washington in 2012 due to the rise in local suicides.  She is most well known throughout the Northwest region for the Primary Care Behavioral Health model of integrating psychologists into medical settings, coaching physicians, and suicide prevention.
Dr. Rickard will be introduced by Linda Evans Parlette, the Executive Director of the North Central Accountable Community of Health (NCACH), and a Wenatchee Rotary Rotarian since 1993.  Prior to accepting this position she was a member of the Washington State Senate and served the state’s 12th Legislative District for 20 years.
And don't forget our fabulous Friend Raiser on Saturday, 5:30 PM at Warm Springs Inn.  If you don't yet have a ticket, reserve on line now  or email Dawn Davies.
Greeters & Cashiers. Please try to arrive by 11:30 AM.   
These are our newest members and their sponsors
Kay  Gil Tamara Linda Chris Mike
Next week - Justice Steve Gonzalez
See other important future program details below.
    WEEK IN REVIEW, 7/05/18 -  President Pete Van Well      
This was our first meeting under the leadership of President Pete Van Well. It was an informative and entertaining meeting as President Pete demonstrated his exuberant and humorous style.  He used an effective but simple PowerPoint to summarize his week at the Rotary International Convention in Toronto and layout some objectives for the coming year.  
The meeting began with the induction of three new members:
Chris Goehner; Chris is a sales and financial manager the local Coca Cola distributor. He is sponsored by Mike Kintner and Kory Kalahar.
Tamara Caldwell Burns; Tamara has worked with the Association of Counties and Human Services. She partnered with Linda Parlette, her sponsor, formulating a bill assisting employment for people with disabilities.
Kay Gilbert; Kay has worn many hats having worked in Marketing, in Donor Development for non-profits and also in Real Estate. She is sponsored by Gil Sparks.
Don Myers gave the Rotary "Charge" encouraging them (and all of us) to consider the development of leadership in themselves; tasking them, and us all, to develop as mentors for others. Don characterized Rotary as a vehicle for investment at the personal, the club, the community and global levels which can bring new friendships and personal growth. With personal commitment we, as a group, can accomplish so much.  We welcome our new members and look forward to having new friends and finding ways to partner with them; appreciating their many skills, interests and talents.  Listen
President Pete encouraged members, new and old, to sign up for committees (especially Membership, Fellowship and World Community Service).  A reminder All Club Members are automatically on the Membership and Auction committees!  He then gave a summary of his participation at the Rotary International Convention in Toronto.  He worried that his reporting would be like watching pictures of someone else’s vacation. However, he could not help himself. He shared photos: 
  • himself and others with the RI president Barry Rassin and his wife,
  • the crowds of some of the 24,000 participants from 175 countries, 
  • Former first Lady Laura Bush, who gave a presentation, 
  • he caught a shot of Dick Reed with trains, 
  • and even a shot of the Toronto Tower.
 Best of all, he gave us information on RI goals and focus projects for the next year. Speakers over the three days of the conference represented RI ‘s work in the fields of focus.
  • Dr. Ann Hoauge has been working with Women’s Maternal Health in Africa, doing fistula repair surgery.
  • Carol Stein, CEO of UNICEF reported on the work of immunization teams in Africa. She shared anecdotes of the children and their great ability of even the poorest to share whatever they had. These children are an example for us all to increased compassion and generosity.
  • There was a call from RI President Barry Rassin and others to celebrate 50 years of Rotaract by extending the reach of such clubs and develop more of them.
  • Former First Lady, Laura Bush spoke of the importance of having women, especially mothers, involved in society and development projects. This has been demonstrated by the inclusion of mothers on local initiatives in the fight against Polio.
  • James Marigold, a designer of the Leap Pad, described its application in the Education of basic sanitation practices to women in Afghanistan. This tool is especially effective in teaching concepts to those who are illiterate, because those without written language have a different path to learning.
  • Jeremy Hurst District Governor for 7020 in the Caribbean and the Prime Minister of Haiti, Jack Guy Lafontant announced the new RI initiative, Han Wash.  The goal is for everyone in Haiti to have access to clean drinking water by 2030.  President Pete is excited and proud that our club International project is in sync with this initiative.  Our club project in Milot, Haiti continues with providing clean water and also education on the importance of sanitation: hand washing and having clean containers to maintain clean water from source to mouth.
  • This year’s RI Banner and Motto: Be the Inspiration (An ocean wave is made of droplets of water, when joined together they have great power. Similarly, each Rotary member, each club when joined with others around the world we effect great change and accomplish great tasks. As we find strength and power within ourselves we can inspire others.)
President Pete further spoke of our club business saying we can be proud of what we have done and will do.  Our projects and events for the year include :
  • Wine Down by the River 7/14 - Buy tickets, Bring Friends!
  • An August DG visit and potluck in Sunrise Circle
  • Completion of parking lot and picnic area at Rotary Park by the end of August
  • Polio Awareness Day in October
  • Fall District Assembly Day at Campbell’s Resort in Lake Chelan
  • Our Auction - Building Community Jan 26, 2019
  • Our 98 years of service
We are in for an active year ahead.  Get involved, Join Committees, Make Friends - Have Fun doing Good!
Respectfully submitted by Dee Curcio (minor secretarial edits)
Our famous photographer and polio hero Carmen Bossenbrock suffered a broken leg and is hospitalized.   She will be in therapy for up to 8 weeks.  Her major initial concern was who would be able to cover for her at the club.  And we need her as you can see by the quality of current photos.
Our new treasurer is Past-president Allan Galbraith.  He is now authorized to sign club checks.  Past-treasurer Mike Kintner explained the new dues billing process which is now mostly digital and quarterly, with lots of options.  But Mike asked that future questions be directed to the new treasurer.
Friend-Raiser July 14 - This excellent event is upon us.  See flyer below.  Tickets are $35 and available on line or email to Dawn.   Bring guests for the food, wine, and fun, especially anyone who may be a good Rotary candidate.  Also important is the need for volunteers to help setup or tear down.  RSVP here.
Bad news - Members lost during the final weeks of the year just past :  Jim Russell, Sandy Covey,  Sandor Cohen,  Steve Wright,  Tracy Yount, Lorna Klemanski, Casey Brown,   Kayla Van Winkle,  Kristen Hankins.  Most of these losses resulted from dropping our corporate membership arrangement.  Sandy Covey plans to return after resolving some health issues.
Good news - 3 New members inducted today....    
Linda Evans-Parlette introducing Tamara Burns
Gil Sparks, Kay Gilbert
Pres-elect Mike Kintner introducing Chris Goehner.  
Past-president Don Myers delivering an excellent 4-minute Rotary charge to all of us. 
We have just learned that we are way ahead of the curve on one of Rotary's key areas of focus - CLEAN WATER.  As many know, we are providing a desperately-needed clean-water source in Milot, HaitiGary Arseneault and others have been working on this for several years, and now Rotary International has caught up with us.  To make it more effective, Garry wants this to evolve into a district project, and toward that end we have started a preliminary information page on our website devoted to the project where you will also find this 14-minute video of a Haiti visit made a few years ago.  Jim Russell also previously created an informative Facebook Page.  More later.
There was a discussion about our Haiti projects at the Prosser conference by the District International group led by Carol Eamer at the direction of incoming DG Sherry Chamberlain.  We are starting to get traction within the district.  Our club has also provided financial support to the medical team traveling to Milot.
July 14 Friend-Raiser
Wine & Food Gala, Warm Springs Inn
"Wine Down by the Riverside"
September 20-22 - Zone Event
Zone Conference, Hotel Bonaventure, 
Montreal PQ
October 26 - 28 - District Event
Fall Assembly/AG Training
Lake Chelan - Campbell Resort
January 26, 2019
"Building Communities" AUCTION
We appreciate all of our sponsoring merchants & businesses.
For complete details, see our web site.
  • Alpine Aire H&C
  • CARPET ONE/Inside Design
  • Cashmere Valley Bank
  • CliftonLarsonAllen, CPA
  • Colonial Vista, assisted living
  • Confluence Health
  • Eagle Transfer
  • Edward Jones Investing
  • EXpress Employment Professionals
  • JetPro Carwash
  • Lifeline Ambulance
  • Noyd & Noyd
  • The Paradise Restaurant
  • The Thai Restaurant
  • Humane Society of WV
Don Myers 2017-18 more words of the week - 6-28-2018 update
In addition to the word applications presented June 28 and repeated in the last Appleseed, the following illustrations were submitted by former member and past-president Jim Russell.   Somehow Jim's words were missed or failed to make the cut.
Lest we forget Jim, click here for the photo slide show we presented one year ago)
"It’s a joy to honor Don as I savor the petrichor outside the door of our new home adjacent to a wetlands conservation area full of aquatic wildfowl that at times hyper-extends my anatidaephobia. During my peregrinations on the streets of Seattle or the trails at Trilogy at Redmond Ridge, I often cherish the months I was able to engage and enjoy being a Rotarian in Wenatchee Rotary during Don’s presidency, even as I miss his superman leadership.  My absence has been nugatory in diminishing the fond memories of ways he helped me engage and enjoy being a Rotarian in the four areas of life he holds in veneration:
  1. Faith. he strengthened my faith with his sermons from the head table -- even though they started getting longer and longer for a while. I still read them in the newsletter.
  2. Relationships: he reminded me of our opportunities to build meaningful, life changing relationships with youth, such as Liv, “See you later, Mate.” (I’d enjoy meeting her later, somewhere, somehow.).
  3. Learning: although he burdened me with so-far useless knowledge, such as 35,310 days of Rotary International since early October 2017, he engaged me with the Rotarian’s quote “We persevere until we deliver real, lasting solutions.”
  4. Fun & humor: he shared stories of children’s games with church youth after being an adult as a Rotarian in a Superman outfit or with a crown on his head.
Regrettably, I missed much and am sad I am unable to attend today’s honoring for his farewell (June 28). I want to add how much I enjoyed having him as Vice-President during my term. Congratulations on your fine leadership this year, Don."   Jim
We are excited about our 2018 Friend-Raiser, a fun-filled evening by the river.  
Great food, plus a cash wine bar.  Don't miss it!
Get tickets at the meeting, or online or email Dawn.  Volunteer to help ... RSVP
The club has not yet set a donation goal for the coming year.  But we will continue to collect pocket change in the Club-60 cups on the tables each week.  And as we continue our 10-year relationship with the Gates Foundation, since 2013, they have matched each dollar with $2 toward polio eradication.
Rotary members have played a key role in bringing the world to the brink of polio eradication. Their efforts have not only ended polio in 122 countries but also created a system for tackling myriad other health priorities, such as Ebola.  An amazing reduction of 99.9% of polio cases has been seen since we began in 1985.  Read about World Polio Day, October 24 (sixth annual).  Last week we collected $24.40 which will be matched 2 for 1.
Jul 12, 2018
Parkside Mental Health
Jul 19, 2018
Jul 26, 2018
Aug 02, 2018
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