Volume LXXII (72) - # 08:  August 25, 2022
With Dave Erickson
Sponsored by Mark Kulaas
For the last 15 years Dave Erickson has served the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Director for the City of Wenatchee and this year marks his 40th year working for municipalities in the field of parks and recreation. During his time in Wenatchee, he has successfully obtained over 12 million dollars in grant funding to help realize park projects ranging from the acquisition of over 1,000 acres of property in the Wenatchee Foothills to the acquisition and development of Hale Park.
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Program Last Week - "The Fentanyl Crisis" -   View ZOOM video.
Sheriff Brian Burnett was introduced by Sean Cooper.  Sheriff Burnett opened his talk by describing his tour of the Arizona border April 20-21 last year in Penal County.  One feature of the tour was a 5-hour helicopter flyover of the border region, of which he showed video footage including border agents chasing illegals.  Along with his colleagues, he was hosted by Penal Sheriff Mark Lamb, who informed them that their greatest challenge was smuggling and human trafficking, where cartels are smuggling fentanyl and other drugs into AZ (50 times more potent than heroin).
He discussed the 'Blake decision' leading to SB 5476 (which changed the term 'substance abuse' to 'substance use disorders').  
He mentioned sources stating that cartel activity is increasing in SE and 'middle Washington' which would include Wenatchee.  He further described some statistical history of drug seizures over the last few years in the Seattle region, including a frightening increase recently.  In fiscal year 2020, Homeland Security (HSI) made 32,000 drug-related arrests.  In terms of fentanyl pills, the Pinal County Sherriff reported that seizures increased for zero in 2018, to 1.2 million in 2021.  In Wenatchee, WPD began seizing the pills in November 2021 with 1500 pills.  In May 2022, the Columbia River Drug Task Force (CRDTF) seized 10,000 pills.  Regarding fentanyl-related deaths, numbers have increased from 6 in 2021, to 25 overdoses already in 2022.  Due to drug prevalence, officers carry Narcan to prevent fatal overdoses, and there are Narcan vending machines.  He explained the difference the difference between drug overdoses and drug poisonings. 
The CRDTF began in 1991; it now includes all local law-enforcement agencies after several evolutions, including HSI, and is led by the Chelan County Sheriff's Office (CCSO). They even have a regional SWAT team.  They are currently addressing matters involving drugs, gangs, guns, and quality-of-life issues (such as stolen property).  He related some anecdotes related to stolen property and second-generation gang members.  He is pleased with the positive level of collaboration between agencies (they meet together regularly).  Burnett used an informative PowerPoint; some images are shown below.  For more details View ZOOM video .   Previous Appleseed.  
CCSO on AZ Border Tour
Alarming increase in national fentanyl deaths
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Aug 25, 2022
Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services, City of Wenatchee
Sep 01, 2022
Computer Graphics at Wenatchee Valley College
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CONNECTIONS.   Inbound exchange student Rosario arrived at Seatac on Wednesday and was met by her first host family, Dr. Joel and Julie Banken.

Thursday evening Rotarians gathered for the WRF ice cream social.
CORVETTE CLUB AWARD.  Susan Albert presented an award of appreciation to the Community Outreach Committee (represented by Joe St. Jean and Eric Nelson) for the club's donation to the Wenatchee Corvette Club's scholarship program.  Two automotive students received scholarships and $500 each for tools.  There were 87 cars in the show July 15-16; Susan received many compliments on our beautiful city.
IMAGINE ROTARY - President Jill showed a heart-warming video which reflects what we do, and who we are (as Rotarians), even though it is taken from a Thai insurance commercial.

NEW MEMBER PROPOSAL.  (second posting) The board has approved the application of former RYE* student Katie Blair, sponsored by PP Kory Kalahar.  She was outbound 2006-07, to Nice, France.  Photo is from her amazing story in the Appleseed of April 02, 2020, when she was living in NYC near Broadway, a victim of COVID, from which she still suffers.
She will become a member if there are no objections after two Appleseed mentions.  Make comments here.
* Rotary Youth Exchange
FINES.  President Jill blamed PP Alice for giving her a "Past-President's" pin last year, but she fined herself for not noticing, while wearing it for an entire year!.  Alice blamed it on Secretary Frank who gave her the pin.

As Rotarians, we learn to adapt just like Scotty Bowman.  Scotty holds the record for most wins in league history, with 1,248 wins in the regular season and 223 in the Stanley Cup playoffs and ranks second all time for most Stanley Cup victories by a player, coach or executive with fourteen.


RLI Training will equip you to better serve your community and share the value of Rotary!  Plus, you will get to meet and collaborate with others in our district.   And it is rumored that President Jill is buying lunch.  :).     
Space is limited:   REGISTER FOR RLI WENATCHEE, September 17-18, 2022. Cordell & Neher Accounting Offices, 175 E. Penny Road #1, Wenatchee See agenda here
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Dear Applesauce:   How do people get discombobulated?  Have you ever seen someone who is combobulated?
                                     ----Losing it in Leavenworth

Dear Losing,  To the first part of your question, living in Leavenworth might be the root of your problem. Move somewhere with fewer obnoxious tourists like Rock Island or Palisades. As to the second part, yours truly has known many boobs over the years (just look at the past president list for example), but never anyone who is combobulated.

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