On February 1, 2021, Wenatchee Rotary began our second 100 years of service to the Wenatchee Valley and the world. 

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February 25, 2021     Volume LXX - # 33
February is Rotary's Peace/Conflict Resolution Month
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February 25: Parque Padrinos  
With Teresa Bendito -ZOOM #45, 
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Plus - Things we don't know about Jim Corcoran!
                 Thursday noon
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    WEEK IN REVIEW -  Feb. 18, 2021 (ZOOM #44)      
Part 1 -  Program -  Hearing Loss - A Silent Epidemic
    with Monique Hammond, RPh
See ZOOM video HERE .  [password = #29february18Hammond ]
  1. ZOOM videos are only available for 2-3 weeks.
  2. Permanent alternate (YouTube) video HERE.
  3. Previous APPLESEED (Feb. 18), contains speaker's bio.
  4. View some of Monique's PowerPoint slides below.
Monique was introduced by Rachel Evey as a Hearing & Health consultant, author and writer at Ralph D. Thomas & Associates, in Minneapolis, MN.   For more, visit Monique's WEBSITE.  and  Facebook page.  A few of her visuals are shown below.
Monique speaks from personal experience about hearing loss and its effects on life. It happened to her. Suddenly. According to her doctors a very loud sound exposure at a Church fundraiser contributed to her going deaf in her left ear in a matter of 4 hours. There went the hospital pharmacist job!  Today, she is on a mission to prevent noise-induced hearing loss, a premature and accelerated aging of the ears. Excessively loud sound is the second leading cause of hearing loss worldwide. The leading cause is still aging. However, Noise-induced hearing loss is preventable and becomes a matter of choice.
Why is hearing loss an issue?
  1. The numbers are on the rise in every age sector. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, 1 in 5 Americans age 12 and over has hearing loss significant enough to interfere with daily communication.
  2. As such, hearing loss becomes a serious quality-of-life issue at any age. It affects people socially, emotionally, education-wise, professionally and financially. Johns Hopkins Research reports possible ties between hearing loss and dementia.
  3. Prolonged and repeated exposures to excessively loud sound damage the inner-ear hearing cells and the hearing nerve(s).
This damage is permanent. It is cumulative BUT preventable.
  1. Good news: We have a lot of power over the volume in our lives, but must choose to act. Turn down the volume; protect yourselves in loud places; read the instructions on earplug packages; teach the young people; lead by example.
  2. Unprotected ears never ever get used to excessive noise/sound levels. They only become the deafer to it. 
For all these reasons, the time to learn and to act for ourselves, our families and communities is NOW. 



See previous editions of the Appleseed for other important notes
The meeting was opened and led by president Kory Kalahar, as he welcomed all members and guests. 
  • District News, again.  As you have heard from DG Richard, we are putting together a zone wide Foundation Gala. I’ve been tasked with putting together a district wide committee of volunteers to help me coordinate and champion this event for D5060.
  • Muffy.  Keep Muffy in your thoughts and prayers. Muffy just had hip surgery yesterday and is on the mend. 
  • Readers.  An ask from the Community Foundation scholarship program for scholarship readers.  Great service opportunity for anyone in our club who has the time and interest.  She asks folks to respond by Feb. 15, so it is time sensitive. This is not tied to our Wenatchee Rotary Foundation scholarship program as  we have our committee set for this scholarship season.  It may be too late, but if you have a serious interest, contact Joe or Julie Mott <>.
  • Allan.  10 Things you Don’t Know About a Fellow Rotarian -  Allan Galbraith.  See below.
  • Items added later......
  • Rotary Grants AvailableJoe St. Jean says:  "Good News!  Your Wenatchee Rotary Community Outreach committee is excited to announce that they will be accepting spring grant applications starting March 1.  The committee members, Susan Albert, Eric Nelson, and Joe St. Jean, are pleased that, once again, the Club has allocated funds for the intent of helping our local community.  We have a tremendous “track record” of doing that in a variety of ways in the past.  The ideal projects for your committee to consider are those that provide a needed service or those that support a worthy cause.  As always, we are encouraging applications where Rotarians can be directly involved in fulfilling our motto of “Service above Self.”    The Community Outreach updated grant application can be found under “Grants” on the header section of Wenatchee Rotary’s website starting March 1.  This year’s deadline for application will be March 31."
  • IMPORTANT DISTRICT TRAINING.   Excellent no-cost Rotary training opportunities are upcoming on ZOOM, especially for new members (but all Rotarians can benefit). View the list and register HERE.   
Ten (or more) things we didn't know about PP Allan Galbraith (1995-96).  Allan followed Judy Conner as club  president.  Allan was proud to announce turning age 66 last Tuesday.
Photos show Allan then and now.  Most of his visuals are shown below.
1. He was in Rotary during the "Reign of Judy Conner" and followed her as president. They enjoyed pranking each other.
2.  He joined Rotary because his wife had been a Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) student.
3.  Parents were Graham & Joanne, both well educated and very smart.  Graham grew up on a ranch in S. central Montana, then obtained two engineering degrees at WSU.  After retirement he farmed in Idaho, so that Allan grew up on a large farm, raising sheep, grain and potatoes, then decided to become a farmer himself, raising sheep, hogs, and llamas.
4. Allan enjoys sports, and ran in the 1978 Seattle Marathon, placing 23rd.  Daughter Lisa set a school record in pole vault, oldest son was All American runner for Lewis-Clark State.  
5. During law school, Allan enrolled in ballet classes where he met his wife, Lorena. 
6. He joined Rotary in 1983, at age 27.
7. Oldest son Cole served as a RYE student in Berlin Germany and returned to study German at UW, receiving a Fulbright scholarship.  He then returned to Europe to teach English in Austria, and then back to Seattle to teach German to kids.
8. Allan suffered a stroke in 2013, ceasing Rotary participation for a few years during recovery.  It was frustrating but seen in some ways as a positive experience, teaching some valuable life lessons, like accepting things beyond his control.
9. He loves learning new things, especially about other people.
The family
Mom and Dad.
The kids, sheep raisers
The farm
The kids setting collegiate sports records
Daughter has run two Boston marathons
Allan and Lorena love the outdoors
Cole at his teaching school.

Next victim -  Jim Corcoran.  These members have already told their story :

1. Kory Kalahar
2. Leonard Singhose
3. Jil Leonard
4. Phil Rasmussen (Raz)
5. Laurel Turner
6. Tom Ross
7. Rich Peters
8. Gary Provo
9. Linda Parlette
10. Dawn Davies
11. Gene Anderson
12. Alicia Nakata
13. Dorry Foster
14. Claudia DeRobles
15. Ford Barrett
16. Tom McNair
17. Mark McCants
18. Sean Cooper
19. Russ Speidel
20. Andy Petro
21. Pete Van Well
22. Frank Clifton
23. Sue Rose
24. Judy Conner
25. Allan Galbraith
26. Jim Corcoran?


      With Teresa Bendito

Teresa Bendito is a community organizer and co‐founder of Parque Padrinos, a grassroots community organization that leads park advocacy, relationship building, and culturally relevant outdoor experiences in South Wenatchee, Washington. Teresa is currently completing an accounting degree at Central Washington University. She is the daughter of Mexican immigrants, who instilled in her the importance of civic engagement and public service, and she’s served in a variety of leadership and volunteer roles at organizations in her community, including the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, the Community for the Advancement of Family Education (CAFÉ), the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation, and The Trust for Public Land. 

Teresa is the recipient of several honors and awards, including the Forward Award from the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition and the Our Valley, Our Future’s “One Community Award” in recognition of her role in co‐founding Parque Padrinos, advancing a community vision for a neighborhood park renovation in her neighborhood, and collaborating with others to break down institutional and cultural barriers in Wenatchee. Teresa is passionate about leveraging diversity, placemaking, and civic engagement activities to address the needs of her community. 

Recent news story about Teresa...    9/24/19 Wenatchee World, Rufus Woods  

      With Paul Hessburg

Paul Hessburg is a research ecologist who builds models of historical and modern era conditions in large forests and studies what factors make them behave as they do. In fact, much of his research is trying to decipher what is normal. In his research, Hessburg wants to know how the forests we inherited worked before we changed them. What did "natural" look like, and what specifically did we change about naturalness? What's still working well, and what could use a hand down?

Hessburg has spent most of his adult life (35 years) in his dream job. He works for the USDA, Forest Service, at the Pacific Northwest Research Station, where he is stationed at a field laboratory in Wenatchee, WA, US. That's located about five blocks just east of heaven, he says. He has a doctorate in Forest Pathology from Oregon State University, and he has been working in forestry for 40 years. He's also an Affiliate Professor at the University of Washington, Seattle, USA. 

In 2017, Hessburg was awarded his Research Station's Distinguished Scientist Award, and he will be awarded his Agencies' Distinguished Scientist Award for 2017, in February of 2018.   View his 'TED' Talk HERE.

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9 Dudek   Mickey   Smith,C    
10 Evey   Nelson   Sturgeon    
11 Galbraith   Parlette        
12 Jinneman   Peters        
Feb 25, 2021
Parque Padrinos
Mar 04, 2021
Landscapes and Wildfires
Mar 11, 2021
Washington Business and Economic Developement
Mar 18, 2021
Triple Point Program
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