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Meeting of May 31, 2018 - Volume LXVII - No 48   
May is Rotary's "Youth Service" month.
photo by John McDarment
photo edit by Britt Dudek
Rotary Youth Exchange, with Giorgio Casiroli and Andy Petro.   
Giorgio (Italy) will give an overview of his year in Wenatchee and will tell us about his home and family.
Greeters & Cashiers. Please try to arrive by 11:30 AM. 
Ruth  Daryl Gil Carin
We remain committed to the principles that
we feel are best summarized as
"the little Bank with the big circle of friends"   
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Next week -  Classification talk by Joel Lhamon (11/17)
    WEEK IN REVIEW - 5/24/18 -  Two Memorable Events   
Surprise award presented to Carmen Bossenbrock in her 90th birthday month!
In 1953 when Wenatchee Rotary member Carmen Bossenbrock began working as a physical therapist with polio patients in Wenatchee, being the recipient of the first-ever Rotary District 5060 "Polio Achievement Award" decades later was never on her mind.
During last week’s meeting, just days shy of her 90th birthday, Rotary 5060 District Governor Bill Jenkin surprised Carmen with the award, explaining that she had been nominated for other service recognitions, but her lifetime dedication deserved special distinction.  Bill traveled from Prosser, WA, just for this purpose.
The large audience, many guests attending just to honor her (including her care-giver and her brother) learned that in 1987, she was only the second female inducted into the Wenatchee Rotary Club, but the club had previously helped support her at Stanford University, where she attended graduate school before returning to Wenatchee at the height of the polio crisis.  At one time, she was the only physical therapist in the North Central Washington region, Jenkin said.  She was then presented with a large birthday cake, and received a standing ovation accompanied by singing of 'Happy Birthday'.  See photos and more about Carmen's history below.
Other noted Wenatchee Rotarians also received recognition. Jenkin presented current president Don Myers the “Changemaker Award,” highlighting his board retreats and planning efforts this past year.  Jim Russell received a certificate of appreciation from End Polio Now because of his efforts to raise over $1 million toward that cause.  See photos below.  Click here to listen to Bill's presentation - AUDIO .
Sports Medicine at WHS.  
The healthcare theme continued with the program by Dale Blair, Wenatchee High School Sports Medicine Instructor and Athletic Trainer, who recently received the “Secondary School Athletic Trainers Committee (SSATC) 2018 Servant’s Heart Award."  The SSATC is part of the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA), according to the high school website.  See Dale's bio in last week's Appleseed.
When Blair first started the sports medicine program in 1992 with three students, it was one of the first five programs in the state. Now, the program fills six classroom sections and a practicum with more than 200 students.
As one of the most popular programs on campus, students are able to evaluate, treat and learn about more intricate sports injuries.  Students even dissect a chicken leg to learn about torn ligaments, and advanced students are able to perform the procedure with power tools to simulate an ACL reconstruction. Or, they use Play Dough to simulate 3-D bone fractures.
The program and many individual students have received national recognition for their work, but perhaps the most inspiring for them are the class visits to the Seahawk’s Headquarters and the University of Washington where they get a behind-the-scenes look at the role of sports medicine.  This excellent program was sponsored by Susan Albert.
Click here to listen to Dale's talk - AUDIO
Respectfully submitted by reporter Michelle Shermer (minor edits by the secretary).
Carmen & Gloria Waddell Carmen & Penny Carpenter Carmen & her birthday card.
The plaque presented to Carmen is a new district 5060 award, being given for the first time.  It is titled "The Polio Achievement Award".  It reads :  "This award is presented to Carmen Bossenbrock, Rotary Club of Wenatchee, in recognition of your longtime commitment to the awareness and eradication of polio worldwide."
Many special guests were recognized, including ...
District 5060 officers Others
ADG Carol Adamson John McDarment and Betsy
PDG Jim Adamson Polio survivor Gloria Waddell
DGD Richard DeRock
Prospective members Chris Goehner, Michelle Price
DG Aide Rob Tidd Tamara Burns & Janet Petrie
Leavenworth P/E Penny Carpenter Kay Sparks
  Douglas Calegario & David Davin
Friend-Raiser event July 14, "Wine Down by the Riverside".  Tickets at $35 are on sale at each meeting (and online here.) [Note - if you have trouble doing this please reply to the secretary]
Polio - we topped our $4,000 goal last week, thanks to a very generous gift from Terry Stuller.  Our Facebook page has a story on polio progress, from the New York Times.
Marble-draw next week will be carried to completion for a sizable amount.
Word of the Week :  "Gadzookery" - Use of archaisms.  Example - "Thinking he sounded smart and theological, Don would often drop archaisms into his conversations like thine and begat".
New-Member proposals.
May 24 - The board has approved for membership:
Michelle Price, North Central ESD Superintendent, transferring from Moses Lake Rotary, proposed by Marcia Henkle.
Classification is education.      
Chris Goehner, proposed by Mike Kintner; sales management, Coca Cola Co.; Classification is sales.  For more on Chris, see recent Appleseed (Review).
Next week there will be a refresher article on proposing new members.

     ABOUT CARMEN     
    Carmen Bossenbrock is an 89-year-young Rotarian. She was the second female inducted in Wenatchee Rotary in 1987, and has remained active ever since.
Carmen is a pear grower and retired physical therapist. She is club photographer, multiple Paul Harris Fellow, Paul Scea Fellow (Wenatchee Rotary Foundation), and a member of the RI Foundation committee and Polioplus committee.
Her first experience with Wenatchee Rotary was as a graduate student. The club gave her a $500 scholarship to attend Stanford to receive he physical therapy degree. She returned to the Wenatchee area with her degree in 1953 during the height of the polio outbreak in the region. At one point from the mid to late 50s, Carmen was the only physical therapist in North Central Washington.
Dr. Edward Cadman commented that she spent long days and nights at the Deaconess Hospital in Wenatchee treating polio victims rubbing knots out of sore muscles and massaging non-functioning limbs to prevent atrophy.
During this time, Carmen again approached Wenatchee Rotary. She asked for a $50 grant to buy craft supplies to furnish a gift counter at the hospital to raise funds for the fledgling Physical Therapy Guild. The guild would go on to purchase $360,000.00 in PT equipment for the hospital from the 1950s to 1970s.
She has said Rotary must complete its mission and eradicate polio, and she plans to stick around until that day arrives!  She remains a steadfast supporter of PolioPlus and actively participates in the club’s Polio Day fundraiser and celebration.
The club named her its Polio Champion in 2016.
From the head table
Don Myers
member photo
"Thanks, but that's not why I did it...". Probably not an accurate quotation, but that was the context when I gave a certain Rotarian a Starbucks card to thank him for his generosity. (I won't tell people who it was, Terry... oops...)
You don't serve because you expect reward or recognition. Carmen didn't selflessly care for polio patients because she thought she'd get an award 60 years later. She served, Terry gave, you help & nurture & sacrifice & encourage because it's the right thing to do. We've all been given much, and it's an honor & privilege to give back. 
That's why I like being a Rotarian, why I like hanging around with all of you. We don't serve so we get recognized, though it's humbling when we do. Thanks very much for the great honor you gave me today; it was out of the blue & very touching. 
Let's all keep working, giving, serving and inviting others to join us in the journey. It makes the days brighter & the world better. 
Wenatchee Rotary Foundation
Wenatchee Rotarians:   Your Wenatchee Rotary Foundation (WRF) will host our annual meeting during our regular lunch meeting on June 14th.   Each member of our Club is a voting member of the WRF.  Among other agenda items we will be voting for three new Board Members.  Currently serving and again on the ballot are Joe St. Jean, Alice Meyer and Bill Monnette.  Please submit any additional nominations to Tom Ross via e-mail at
Your Foundation does a tremendous service to this community and provides generous scholarships to many (often needy) young people each year.  We would like to do more.  Our corpus is well managed by the Community Foundation.  Traditionally your board will request donations to our foundation during this meeting.  Please be prepared with checks or pledges on June 14th. 
June 14 - Annual Meeting
Wenatchee Rotary Foundation
Annual Meeting
June 15 - District Event
DG Installation, Kamloops
June 23-27 - RI Event
RI Convention - Toronto
June 27 - End of Club Year
President's Appreciation
July 14 "Friend"raiser
Wine & Food Gala, Warm Springs Inn
"Wine Down by the Riverside"
September 20-22 - Zone Event
Zone Conference, Hotel Boneventure, Montreal PQ
January 26, 2019
"Building Communities" AUCTION
We appreciate all of our sponsoring merchants & businesses.
For complete details, see our web site.
  • Alpine Aire H&C
  • CARPET ONE/Inside Design
  • Cashmere Valley Bank
  • CliftonLarsonAllen, CPA
  • Colonial Vista, assisted living
  • Confluence Health
  • Eagle Transfer
  • Edward Jones Investing
  • EXpress Employment Professionals
  • JetPro Carwash
  • Lifeline Ambulance
  • Noyd & Noyd
  • The Paradise Restaurant
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  • Humane Society of WV
End Polio Now/Club 60 - Approximate totals collected:
Goal this Rotary year = $4,000, or $12,000 with Gates Foundation 2-for-1 match (20,040 lives saved).  Donations by club members on May 24 = $249.63 thus bringing our total (since July 1) to $4136!   or  total YTD = $3887, or $12,409 with the Gates match.  This equates to 20,724 lives saved.   Thanks to Terry Stuller for vaulting us over the top!
Donated by the public on World Polio Day = $2675.
Wenatchee Rotary Officers
President 2017-18: 
     Don Myers
Pres. Elect: 
     Pete Van Well
     Frank Clifton
     Mike Kintner
The mission of the wenatchee Rotary
Foundation (WRF) is to improve
educational opportunities for citizens
living in the greater Wenatchee area. 
Funding is through immediate and
deferred giving from current and past
club members.  Each club member in good
standing id also a member of WRF.
President, Tom Ross;
VP, Jay Smith;
Treasurer, Heidi Myers;
Secretary, Bill Monnette.
Board Members: 
Joe St. Jean, Ruth Esparza,
Alice Meyer, Susan Albert,
Dee Curcio,
Pete Van Well (ex officio)
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