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Meeting of January 11, 2018 - Volume LXVII - No 28   
From the head table
Don Myers
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“It is time for us all to stand and cheer for the doer, the achiever – the one who recognizes the challenges and does something about it.”
                                                          Vince Lombardi
Yesterday in Safeway I was deeply encouraged by a man I haven’t seen in years – decades? – who took the time to follow and catch up with me in the condiments aisle and thank me for the impact Heidi and I had on his daughter a long time ago.  Simple, quietly spoken words that absolutely made our day.
I’m convinced that we all have the potential to do the same for people around us every day – to be encouragers.  Maybe it’s a simple recognition of a task well done at work, or better yet a character quality noticed and spoken of.  Or a word of thanks to a spouse or child for a job they do as part of the daily routine.  Or perhaps a written note to someone in your past who made a difference.
Every one of us appreciates being encouraged, and we often function better in life when we are.   Let’s apply the last rule of the Four Way Test today by encouraging someone.  You may not see the results, but have no doubt that the impact will be felt.

Meeting Program January 11, 2018
Dawn Collings will stand in for Sandy Cohen this week to give us an overview of Wells House.
She serves as Wells House Coordinator/Facility Rentals Manager for the Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center.    Tom McNair will introduce Dawn and knows some interesting things about her.
Presentation Outline –
                Wells House Trivia
                Capital Projects
                Facility Rental
                Opportunities to Support Wells House
Rotary Ambassadors - Greeters/Cashiers:
Dick ReedDan RodgersSue RoseTracy Hazen
Week in Review Jan. 4, 2018
This week’s program was the Classification Talk by Brett Riley.
Brett joined our club in August 2017.  He and his wife Christina have 5 children (and 2 kid goats).   Brett is the VP of Administrative Services at Wenatchee Valley College.  He is active in the Boys Scouts and has joined our Interact Committee.  One of his hobbies is gardening; he especially likes to experiment with growing plants not normally found in this climate zone.  He is also an avid home brewer.  Christina works as an interior Designer and is active at St. Joe’s School.  Brett earned a BS in Neurological Science from WSU, one of 3 in his graduating class – the first class west of the Mississippi. He then began a pursuit of a PHD, 9 months at WSU and then 8 years in Michigan studying REM sleep and memory.  
Family issues brought him back to WA State.  This began a career change with a new job at Columbia Basin College (CBC) as Director of Grants Management,  writing grants and overseeing capital projects.  Under his management  (CBC) accomplished:  1. Building the largest planetarium in WA State  2. Erecting a beautiful 80,000 square foot social services building (innovative and sought input from faculty, and students).  3. Created a combination Clinic and Classroom building as a public/private partnership of Catholic Medical Center with CBC. This joint effort sought input from WSU, UW, and the Pacific University of Health Science.  The architects continued this collaborative style by seeking advice and input from nurses, nurse assistants and medical techs for the room layout.  With the completion of this clinic and nursing program, the area and college moved from having a shortage of nurses to being an exporter of nurses.   CBC was also able to design and implement a new Nuclear Technology program, from idea to completion in 9 months.  The success and speed for completion of this project again showed Brett the value community colleges add to the community.  Brett sees the same drive toward excellence and expanded opportunity here in Wenatchee.  WVC has two new BS programs; Nursing and Engineering Technology.  The college is developing future programs in Agriculture and Education.     
Brett is attentive to cultural change affecting our students and institutions.  He understands the complexities of finances from state and federal sources, and is examining how the economy and employment affect enrollment.  He sees how technological innovations and on line courses are creating competition for brick and mortar institutions.  Brett explained his view that we as individuals and institutions need to accept and understand the changes arounds us; we must be innovative and flexible and adapt.
Brett loves the challenge of working with his community to understand what makes sense for the community.  He loves going to graduations and sharing the joy and satisfaction of the students.  He is compassionate and works with students if changes in their lives force them to withdraw from school.  He is attentive to honoring contracts to sustain good labor relations at the college.  We could all see what an energetic visionary person he is and what a gift he is to WVC and to our community.
Hear AUDIO of Brett's talk.
Appleseed.  President Don spoke of the move to a digital format .  We hope to see more reports about club activities ; Inclusions from our Interact Club, our Community Grants Committee,  updates from our Exchange Students for example.  Anyone wanting a copy mailed to them can contact Frank 919-922-6261 email
Youth exchange committee seeks additional members. We need (1)  help with transportation of students to and from our meetings, (2)  a social-media-savvy person to keep up communication with our students abroad, (3) another to assist with our students in residence here in Wenatchee. Please contact Andy or Dee.
Interact News.  Our Interact Club is asking for books for beginning readers thru elementary level skills. This is a project involving the Rotary Club of Tonga, a Peace Corp Volunteer teaching English and OUR Interact Club. Please bring books (new or used) to any meeting in January.
If you wish Laurie Flarity-White (ph: 662-3359) will come and pick them up from you. Let’s support these young Rotarians in their service effort! 
Carmen and Liv had a girls' chat about Liv's great U.S. tour.

Did you know?   Wenatchee Rotary is now a Corporation, as soon as the state approves our DOCUMENTATION.  As you might imagine, this was done for legal protection.

Our club's history of generous giving.  Wenatchee Rotary has long been recognized for generous giving and fund-raising.  Click here to see a list of service projects going back to 1922.

District Conference news.

Happy New Year from us, the committee! Now is an excellent time to commit to improving your Rotary experience by attending the 5060 District Conference May 17-19 in Prosser, WA.   Purchase your tickets here and get ready to meet other Rotarians, get informed and engaged, and have an amazing weekend in wine country!    Hope to see you in May.   The 2018 District Conference Committee



Congratulations again to all of our newly-elected officers.
Did you know that board members must agree to future nomination for president?
Kory Kalahar
President 2020-21
Claudia DeRobles
Board Member 2018-21
Andy Petro
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Gary Provo
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Sponsor of the Week
Paradise Restaurant  
334 N Wenatchee Ave
A unique local restaurant that offers diverse flavors.
Come try our home style meals and enjoy a piece of pie.
General Manager
Maria Elena Hernandez

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End Polio Now/Club 60 - Approximate totals collected:
Our goal this Rotary year is $4,000 through the cups and other fundraisers, or $12,000 with the Gates Foundation 2-for-1 match; this amount results in 20,040 lives saved.  Donations by club members on Jan. 4 = $47.88, thus bringing our total (since July 1) to $2894 or $8681 with the Gates match.  This equates to 14,498 lives saved.
        $2894                                    $4000
Additionally, the amount donated by the public on World Polio Day = $2675.
Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.
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