Wenatchee Rotary  -  Meeting via ZOOM temporarily  
June 25, 2020  - 6 PM
Volume LXIX - No 50
June is Rotary Fellowship Month
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Makeup opportunities at area clubs.  (Area 8)
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* Polio-Plus donations have exceeded our goal through personal giving, especially that of PP Jim Russell and wife Karen in 2019.  Final results will be reported at year-end.
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RI Convention online, 6/20-26!  First ever virtual convention. 
During the pandemic, our regular meetings continue online (virtual) using ZOOM technology.  Currently, all meetings are at 6 PM each Thursday.  To join in CLICK HERE.   Any Rotarian or friend of Rotary may attend. 
All will remain in a "Waiting Room" until the host arrives.
If no digital access, call in by phone :  Dial 669-900-6833; when asked, enter meeting ID - 484-306-077#, then #.
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    WEEK IN REVIEW -  June 18 (ZOOM #13)      
   Program:   Saudi-American Justice Project  
With Bethany Alhaidari
   The speaker requests we not share any media recordings at this time.
See announcements for video of her introduction.
The speaker was introduced by sponsor Gil Sparks, who explained that Bethany is the daughter of a Cashmere pastor and is fighting a court battle to remain in the US.   Bethany shared that she is from Wenatchee, graduating from Cashmere high school and how she traveled the world beginning at age 19.  Ending up in Saudi Arabia in 2011 after living in Tunisia where she to work as a teacher;  she was fascinated by the "Arab Spring" while living in Tunisia, where she observed people fighting for basic human rights.  She has a masters in Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies, and is a PhD candidate in International Human Rights Law.  She feels fortunate to have worked with some "incredible human rights activists", some of whom are still in prison there.  She herself went to prison for doing yoga in public (she owned a yoga studio there).
She used a PowerPoint to explain her background and work.  It included the page shown below which shows photos of her and her 5-year-old daughter at the yoga studio, a view of Riyadh (Saudi capital), and the university where she was working as a teacher in the segregated "female section".    There she married a Saudi citizen. 
She soon will be defending her PhD thesis, which focuses on human rights of Saudi citizens in that absolute monarchy where the constitution restricts freedom of religion.  She conducted several surveys of citizens which revealed than a high percentage resent their lack of basic freedoms.  Her talk included many of her findings in detail.
In court there, she was denied custody of her daughter until she fought back using her knowledge and skills, and she was supported by the US embassy on the basis of fairness.   A difficult settlement gave her limited and temporary rights to travel with her daughter.  Since then, she has met many women in similar or worse situations, mostly Americans, thus she started the non-profit SAJP, which now is working with 46 US citizens who are stuck in Saudi Arabia.  That number is increasing rapidly.  She also works with the Center for International Progress  to develop federal legislation on this topic,  and she works for "Freedom Forward", a CIP project.
The SAJP seeks to provide advocacy and support to American mothers and their children stuck in Saudi Arabia.  "The program will introduce some of the findings of my PhD research in Saudi Arabia, my experience there in opening the first female & foreign owned start-up company, and my own struggle with the Saudi legal system and human rights violations, which led to me leaving it all behind. I will highlight how we were able to advocate and eventually get out, and how the Saudi American Justice Project serves to help other mothers and their children in similar circumstances."
 Read about  Bethany Alhaidari  in the prior APPLESEED .  


  June 18  - ZOOM Meeting #13  
See previous editions of the Appleseed for other important notes
(Through speaker introduction & opening statement)  
[password - 9S$mU238 ]
  • Lame Duck President Mike opened the ZOOM meeting to about 30 members and a few guests as listed below, with Jill Leonard and Thomas Everly as ZOOM hosts.
  • RYE students.  Mike encouraged members to consider ways to do things with inbound Beatrice who departs soon.  She has enjoyed learning golf with Tom McNair and his friend.
  • Rotary International Virtual Convention (first ever), June 20-26, no cost!  See Special Announcement above.  No Rotarian should miss this opportunity!
  • COVID stories.  Send your stories to Jill's email HERE
  • Mystery Rotarian :  Jim Brink was named for June 18 as the FINAL Mystery Rotarian.  Jim was not on the zoom feed as he was out preparing to protect his home from the first range fire of the season.
  • Next week.  PP Pete Van Well conducts the annual presidential transfer of power, aka ROAST.
  • "Stuff the Bus" - Rob Tidd was expected but was unable to attend.  For info click HERE
  • Useless Trivia.  Crayola crayons, begun in 1864.  The name means "oily chalk".  Read Crayola history HERE
Business of the week.  Appleseed may soon begin promoting a "business of the week".  Those interested may send the secretary some details to display, like a logo, motto, contact info, etc.  There will be a small annual fee.
The meeting was arranged and hosted by Jill and Thomas, using Jill Leonard's ZOOM account.
Attendance:  Mike, Kory, Sue, Eric, Ford, Russ, Carin, Muffy, Ken, Joe, Raz, Dick, Dawn,   Linda, Rich P., Carmen, Gene, Leonard, Pete, Gil,  Allan, Britt, Dante,Shannon, Bill Monnette, Jim Russell, Jim Corcoran, Mark K.  Frank C.
Guests:   Bev Hoyt & Darlene Frack, Julie Robertson, several spouses off-camera, Jeff Pierce (Fire Marshall at Holden Village)
Speaker :  Bethany Alhaidari - Saudi-American Justice Project
Joe St. Jean was omitted last week.
(Please advise Frank if he omitted you)
Russ Speidel always has good questions. PP Jim Russell (2016-17), honorary  
Lame Duck Mike Kintner presiding for the final time Ken Robertson & daughter Julie  
  June 25  -  END OF YEAR  
With Pete Van Well and the Past Presidents
Banker, loving husband, devoted son, father, grandfather, biker, singer, dedicated Rotarian and wine connoisseur. Everyone thinks they know the real Mike Kintner. But how much do we really know about the man in the sweater vest, underneath that nice-guy veneer? The Past Presidents’ Committee has been diligently making Frank work for months to uncover the truth (hey, the secretary always does the heavy lifting for the president), and we are prepared to expose all (no, we will be clothed…get your minds out of the gutter)!
                Join us Thursday, June 25, at 6 p.m. on ZOOM to discover the shocking answers! As it is a virtual meeting, there are no excuses for not being there (unless another fire breaks out in The Foothills and those of you above Western are told to evacuate). You all have your instructions on preparing for the big evening, and you do not want to cross the Past Presidents’ Committee. We will instruct Frank to dig through your trash cans next!
End of Year, Peaceful Transfer of Power, Presidential Roast/Recognition/Tribute, Installation of officers - some of the names traditionally assigned to the final meeting of the Rotary year as we transfer the leadership reins.  All will agree, it has been a great year to be a Rotarian - Oh Yeah!  Will there be more mystery?  Will there be more useless trivia?
As we enjoy the last meeting that President Mike will preside over this week and its serious topic, be sure not to miss his send off next week.   Don't miss the laughs and fun of this transition meeting - always sure to entertain!
  July 02  -  THE YEAR AHEAD  
With a video by incoming DG Richard DeRock
Based in Wenatchee, we serve
customers throughout
North Central Washington. 
Your home and comfort are
important to us.
Hello members,
As a service club, we need to spotlight our service to the community and the world.  Can you please share with me what you are doing during this time to make a difference.  I know the majority of us are not just sitting at home watching Netflix 24/7.    Many of us are still working,  making masks, reaching out to people or supporting small business, etc.    Please send me an email at with the details of how you and your family are engaged to make a difference in our pandemic world.  I would love concrete facts and photos speak volumes.  I will be sharing on our social media channels.  If you want to share what you are doing, but don’t want to be identified, just let me know!    Thank you for helping me show the world why today is a great day to be a Rotarian!   

Jill Leonard
Board meetings 3rd Thursday
4:30 PM, ZOOM
Meeting ID: 972 9929 0991
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Future meetings TBA
We appreciate all of our sponsoring merchants & businesses.
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Friday January 15, 2021
5-9 PM
Centennial Gala

May 13 - 16, 2021
District Conference, Wenatchee
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  • CliftonLarsonAllen, CPA
  • Colonial Vista, assisted living
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  • WV Humane Society
Plan to attend our 100-year celebration
Friday January 15, 2021
Wenatchee Convention Center
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Richard C. "Dick" Harris
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Dick served as District Governor in 1995-96.
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Wenatchee Rotary Officers
President 2019-20:
      Mike Kintner
Pres. Elect: 
     Kory Kalahar
Pres. Nominee:
     Alice Meyer
Pres. Designate:
    Jill Leonard
     Frank Clifton
     Allan Galbraith
Dawn Davies
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Jim Brink
The mission of the wenatchee Rotary
Foundation (WRF) is to improve
educational opportunities for citizens
living in the greater Wenatchee area. 
Funding is through immediate and
deferred giving from current and past
club members.  Each club member in good
standing is also a member of WRF.
President, Jay Smith;
VP, Tom Ross
Treasurer, Tyler Mickey;
Secretary, Bill Monnette.
Committee Chairs :
   Scholarship - Joe St. Jean;
  Fundraising - Susan Albert;
   Events - Jill Leonard.
Board Members: 
Paul Pankey, Alice Meyer.
Pres. Elect (ex officio)
New member - Shannon Sims

TRF Chair: Dan Rodgers
INBOUNDBeatrice Sandrini from Italy near Milan.
(Bay- uh-tree-chay)
Contact her to join in fun activities thru Andy Petro (509.885.8825), or see her at a meeting.
OUTBOUND - Emily in Finland
Jun 25, 2020
Year End Transfer
Jul 02, 2020
Video from District Governor Richard DeRock
Jul 09, 2020
Community Foundation
Jul 16, 2020
How her work in Congress relates to important issues in NCW
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