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Meeting of March 22, 2018 - Volume LXVII - No 38   
March is Rotary "Water and Sanitation" month.
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        Hanford Site,  with Dieter Bohrmann    
Dieter Bohrmann joined the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of River Protection in April 2016 as a Communications and Public
Involvement Specialist for North Wind Solutions, a General Support Services Contractor. Dieter is responsible for coordinating public involvement/information and working with various stakeholder organizations and boards around the region on Hanford cleanup issues. Dieter also supports public involvement activities for regulatory permitting and coordinates requests for ORP’s speaker’s bureau.  
Dieter has been involved in Hanford issues since 2010, when he became communications manager for the Washington State Department of Ecology’s Nuclear Waste Program in Richland. Prior to joining Ecology, Dieter spent 10 years as news editor and copy desk chief at the Tri-City Herald newspaper in Kennewick. Dieter has a journalism degree from Western Washington University.
Next week - Club Awareness
Greeters & Cashiers. Please try to arrive by 11:30 AM.  
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    WEEK IN REVIEW - 3/15/2018 - Parks, with Dave Erickson    
President-elect Pete Van Well presided in the absence of president Don Myers (vacation).
Three new members Jon Volyn, Jim Brink, Tom Everly joined the club.  Past President Phil “Raz” Rassmussen led a charge with a passionate explanation of what it means to be a Rotarian, not just a member of Rotary.  Hear AUDIO of the "Charge"
Terry Stuller introduced our speaker, Dave Erickson, announcing that he and Gene Anderson had met with Dave to discuss how our club could help to upgrade Lincoln Park.  They were so impressed with all that the city is planning for all of the area parks, that they invited Dave to speak to our club so that we could all hear about the many slated projects.  Dave earned a BS Degree in Landscape Architecture from UW and a Masters in Science/Recreation Management from the U. of Idaho.  David is a strong community service person.  He is on his 2nd term as member of Cashmere City Council, on Wenatchee Valley College workforce education outdoor recreation advisory committee and appointed by the state to serve on WS state land and water conservation funding board.
Dave praised his small staff, including Caryl Andre, Sascha Smith, and Cammy Coble, as well as the annual temporary 56 (or so) high school and college-age kids who help operate the City pool and do recreation programs throughout the year.  Events vary from Halloween carnival, swimming lessons, day camp, park planning, acquisition and development projects.
Parks are maintained by the City Public Works Department and partnerships.  We have about 20 parks areas on about 950 acres.  State and federal grants are being sought for most of the work planned.  Dave is reportedly an expert in grant-request writing.
Upcoming projects include Hale Park which was donated in 2013. The first phase ($1 million) was just completed which includes an off-leash dog park, picnic area, parking, and utilities.  Additional grant funding is coming to finish the park which will include a skate park, additional landscaping, children’s play areas, pic-nic shelter and restrooms.
Another project is in a partnership with the Trust for Public Land to upgrade Kiawanis Methow Park.  Final design and engineering is in progress, to finish construction in fall of 2019, at total cost of $3.4 Million.  Multi purpose sports field including field turf, basketball court, skate park, urban plaza with Kiosko pavilion, shade covers, wading pool, restrooms. Community gardens and new walk way to be handicap accessible.
Saddle rock remediation.  Acquired in 2011.  Exploritor mining ops, Department of Ecology is requiring clean up waste rock, $900k allocation coming anytime, plus another $1.2 million.  Main trail will be re-graded, restore natural drainage channels, surface will have all-weather crushed rock to provide emergency access. 
Additional park upgrades are Rotary Park pic-nic shelter, tables, and parking expansion, Okanogan Park, new picnic tables with concerete pads throughout parks, hazardous tee removal and replacements.  Memorial Park upgrading electrical system and other amenities, Stevens and Mission Street: landscape and other amenities, upgrade restrooms at the City pool, sealed the floor and new paint.  Tree replacement is planned at several parks.
Lincoln Park upgrades.  The area was a former waste dump site turned into a park in 1969  It has seen many issues in the past few years.  In 2017 the shelter came down, the heavily used stage was rotting and unsafe, the restrooms need to be brought up to code and the Rotary playground has become unsafe, drawing vandalism and drug users. The new design must take safety into consideration.  New plans includes 2 pic-nic shelters  (One is waiting to be installed), to reforest the park, new restrooms, stage, BMX bike track, regrade the field and create a soccer field with safety fences and a future baseball field. New playground will include vandal resistant material and remove of hiding places, add a new splash park and lighting features.  Striping the parking lots is to create more parking.  Most of the park plans depend on grant funding, many of which have been approved and awaiting finalization.   Go here to listen to AUDIO of Dave's talk.
*******************  Submitted by Dawn Davies (minor edits by Frank)
  • March 29 is the date of our first evening meeting (social).  It is in addition to our regular noon meeting, and will be held at Thursday March 29 at Chateau Faire La Pont Winery 5-7 pm located at 1 Vineyard Way (wine and appetizers available for purchase).
  • Please consider donating frequent-flyer airline mile for two interact students who hope to travel to Tonga soon to help deliver children's books recently collected at Rotary. 
  • Our participation is sought for the upcoming bike-ride event sponsored by Sunrise Rotary.  Contact John McDarment.
  • Dawn Davies reported on results of the recent Chamber awards.  She was excited by the awards won by SAGE (non-profit of the year) and our own Gil Sparks (Cornerstone award).  There were 115 nominations.  Read the story here from Wenatchee World.
  • Nate Bishop bragged about a new baby at home #2.
  • Marc Heminger praised the Jon Magnus class he attended at WHS, and recommended it to everyone.
  • Pete's Word of the WEEK - SLUBBERDEGULLIEN, meaning a slobbering dirty fellow, negligent, worthless slovenly (opposite of a Rotarian).
  • Sue Rose again promoted Fellowship dinners as great fun and food for all.  Photos below are from dinners at the homes of the McDarments and Sue Rose.
May 17-19 - District Event
District Conference - Prosser, WA
June 23-27 - RI Event
RI Convention - Toronto
July 14 Fundraiser
Wine/Food Fundraiser, Wells House
September 20-22 - Zone Event
Zone Conference, Hotel Boneventure, Montreal PQ
January 26, 2019
Rotary Fundraiser AUCTION
We appreciate all of our sponsoring merchants & businesses.
For complete details, see our web site.
  • Alpine Aire H&C
  • CARPET ONE/Inside Design
  • Cashmere Valley Bank
  • CliftonLarsonAllen, CPA
  • Colonial Vista, assisted living
  • Confluence Health
  • Eagle Transfer
  • Edward Jones Investing
  • EXpress Employment Professionals
  • JetPro Carwash
  • Lifeline Ambulance
  • Noyd & Noyd
  • The Paradise Restaurant
  • The Thai Restaurant
  • Humane Society of WV
Just so ‘ya know… (#3 in series)
Ever wonder just how the flags at Rotary Park are always at attention and displayed properly?  The Rotary Club of Wenatchee is the responsible party, along with Sunrise Rotary and Rotary North.  Each club takes a four month ‘tour of duty’ in caring for the flags. Our turn is coming up in June. The time commitment is small and the rewards are large. Contact Raz or Rich Peters if you are interested in helping or have questions.
- Joe St.Jean
End Polio Now/Club 60 - Approximate totals collected:
Goal this Rotary year = $4,000, or $12,000 with Gates Foundation 2-for-1 match (20,040 lives saved).  Donations by club members on Mar. 15 = $36.30 thus bringing our total (since July 1) to $3222 or $9667 with the Gates match, equating to 16,143 lives saved.  Reminder - these donations are collected from the table-cups each week!
                      $3222   (778 to go)               
Donated by the public on World Polio Day = $2675.
Wenatchee Rotary Officers
President 2017-18: 
     Don Myers
Pres. Elect: 
     Pete Van Well
     Frank Clifton
     Mike Kintner
The mission of the wenatchee Rotary
Foundation (WRF) is to improve
educational opportunities for citizens
living in the greater Wenatchee area. 
Funding is through immediate and
deferred giving from current and past
club members.  Each club member in good
standing id also a member of WRF.
President, Tom Ross;
VP, Jay Smith;
Treasurer, Heidi Myers;
Secretary, Bill Monnette.
Board Members: 
Joe St. Jean, Ruth Esparza,
Alice Meyer, Susan Albert,
Dee Curcio,
Pete Van Well (ex officio)
Mar 22, 2018
Hanford Site
Mar 29, 2018
Club Awareness
Apr 05, 2018
Apr 12, 2018
LCC University in Klaipeda, Lithuania
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