Ten Things About ....
A feature of President Kory Kalahar's year was his desire for members to learn more about each other.  Thus, he added a feature of most meetings to be known as Ten Things You did not Know About xxx".  This is a list of members who participated and the URL links to the related media files.
Some video only available in the saved zoom videos.
Veronica Arroyo-Perez Classification    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82U89ITL7mY
Lauren Scanga Classification   https://youtu.be/ZmdB7479oS0
Thomas Everly    https://youtu.be/NxVHKnZrvQw
Britt Dudek     https://youtu.be/kruxNiSxoZY
Bill Monnette    https://youtu.be/Unh4hIaFjLQ
Jim Corcoran    https://youtu.be/vcf9vQn5kTc
Allan Galbraith    https://youtu.be/B_hJM8TJ89g
Linda Parlette   https://youtu.be/394zPA2QGnE
Kelli Scott (Classification)   020421Kelli.mp4 - Google Drive
Marc Heminger at the end of the speaker
These are audio only; video may possibly be extracted from downloaded ZOOM videos.
Sean Cooper (audio only)    121020Cooper-10.mp3 - Google Drive
Ken Robertson (audio only)   120320Robertson.mp3 - Google Drive
Tom McNair (audio only)    1111920 10Things-McNair.mp3 - Google Drive
Ford Barrett (audio only)  111220Ford10.mp3 - Google Drive
Claudia DeRobles (audio only)  110520-10 things about Claudia.mp3 - Google Drive
Dorry (audio only)   102220Dorry.mp3 - Google Drive
Alicia (audio only)    100820Alicia10.mp3 - Google Drive
Gene Anderson (audio only)    092420Ten things about Gene.mp3 - Google Drive
Gary Provo (audio)    082020Provo10.mp3 - Google Drive
No recordings in July and August 2020, but may possibly be extracted from downloaded ZOOM videos.
   Rich, Tom, Laurel, Raz, Leonard, Jill