Wenatchee Rotarians, 2017 :

The Rotary International Foundation * is that very important arm of Rotary that changes your and my gifts into important projects around the world. As the charitable arm of Rotary, the Foundation attacks problems such as polio, peace, poverty, illiteracy and malnutrition.
One of the reasons that the Foundation was voted the greatest non profit in the world in 2016 is because much of the work is carried out by volunteers like you Club members. The 1.2 million members and Rotary are successful worldwide because The Foundation and Clubs strengthen each other in a unique combination. Both must be strong so Rotary can be as vibrant 100 years from today as it is now.

On March 9th we will celebrate the Rotary International Foundation in our Club meeting. If possible we would like to have all of our members be participants in contributing to this very worthwhile charitable cause.  This Thursday, March 2, and the following Thursday, Rotary members will be at the club with the Foundation’s record of each of our contributions. We would like for you to get in touch with these Rotarians to see what your status is. Again, if possible, it would be super if you could make a contribution or a pledge to move toward the $1000 Paul Harris Award. Certainly this would be a great time to complete that contribution.

To encourage members to take those steps now, the Club’s Board has authorized matching contributions in the way of points from the Club’s trove. For a $100 contributed, the Club will match with 100 points which act as equal dollars. Thus a new contributor could submit $500 and it would be matched with $500 points from the Club, earning the Rotarian a $1000 Paul Harris Award. The Board also has decided to allow two year pledges where a member agrees to gift $50 per year over two years – earning a $100 match from the Board.

Either way, come talk to your Rotary team Thursday about your status and your many options for doing good.

(*) The Rotary Foundation is sometimes referred to as TRF or RIF