Clean Water for Milot, Haiti
The Wenatchee Club (227) has had in interest in Milot, Haiti, since 2010. Milot is a commune (town) in the north of Haiti, with a population of just over 30,000 people. It is the site of a large regional hospital which has been visited by Wenatchee physicians for many years (see video). When local Rotarians first joined those physicians during a visit after the earthquake of 2010, they saw an urgent need for purified water. Wenatchee Rotary subsequently provided water-bucket filters and then a larger SunSpring Hybrid water filtration system that has been successful in providing clean water for the school and local families. Wenatchee Rotary also funded a now-self-sustaining micro-finance credit project in Milot to help women start small home-based businesses to create family income.
 As we learn more about larger-scale, sustainable water projects through our work with HANWASH, we hope to eventually apply that new knowledge to help the community members of Milot to develop sustainable, larger-scale further sources of clean water.
For more information, contact Bill Murray, Milot Committee Chair.