HAITI –MILOT 2018/2019 
Background:           Existing water project has been supported by Wenatchee Club (227) for over 8 years. They started a Rotary Club in Milot, Haiti (Population <30k) and have tried working with them to establish a SunSpring community water filtration system since 2012. The community has a large supply of water but it is mostly contaminated so people are getting sick.  The SunSpring Hybrid water filtration system has been successful in providing clean water for the community hospital and school, plus a community tap where local families can fill up jugs of water.   Wenatchee has also started a micro-finance credit project in Milot to help Women start small home-based businesses to create family income.
What is the need? 
  1. With the SunSpring water system up and running, the community needs a way to support the ongoing costs, including replacement filters and maintenance costs.
  2. The existing water filtration system could be expanded to service other parts of the community to provide more families an opportunity to have clean drinking water.
  3. The micro-finance credit program needs to be reviewed and re-booted to become a more robust process for community members to participate on a larger scale. There is a need for a local person to be trained in simple computer based book keeping. This would ensure there is a person able to oversee financial transactions and ensure records are maintained and shared with Rotary to validate and meet required standards.
  4. The Rotary Club of Milot needs mentoring and guidance to ensure a thriving organization for the future that could serve as a local partner for the ongoing project and perhaps participate in a global grant.
Next Steps:
Wenatchee Rotary Club is looking for support from other clubs across District 5060 to move this project forward. They hope to have other clubs provide boots on the ground, project input and financial support as follows:
  1. Develop a Business Plan to sell jugs of water across the community to generate an income for the water project. This income would be used to cover the ongoing operations and maintenance costs for the existing filtration system and to expand the filtration system to other parts of the community. Funds raised would also be used to compensate a local technician who is in charge of the maintenance. Business Plan to be in place this fall.
  2. Organize a Rotary visit to Haiti to view the existing projects and help plan for the future expansion of the water filtration system.  Would be led by the Wenatchee Club including members from other clubs who are committed to supporting the project. Timing to be determined.
  3. Review the Micro-Finance Credit project previously established in Milot and determines needs to revitalize it. Provide computer training for book-keeping function at the local level so that community can be self-sufficient and computer based reporting back to Rotary.
  4. Work with community members in Milot to mentor and guide local Rotary club, supporting them to become a local hands on partner club for ongoing projects.
What can you do to become involved?
  • Respond to this notice to let Wenatchee know you are interested in supporting the project and how you would like to be involved. For example: Can you help with building the Business Plan?  Computer training for a local resident in book-keeping skills?
  • Attend a meeting planned for the Wenatchee/ Omak / Chelan area Fall 2018 to learn more about the project and specific costs involved.
  • Contact Garry Arseneault, Wenatchee Rotary Club:
509-860-2318  arseneault9@gmail.com for more information