COMMITTEE SPOTLIGHT.    On July 21, our Rotary Foundation (TRF) Committee chair (and club secretary) Frank Clifton gave an overview of the TRF and steps to achieving the Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) Award. 
For Jill's year, members may earn bonus matching Foundation Transfer Points by making TRF donations (Click READ MORE to view bonus points chart).  Also, donations made before September 30 will earn the donor an additional 100 bonus points.  Only points owned by living members may be given to others.
Questions?  Email Secretary Frank.
 Rotary year 2022-23    
    100 extra points if made prior to September 30, 2022        
 Donation amount$100$200$300 
 1 year or less400500700 
 3 years or less200400600 
 More than 3 years100300500