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July 07, 2022
July is the first month of the Rotary year.
With Jill Leonard
Club President 2022-2023
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Final meeting for Alice Meyer as president. 
New president Jill Leonard
plans a valiant effort to keep up the pace.
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PRESIDENTIAL TRANSITION MEETING & ROAST (AKA President Alice Meyer End-of-Year Celebration)
PP Kory Kalahar thanks everyone who helped to make this a memorable event on June 30.  See Review below.
Our new district governor is Karl Ruether of Leavenworth Rotary.  Read all about Karl on the D5060 home page here.  A changeover dinner was attended by about 40 Rotarians and guests on June 29 at the Icicle Village Resort where he recently retired as general manager.  Attendees included outgoing DG Richard DeRock (with sidekick Robin), seven past district governors, two future governors, our Area 8 assistant governor, and Rotarians from several area clubs (4 from our club: Jill, Susan, Frank, Pete & wife Carmen).  The PDGs were given a chance to talk briefly about their year.  Robin explained how she and Richard met.  Karl talked about his hopes and plans for the coming year, especially the Pollinator Highway (being promoted by the District Environmental Committee, led by our Michelle Shermer).
Contact info for DG Karl Ruether:  506-670-6715, 
MEMBER SURVEY.    President Jill Leonard would like for all members to complete her survey regarding the coming Rotary year.  Members - this is your chance to express yourselves!  She is grateful that most members have already responded, but the survey will run until all members respond.
MEET UP WITH JILL.   Book a meeting here -
MEMBERSHIP CHANGES  Three new members will join the club effective July 01 and will be inducted soon.  New President Jill is confident that all of us will make them welcome:    Clover Simon Jamie Quinteros, and Xavier Arinez.
FIRST FEMALE PRESIDENT OF RI.  Rotary International President Jennifer Jones is ready to hit the ground running as she takes office 1 July as the first female president in Rotary history. She is a member of the Rotary Club of Windsor Roseland, Ontario, Canada, and founder and president of Media Street Productions, an award-winning media company in Windsor.  READ MORE
(AKA President Alice Meyer End-of-Year Celebration).
Thanks Alice, welcome Jill!
Past President Kory Kalahar was at his entertaining best as he presided over this special event, attended by more than 60 Rotarians and guests at the beautiful Highlander golf clubhouse.  A time of fellowship preceded an excellent buffet dinner.  During dinner, a continuous photo slide show played on the multitude of large TV screens, depicting Alice presiding at Rotary meetings and also many family photos.
This was followed by an amazing program of celebration, entertainment, friendly roasting and heartfelt tribute.
The program began with Alice introducing all of her family, followed by Kory reading a series of tributes from Alice's family members.
Then, Kory and PP Don Myers narrated portions of the slide show as if they were doing whispered commentary on a PGA golf match.  Most of their comments were devoted to her infinite number of fashionable outfits worn at Rotary meetings where she never duplicated her attire.  These were compared to her predecessors which never quite measure up in fashion or style.  Much was made of her alleged recent "hole-in-one"!
The crowd then was moved to the large outside patio to be entertained by the musical chorale "Gladsong", led by Alice's husband Tim Meyer. This was followed by a campy rendition of a well-known song from Sound of Music sung by the past presidents (plus composer Secretary Frank) - "How Do You Solve a Problem Like our Alice?"
The amazing program continued with two humorous features:  a clever letter from Dear Applesauce, read by a mystery person, and a hilarious skit titled "Potential Past Presidential Quality Control", presented by PP Don and PP Sue Rose, discussing the pros and cons of allowing Alice to join the Past-Presidents Club.  Fortunately, she was voted in by all those present.
The evening ended with a transition ceremony and a few words from incoming president Jill Leonard.
During the Gladsong performance, Alice's granddaughter enjoyed dancing along with the performers. 
How do we solve a problem like our Alice?
Jill and Gene.
Jill and husband Tom.

Dear AppleSauce:   Do window cleaners get tired of seeing their reflections all day?

                                 ---  Staring at the Clouds


Dear Dear Staring.   If you saw the abs and gluts on Dear Applesauce’s window washer, Gunter, you would never ask such a ridiculous question. Just thinking about that Squeegee Adonis gives DA the vapors!


Dear Applesauce.  Do car tires get tired?
                             --- Castlerock Katie

Dear Katie.   Not as badly as windshields get winded (groan…someone kill DA now)!


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Sept. 21 - Celebration of Peace, Rotary Park
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