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Thursday Noon  -  January 06, 2022
 Volume LXXI(71) - # 26
  HYBRID #35/ZOOM #86
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January is Rotary's Vocational Service Month
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JANUARY 29, 2022
See details below in announcements.
We look forward to sharing the exciting year ahead together, with all of you, our excellent members.
However, if any member is considering leaving the club soon, please let us know this week (before Jan. 01) so that we avoid paying your RI dues; contact the secretary, HERE.
One of our newer members will tell us about herself, her career and family.   All new members are asked to make this presentation, and these are the favorite programs for many members.  Meliesa joined the club February 20, 2020 (02-20-2020!), sponsored by Laurie Flarity-White.  This would normally happen sooner, but these are unusual times. 


The meeting was opened and led by President Alice Meyer.
View attendance list HERE for recent meetings.
Alice recognized and presented gifts to all members having current birthdays, and also recognized our newest member.
A few business items also appear below.
NOTE:  All indoor meetings are currently held in venues where face coverings are mandatory.  Please honor the requirements of these establishments by wearing face-coverings properly.
SAD NEWSHonorary member Paul Pankey passed away on Friday, Dec. 17 from heart failure.  Hospitalized at the time, Paul had been in declining health in recent months.  He joined this club in June, 1999, and was active until becoming honorary in August 2021.  Paul was a retired pastor at Saddlerock EPC Church, and had served as a US Marine.  No obituary has yet been published, or arrangements announced.
[View pictorial list of recently deceased members HERE.]
 PP Pete Van Well addressed Auction procurement status, expressing confidence that we will make our goal of $100K in items to sell.  But we are still about 2/3 there.  We must keep up the pressure.  Jill Leonard read off a list of potential vendors or businesses to contact.
Still applicable, from a prior week.....
PP Mike Kintner gave some news & exciting updates on auction progress.
   Jordan Baldock & Cascade Auto Center!  
Sponsored tables :         32  
How do you get tickets?   Register  HERE for event tickets ( $75 each), and make donations.  Physical tickets should be available at the next meeting.
We have lots of great and exciting procurement items, BUT we need much more, as we are less than half what we need.  Those items can be dropped off at 3 locations:  
  • Mike's office at CVB on Maple Street
  • Pete's office at Van Well Nursery on Grant Road
  • Shannon Sim's office at Health Alliance NW, 411 N. Chelan Ave.
Donations can also be made by mailing checks to Wenatchee Rotary Foundation Auction, P.O. Box 1723, Wenatchee, WA 98807-1723.   Mark checks For the Auction.  Most auction information can be found on our website, including procurement forms and registration.
Beneficiaries - Wenatchee Valley YMCA, Chelan-Douglas CASA, Campfire Camp Zanika, and our own scholarship Fund.   See details on the auction flyer HERE.   View Spanish version HERE.  
NEW MEMBER.    Veronica Arroyo-Perez, nominated by Michelle Shermer, is our newest member.  She is employed by Action Health Partners as a Community Resource Specialist, and is a Rotary Scholarship recipient, recently graduating from WSU.
WATER FROM WINE.   East Wenatchee Rotary member Mike Nicholson visited us to announce the opportunity to purchase a local wine while supporting the Haiti HANWASH initiative.  He was accompanied by AnnaLee Zenker, a representative of the winery, who was kind enough to donate a case of wine to our auction at the meeting.   Watch video of Mike's presentation here
Mike's message to us:
Wine for a good cause! (US clubs.) The Rotary Club of East Wenatchee has dedicated fundraising efforts to support the Haiti HANWASH water project in Ferrier. They have an agreement in place with "Water from Wine" Winery whereby they are reimbursed $30 for each $30 bottle of EW Rotary label wine which they sell, providing that money goes to a clean water project. “We are still committed to Haiti HANWASH as our project of choice.” To purchase a bottle of wine simply open the attached order form and click on the link, or one of the QR codes for purchases of more than one bottle.  The wine is 2015 or 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon and has been awarded a Gold rating by Seattle Wine Awards.  For Wenatchee clubs or Cashmere/Leavenworth the wine could likely be delivered to the club at no charge.  For orders placed in 2021, a $5 bonus is added to the donation. 
When you order online, the place where it says “shipping” is a drop-down menu where you can instead choose pickup, and location. You can pick up at their Leavenworth tasting room, OR,  AnnaLee says now she can also deliver to Pybus.  She would batch up orders and take them there.  Select Leavenworth pickup and then there is a place to write on the notes you want to pick up at Pybus.  However, it will take longer, thus fastest method is to pick up yourself at Leavenworth.   
To order, click HERE.   If you have problems, email or call AnnaLee Zenker at....       253-988-8040
ROTARY YOUTH NEWS.   Andy Petro announced that our new outbound RYE student will be going to Argentina. 
Alice met with the WHS Interact Club president and Brittany Hacho of Orchard Middle School to discuss the possibility of an "Early Act" Club there.  If this happens, Interact members would serve as mentors.  
PUBLIC RELATIONS.     Jill Leonard added some thoughts about social media. She works hard on this, getting us on Instagram and other media. To be effective, we must engage.  Marriah Thornock is on top of this also.  We can customize it in any way; but it is currently focused on the auction.  Watch for much more later.
CONNECTING WITH MEMBERS.   PP Don Myers has agreed to be ready to reach out to members who need help or encouragement.  We currently have 95 active members, and 9 honorary (before losing one this week).
BRAGS.  Treasurer Allan Galbraith is visiting family in Colorado, where a new grand baby has arrived.  A photo was displayed.
Jessi Mendoza and wife also expect a new arrival in June; no photo yet.

THANK YOU!     Stuff A Sackpack sends a note of appreciation:    34% of the sackpacks requested were for local teen students who are categorically homeless, 40% High-needs requests and 26% High-risk requests.  

Summary:  750 sackpacks, 750 small 1-topping Domino's pizzas, 750 Aut-to-mocha grande drink gift cards, 750 "because you matter" stickers, 600 hoodies, 160 $25 gift cards to Plaza Super Jet, 55 $25 gift cards to Grocery Outlet, Life-changing blessings for 11 students, countless toiletries, hygiene products and miscellaneous donations., 12 corporate sponsorships.

President Alice says "Wow--so glad our club was able to donate to such a great event."

      Note - Director Chelsea Lenker spoke to our club on 10/08/20.  Read Appleseed review HERE.


Also, please check out recent communications from RI.
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    (ZOOM #85, Hybrid # 34)
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The meeting was opened and led by president, Alice Meyer.  After recognizing visitors and those with birthdays, Alice began the business session at 12:15 PM, and ended it at 12:47.  She began by thanking the nominating committee for our excellent slate of candidates. The committee was led by past president Kory Kalahar, with PP Jim Corcoran and Barbara Walters.  Voting on-line was completed today, and those elected were:

President for 2024-25:   Gary Provo;  

Board of Directors for 2022 - 2025:  Rachel Evey, Lauren Scanga, Brett Riley 

Alice described the outstanding achievements of these folks.  For a brief summary on the candidates, see previous Appleseed HERE.



Mark Kulaas gave an update on the recent activities of the Peace Committe, especially the Peace Pole display project at Rotary Park. The theme is "May peace prevail on earth", which will be inscribed on the display in various languages.  He described the scope, details, and fundraising.  We became an official "Peace-Builder Club" earlier this year.   Watch video of Mark's presentation HERE.  His slide show images appear below.

Other business items appear in Announcements above.


Santa delivered some big bats to players of the Wenatchee Rotary “For the Kids” Auction league this Christmas!   Only a month left to play, and procurement slips kept rocketing over home plate blasting us past the $70,000 mark!
With the season quickly winding down, it looks like the Leighigh Valley Iron Pigs lead by Phil “Razzle Dazzle” Rasmussen are eager to challenge Joltin’ Joe St. Jean and his Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp.   But those pugilistic prawns, thanks to veteran Gene Anderson, held onto the tip top of the Christmas tree. However, a mere $900 bucks (or as Ford Barrett calls it, “pocket change”) separates the two rivals.
The feather in Raz’ cap is that the efforts of his team, along with those on the Albuquerque Isotopes and Santa Fe Chihuahuas, put the Orchard (Central) at the apex of the divisional standings, giving Manager Mike Kintner bragging rights.   All three Orchard teams improved this week, with Strike-Z Gutierrez-Zamora and Jessi “Mad Dog” Mendoza whipping their crews into shape and bringing in more than $2,000 each!   Dory “The Dominator” Foster smacked in more than $2,000 to be the biggest slugger of the week!
In the Springwater (North), Stinger Rachel Evey and her Sugarland Skeeters fended off Iron Man Ricardo Iniguez and his Reno Aces to lead the division.   That’s two weeks straight!   Are you going to put up with that, Ricardo?   Ace’s utility players Sue Rose and Thomas Everly brought in some nifty stuff to keep their team within spitting distance of the crown.   DeRobles the Destroyer and her Charlottesville Knights put another $1,135 on the scoreboard thanks to Eric “Nail Gunner” Nelson, Sean “Cottontail” Cooper and Susan “Slugfest” Albert.
Despite the Jumbo Shrimp’s No. 1 standing, the Red Apple (South) Division toppled from second to third. Word is the Tacoma Rainiers, sherpa’d (it can be used a verb, look it up) by the Kala Czar, are ready to lob a few into orbit with something BIG (which rhymes with PIG) from Grandstanding Gary Provo. Likewise, whispers are coming in that the Amazing Allan Galbraith is ready to pop a few grand slams for the St. Paul Saints and his Captain Ole Peters.   So go ahead and laugh, Kintner and Brink (Orchard & Springwater managers respectively).   We’ll see who has the last laugh!
Standings heading into Christmas break:
Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp     $11,319
Leighigh Valley Iron Pigs     $10,464
Sugarland Skeeters     $8,660
Albuquerque Isotopes     $8,564
Reno Aces     $8,072
Santa Fe Chihuahuas     $7,286
Charlottesville Knights     $7,147
Tacoma Rainiers     $6,400
St. Paul Saints     $4,309
Only $28,000 in procurement remains to hit President Alice’s BOHAG (Big Ol’ Hairy Audacious Goal) of $150,000 net … get those procurement slips in pronto to Shannon, Mike and Pete! Have a Merry Christmas!
 December 27, 2021
Dear AppleSauce:  At the annual gift exchange, I asked for a gift receipt. Now my dearest friend Marge won’t speak to me. Help!
    --   No Use for Tea Cozy
Cozy Dear No Use,
You don’t need a receipt. Simply return the gift to the store from which purchased (or another store that carries the same brand and item…wink, wink) and ask for a gift card in return. Then include it with your letter of apology to Marge. Get rid of the cozy and win back your friend at the same time (she will never know). And no, President Alice, this has nothing to do with the charming present Dear Applesauce received at this year’s Christmas Party. (But you did receive Dear Applesauce’s thank note with the gift card inside?)
But on a serious note, Dear Applesauce hopes you and yours had a wonderful Christmas, and that you enjoy a happy, prosperous, and 'SAUCY' New Year!
Take the "Dear Applesauce" dare to submit a question we cannot answer!!  Thanks to those have accepted the challenge.
Click HERE .  Watch for your answer in a future Appleseed.
Board meetings 2nd Thursday
  4:30 PM, ZOOM, except December. 
   Meeting ID:92794079436
"Annual meeting",
       3rd Thurs., December
January 29, 2022
Listing of officers and directors may be viewed on website home page.
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