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Wenatchee Rotary has supported two related clean-water projects in Haiti. One was a water filter system in the town of Milot. The other is a a District-Wide Project, a larger water system in the area of Ferrier, in coordination with a group called HANWASH.



     The Wenatchee Club (227) has had in interest in Milot, Haiti, since April, 2010. Milot is the site of a large regional hospital which has been visited by Wenatchee physicians for many years. Local Rotarians first joined those physicians after the earthquake of January 2010, and they saw an urgent need for purified water. Wenatchee Rotary subsequently provided water-bucket filters and then a larger water filtration system that has been successful in providing clean water for the school and local families. Wenatchee Rotary also funded a now-self-sustaining micro-finance credit project in Milot to help women start small home-based businesses to create family income.

     In 2018, Wenatchee Rotary began corresponding with the founders of a larger group that is working to bring clean water to all of Haiti. HANWASH is an acronym for for The Haiti National Clean Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Strategy. in 2019 the club committed to become a "Champion" of one of the first four pilot projects organized by this group, which will be in the Commune (county) of Ferrier, which is very close to Milot. This is an exciting and innovative District-Wide Project, and we welcome other clubs to become involved!


What can you do to become involved?

  • See the subpage HANWASH for more details about the project.
  • Let Wenatchee know you are interested and to discuss how you and your club would like to be involved. 
  • To Donate, send a check to the Wenatchee Rotary Foundation,at the address below; write "HANWASH" on the check memo.
  • Contact our Committee Leader: Carin Smith

See additional files and links on this web page for more information.

Tax-deductible Donations for the Haiti HANWASH project may be sent to:

Wenatchee Rotary Foundation


PO Box 1723

Wenatchee, WA 98807-1723


2022 Update: We were approved for a Rotary Foundation Grant for the first phase of a water system in the Ferrier region! This $490,000 grant will pay for a large well, holding tank, chlorination system, and piped water to homes in the village of Artaud. Subsequent stages will extend the piped water to 4 other villages with a total of over 5,000 people getting potable water piped to their homes at less cost than they currently pay to fill jugs from a traveling water truck. Your donations will help us with these additional phases of the project! Funds are held by Rotary until actual expenses are incurred and documented.


More general info about water in Haiti


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