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Wenatchee Rotary - October 07, 2021  
Thursday noon
   Volume LXXI - # 15
  HYBRID #26/ZOOM #77 
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   October is Rotary's Economic &
Community Development  Month   
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JANUARY 29, 2022
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With Scott Johnson
Presented by Alice Meyer
    (ZOOM #77, Hybrid # 26)

Here at Wenatchee Rescue Mission, we know that sometimes all it takes to change Wenatchee is a little support. Since our founding in 1984, we have been determined to make an impact. The core of our efforts is to bring Help, Hope and, Opportunity through Gods love. Using fresh ideas and passion We are determined to help solve the homeless crisis in Wenatchee. Through all of our endeavors we hope to display the conviction behind our beliefs.

My name is Scott Johnson. I am the New Executive Director here at The Wenatchee Rescue Mission. My wife Monique Johnson is the Director of Women’s Services at our Haven of Hope. We have four children Madelyn 25, Jayne, 22, Lukas, 18, KayDee, 16. Monique and I met when we were 15 and 16 years old. True high school sweethearts!

I have spent the last 20 years working for the Union Rescue Mission and the Los Angeles Mission as the Chief Operating Officer and VP of Economic Development, serving people experiencing homelessness in Skid Row. Skid Row is one of the toughest neighborhoods in Los Angeles, with approximately 14,000 people experiencing homelessness in just a few square blocks. Before being called to ministry, I was an Investigations Manager for the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. You could say I know the dirt behind Mickey's ears. I also am a proud Veteran of the United States Air Force.


Thoughts from President Alice
Alice Meyer
member photo

The  fall foliage in our valley  is part of our circle of life.  Leaves begin to fall, cluttering  yards, streets,  and empty fields.  But don’t get too comfortable.

Many wonderful things are happening in your Rotary Club.   The peace team is working diligently with the city and other clubs to bring a Peace Pole to Rotary Park.  What about the Peace-Building Essay contest?  An opportunity for high school students to brush up their writing skills and create a conversation about peacebuilding in our community.  And just think the winners will be announced on October 24….World Polio Day!  Pete has got to love this!

Speaking of Pete, he has been busy not only with the “For the Kids” auction, but is working with From Scratch By Us WVC Cafe’  for a pick up dinner on October 23, 2021.  The plan is to promote it to the Make a Difference Day folks as a way to take the night off after a day of volunteer work.  If we can sell 200 dinners our Wenatchee Rotary Clubs can raise about $4,000 for Polio.  This is so exciting.  More information is to come.

There are so many teams working in the background.  Marcia Henkle is working with the membership team,  which includes Terry Stuller, Jessi Mendoza, and Michelle Shermer, to finish creating and organizing  membership materials.  In the midst of working with the addition of seven new members.  What a monumental task, but don’t you think we got the right team of people for this!!!

In July,  Mike Kintner and Pete VanWell took a leap of faith with the “For the Kids” auction.  Together they believe that Wenatchee Rotary CAN and WILL reach the goal of $150,000 net proceeds from the auction.  In the circle of life there are some constants, such as the sun which shines above us all.  But individually there are variations, i.e. some of us succeed, and some of us fail.  Some of us may go through life virtually untouched, while others “have to live with….scars.”  Let’s join together to make our “For the Kids” auction a success and potentially lessen some scars.

See you Thursday,

Alice Meyer




See previous editions of the Appleseed.
The Hybrid/ZOOM meeting was opened and led by president Alice Meyer, with Jill Leonard as ZOOM host at the Pybus Market Event Center.  Masking was required. 


[All announcements are repeated in the Appleseed.]
PROGRAM CHANGE.   We will be meeting at Pybus to hear Scott Johnson speak on the Wenatchee Rescue Mission, sponsored by president Alice.  Rachel Evey's program at WVC is rescheduled to Nov. 18.
NEW-MEMBER PROPOSALNatalie Williams has been approved by the board for membership.  She is proposed by Meliesa Tiegard.  (We hope she won't object to this candid ZOOM screen grab.)
KAREN'S WEAVINGSPP (2016-17) Jim Russell (now living in Seattle area to be near his daughter Lynn who has been in assisted living since Jim became an honorary member in mid 2018), joined with us on ZOOM to comment on the new Museum featured exhibit dedicated to his wonderful wife Karen. See story in last week's APPLESEED.  He also gave an update on Lynn, as well as his Lunch Buddy, who is now all grown up and doing well with a full-time job.
UPCOMING..  Next week at Pybus, Pres. Alice presents Scott Johnson.  See above.  Weekly text reminders will continue.   Near-term meeting venue is Pybus except:
  • October 14 - At Museum; lunch snack provided
  • October 21- 'Oktoberfest' at the home of PP Don & Heidi Myers (more later)
  • November 18 - At Wenatchee Valley College, lunch snack provided; more later.
AUCTION UPDATEPP Pete Van Well and PP Mike Kintner gave a progress report on procurement, praising several members, and encouraging the rest.  They recommended donating gift cards from your favorite business, or a timeshare week.  Pete is ready for the next challenge.  Table sponsors are needed at a cost of $600; some have already volunteered.
Forms can be downloaded from our website HERE.  Pete also mentioned the memorial service for PP Jay Roeter (his Rotary sponsor) on Friday.
MILITARY VET OPPORTUNITY.  Vets - please contact Ford Barrett about an upcoming program.
MUSEUM LOSS.   Keni Sturgeon is taking another position November 1, leading the strategic initiatives for the Association of Children's Museums.   But there is hope that she is remaining in the valley.
BIRTHDAYSPres. Alice recognized all members having a September birthday.  Only 3 were present to receive their gift.  They were not fined as might have been done by less soft-hearted presidents of the past.
Did you know that birthdays are displayed on our website?
PEACE ESSAY CONTESTSusan Albert is coordinating this, 09/21 - 10/24 at all Wenatchee high schools.  See home page (  She is also working with the Interact club to get us some reports for the Appleseed.
GUESTS.       In person, we welcomed past member Daryl Ferguson, and Heidi Myers' guests Andy Garcia and Curt Mathison of WA Trust Bank.  Daryl left us for Chelan Rotary in 2019.
TRIVIA .  President Alice again closed the meeting with some trivia questions, this week Rotary Related.



PP Jay Roeter Obituary.   Click HERE.    Jay passed away August 27. Graveside service planned for Oct. 01.  See pictorial list of deceased members HERE, past presidents HERE.
HAITI HANWASH NEWS.   From Carin Smith: It’s Cool to be a Pilot Project!
Our work with Haiti HANWASH has been busy as we still meet twice per week with various committees, including people in Haiti and the US. While we await the response to our Global Grant which we resubmitted in July, we are making great strides in our role as a “pilot project” partner. We were the 2nd of now 7 pilot projects and are working with other leaders to create procedures, templates, and approaches to communications, training, and project management.......  Read MUCH more in the next District newsletter!
WVC OPPORTUNITY  Rachel Evey announces that the WVC Foundation is currently seeking to hire a coordinator.
Pass it on. Find details HERE.  
APPLESAUCE 'Dear Applesauce' has returned.  Scroll way down.
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SEPTEMBER 30, 2021.
ZOOM #76, Hybrid # 25;  MAKERSPACE
With Karen Rutherford
  1. ZOOM VIDEO HERE (only available 2-3 weeks)
  2. View YouTube video HERE.
  3. Previous APPLESEED (Sep. 30).
Karen was sponsored and introduced by Carin Smith.  
With a liberal arts background, Karen’s expertise is deep and varied. She is a Pinnacles Prep board member, was Wenatchee School District’s first science specialist and served on the state LASER faculty. Karen served two terms as a City Councilwoman, sits on numerous non-profit boards, and founded the Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center’s Makerspace. In 2011 she received the Washington State Science Education Advocate Award. She is passionate about getting kids involved in MakerSpaces, STEM projects, and loves to build with Legos.   She was a member of Wenatchee Rotary from August 2010 through April 2014.
Karen has been pleased to work with the makerspace program for at least 10 years, and thanked Mike Kulaas for support from the city council.  Like most rural areas, we are a valley of "Makers" and we need space to make things.  We are reminded of how our grand parents made many things out of necessity.  Her grandpa's tool shed was her hands-on makerspace growing up, making things work, and making things better.   She learned to use many tools, including "those that can kill you".  In this region, making things comes naturally.
Community Makerspace was started by a local young man who, at about age 12, attended a makerspace faire in New York City and, being mesmerized, wanted to bring the concept back here.  Subsequently, Wenatchee was later accepted into the White House Maker's Faire.  
She taught related classes in the Museum basement for several years, including sewing-machine classes, discovering that kids want to learn to use their hands.  There is increasing availability now of maker opportunities, including the museum, Pinnacles Prep, the NCW Library, WVC, and the Community Center.  The after-school program is beginning now, the next step is to open the doors to the entire community with support from the city.  That support has led to a grant of $2.5M via the Capital Funding Project in Olympia.  Thus more space can be added for community usage in South Wenatchee, including a community kitchen.  She covered many other topics, including transportation.  The future looks good for this project.
View YouTube video HERE.   For more about Karen, see previous APPLESEED.  
Two examples of current Museum Makerspace projects:
  Candle-making      Toys   
Attendance  (Advise secretary if you were not counted).
  ZOOM Pybus Guests
1 Bossenbrock* Albert Karen Rutherford
2 Cooper Barrett, PP      Speaker
3 Corcoran,PP Clifton  
4 De Robles Dobbs Andy Garcia
5 Dudek Evey Curt Mathison
6 Henkle Galbraith, PP Daryl Ferguson 
7 McCants Heminger, PP   Chelan RC
8 McNair, PP Jinneman*   Former member
9 Mendoza Jourdan  
10 Michelsen Kintner, PP  
11 Mickey Kulaas  
12 Murray, PP Leonard  
13 Nelson Meyer  
14 Parlette Myers, Don, PP  
15 Peters, PP Myers, H  
16 Ross Provo  
17 Russell, PP* Rasmussen, PP  
18 Scott Rose,PP  
19 St. Jean Singhose  
20 Sturgeon Smith,C  
21   Sparks  
22   Speidel  
23   Stuller, PP  
24   Van Well, PP  
Dear Applesauce:    I’m really frightened about procuring items for the auction. I am chicken to ask friends and associates to donate. How can I muster enough courage to get the job done?

---  Fraidy Cat

Dear Fraidy,

You say you are too cowardly to ask people in the community to donate to the Rotary Auction, and yet you have no qualms to ask for Dear Applesauce’s counsel? If you are brave enough to bother Dear Applesauce with this insipid tripe, you should have no problem asking anyone in the valley for anything EVER! Now, get out there and hustle! PS. Dear Applesauce is looking for a new chainsaw and biker chaps, so start with the folks at Stan’s.


To see the most recent answers by Dear Applesauce, visit previous editions of the Appleseed HERE .
Click HERE .  Watch for your answer in a future Appleseed.
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